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  1. 1) Would like to be friends with most: Probably either Adolin or Syl. I love how both of them are so supportive but also so much fun to be around. 2) Feel is most believable in terms of motivation This one is hard. But if I were to choose it would be Adolin. 3) Enjoy reading about most All of them! Except Moash because I hate him. And also Taravangian because he keeps messing up all the good plans. But I love reading about the rest of them all for different reasons. 4) Find most confusing/intriguing Mraize. He is so hard to figure out. And Taln, what is the deal with him? Also Renarin, his deal with the corrupted spren really intrigues me. 5) Find makes you laugh the most The spren always make me laugh. Pattern, with his "NO MATING!!!" and "Irony good. Like sausage." Syl, who cares so much about Kal and is so good at cheering both him and me up. She has some great lines. They both crack me up. And also Wit/Hoid. 6) Would like to punch in the face MOSAH!! Hands down Moash. I hate him so much for what he did to Kal. It's not just the killing that I hate him for, it's for being someone Kal could trust, then abandoning him. Aaaarggg I really hate him. Oh yeah and Amaram. For the same reasons. 7) Personally relate to most Kaladin and Shallan. I have depression so I relate to Kaladin so much. Also his wanting to protect others and never let anyone else down too. His chapters are so impactful to me, because I can relate to them. Which also makes them hard to read sometimes. And Shallan is so conflicted inside, which I find I relate to a lot also. 8) Feel is emotionally most realistic All of them? That's one thing I love about this series, that Brandon makes us truly understand how they all feel, and we go into so much depth into each character. But in RoW I would probably choose Navani or Dalinar. 9) Shamelessly crush on the hardest Kaladin for sure. I think it's because I relate to him so much. Honestly we would probably be horrible together because we're so similar, but I still crush on him HARD. 10) Is most like someone you know IRL I have a friend who is very similar to Syl. Super bright and happy, and always wants to help other people with their struggles.
  2. Personally I loved Kalidan's mental health struggles in this book. As someone who struggles with depression, his experiences hit me hard. I think that for some people it might be overkill to have him so depressed, but it really makes me feel, and I appreciate that. The scene where he breaks down in his room gave me chills, because I've had the exact same thing happen to me. I love when Adolin and Syl come in to try to help, and eventually get him to go out. That's one of my favorite chapters, I love the friendship between those two. Admittedly, because of how I relate to it sometimes reading those parts can be hard, but I also love the depth of which he feels. The scene where Hesina convinces Lirin to ask why Noril has painted the glyph on his head resonates with me so much too. Noril explains that Kal gives him hope, he feels that because Kal can get up every day and fight, so can he. That's really the main reason I love these. Because I see him push forward, with the help of friends, and come out stronger at the end. It is so so powerful for me, because I see his pain, but I feel hope that I can feel happy again too, and push through like Kal does. The part with Tien made me cry, because it impacts Kal so much. Tien gives him hope and love, and Kal finally allows himself to feel that love. And the next part with Kaladin saving Syl was also so beautiful, that chapter is probably my favorite in the book. Anyway, that was super long, but those are my feelings.
  3. Yeah I'd love to join! I'm crazy busy all weekend, but I'll join next week!
  4. No way I was not expecting to see this on here! I really like Dwight in Shining Armor, do any of you know if there will be a new season?
  5. Spren have the best quotes!
  6. Wow I did not realize that!
  7. Hey

    Same! I hope they're in the third one.
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    Thanks guys! Super excited to be here!!
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    Smart! My school does a special thing where the three weeks after Christmas break we only have school from 9-2 and do special stuff so I've had barely any homework so I read the first three Stormlight books in two weeks. And now schools about to be back on so... there goes my reading time.
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    Yup. School is blah when you want to read books.
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    Errr.... okay. Well, I'll add it to my list of practically one million books I still need to read. First I need to read RoW!!
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    Also, I read Hero of Ages, and loved it! I love the Mistborn series! I really need to reread it. Also, I haven't read Warbreaker, do you recommend it?
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    @midnight13 Skyward for sure!! Starsight was alright, but I didn't like it as much.
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    Oh wow that's hard! I haven't read a ton, but I really love the Stormlight Archive, Words of Radiance is my favorite, and I also loved Skyward a lot. How about you?