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  1. Honestly, who else was terrified Ben and Lucy were not going to make it? This was like watching slasher flic where the two innocent teenagers are snuggled on the couch feeding each other plutonium shavings from the atom bomb cores they have strapped to their backs.
  2. Shallan must have summoned Testament to hersef from the safebox where it was being kept. Then Killed hen Shallan killed her spren.
  3. I believe the first conscious lightweaving disguise we see Shallan employ is when she commandeers Vatha's deserters in Ch 20 WoR. This disguise certainly seems like a proto-Raidant image to me. Shallan uses the same "makeup" at her big entrance at the meeting of Alethi highprinces, so actually this is the way basically everybody in SA except 1) Jasnah and 2)Kaladin "boots" Stormblessed has first met Shallan. NB "in one breastplate" above refers to as seen in the reflection of a deserter's breastplate - though it is certainly evocative! Rather than clothes/bearing, the principal thing both Vatha and and Sebarial super rudely remark on after Shallan drops the lightweaving is that the Shallan they first saw looked significantly older instead of "a child." I've always read this first lightweaving as modeled on Jasnah, but in these threads I see similiarites with how Shallan's mom appears at the end of WoR and with Radiant.
  4. I don't buy the mistwraith theory at all. It is wishfull thinking. I doubt there are any mistwraiths post-catacendre. Harmony presumably restored them to people. Even if you posit some occult hemalurgic bindpoint on an essentially formless creature, why should this be any more effective than say, spiking a cow? Per MeLaan, biologically speaking humans are much closer to cows than mistwraiths/kandra. Which gives me this funny image now of Spook stalking the plains of the Elendel basin hemalurgic spike in hand, trying to stab a wild cow in the eye, getting chased off by bulls, Beldre increasingly questioning her life choices...
  5. I want to ship Sja-anat mostly bc of my huge crush on Sja-anat, so what about Sja-anat + Sazed = Sjarmony? An epistolary relationship leading to something more would be good epigraph material going forwards. Hoid is probably brain-wiped now and was kinda using Sazed, so something new is needed. Realisticaly, Sja-anat is gunning for godhood, but what are her prospects are as long as she is stuck on Roshar? There are far too many shards / wannabe vessels for one underweight warcrab planet. And Saze has always been keenly interested and canny in seeking intelligence sources; he's just currently inexperienced on the Cosmere-scale. If Sja-anat can get free of Odium and off Roshar there is lots of potential for shardic romance. Also as much as I hate to say it, Thaidakar is also a match even if the current basis of their relationship is terrible. So that is another reason because lady Sj-A deserves better.
  6. This is hard. I second the suggestions: 'Keeper of Words' or 'Keeper of Winds' I cannot think of a single decent 'k' world that hasn't been suggested. Lots of variants on 'kin' if Brandon adds a sexy vampire invasion subplot. 'Over' is another preposition. Also 'off', 'out', 'onto', 'outside'. More suggestions: Keeper of Wills [for Ba-Ado-Mishram / Melishi / Recreanace] Kingdom of Walls Knights of the Writ Knitter of Wrongs Key of Worlds Shinovar xenophobia suggestions: (Kindly) Keep Outside Walls Kick out these Worldhoppers Titles for Nohadon's bestselling cookbook: Kneader of Wheat Ketchup on Wings
  7. I admit I'm still a little confused about the timing of the Everstorm. How does this mess things up if Chanarach doesn't break? Does this obviate the possibility of Shallan's final secret being "I killed my mother and caused the final Desolation." Because that would solve Brandon's hidden trauma escalation challenge. Really, I am just looking for the most gothic possible angle which is on-brand for the Davar family. For one, mama Chana will have returned to Roshar. Do you think she might be unhappy at that spiteful violent child? Hmmm, the Shin have not been careful with those honorblades of late. The fanfic writes itself. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post, but I feel with Shallan most gothic is always the most answer.