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  1. Since you can make adjustment for verb form, we could alter that and have the t be tKoW or KotW because nothing grammatically fits in KoWt. Or just drop the t entirely. That could be interesting...
  2. Just been studying the Alethi Women’s Script and saw that W comes under U and C comes under K or S depending on the circumstance. I guess X would be KS and Q would be KW (KU)
  3. I really like making Alethi Glyphs from an English word. It’s very calming. But occasionally, I try to make a glyph containing one or more of the letters C, Q, W or X. They don’t have phonemes. What should I do in this situation. Obviously the Alethi don’t use those letters, but what should I do if I want to?
  4. No it can’t. The fabrial that Navani infuses to protect the Pillar is completely separate from the Sibling. This is mentioned multiple times. Also, Raboniel mentions that the Sibling using Stormlight is like using a key missing some teeth. The Sibling runs on Towerlight. Not Stormlight.
  5. I don’t know how to hide content, but RoW spoilers below... MOD ALTERATION: (it’s the eye button on the tool bar ):
  6. I agree. That’s what I was just thinking...
  7. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, however it might be hard to snap three tones together. Also, I don’t know how this would work for fabrials. For Voidlight to power fabrials, the spren has to be Enlightened (presumably be Sja-Anat). The only fabrial we see running on a joint light uses Towerlight, the fabrial itself being the Sibling (a combination of Honor and Cultivation). Presumably, to get a fabrial to work on Rosharlight would need a spren to be of the three Shards... A partially corrupted Sibling?
  8. It’s not necessarily supernatural. It’s just that he would happen to be a descendant of Tanavast. That’s all.
  9. In RoW, Venli mentions “Honor’s Moon” when referring to Nomon (the light blue moon). This got me thinking and I went onto Coppermind. Sure enough, we have a green moon (Mishim) and a violet moon (Salas). The same colours as the Lights. Is Mishim Cultivation’s Moon and Salas Odium’s Moon? It makes sense. Could each moon on Roshar be connected to a Shard?
  10. A Dustbringer. - Words of Radiance (in-world text) I got mostly Truthwatcher, but also scored high on Elsecaller. I think I scored lowest on Skybreaker.
  11. Three facts that we know: 1) Tanavast and Koravellium were romantically involved ( 2) There are probably descendants of the original Vessels still alive today ( 3) The Stormfather calls pretty much everyone a Child of Honor, but calls Kaladin a Child of Tanavast ( Could it be that Kaladin Stormblessed is a living descendant of Tanavast, the original Vessel of Honor?
  12. I can’t find the quote, but sometime in RoW as Raboniel is corrupting the Sibling, Venli (I think) mentions she is using the Surge of Transformation. The Sibling reveals to Navani that Raboniel is Unmaking them. In WoR, Pattern implies that Shallan used the same Surge to convert the deserters, meaning that Transformation seemingly has uses beyond Soulcasting. Would it be too much of a stretch to assume Jasnah or a member of the Unseen Court could unUnmake (or Remake) one of the Unmade?
  13. I can’t find the quote right now, but at some point in RoW, Jasnah offhandedly mentions, whilst saying how Shalash was a great firsthand historical resource and what not, something along the lines of “All those arguments and Jochi had been right and she had been wrong.” Whilst Jasnah is not perfect, statistically she should have won about half of those debates. I may have got the quote wrong, but that is a huge anomaly! All those arguments? Is it possible that our beloved Thaylen baker-scholar is more than he says? I doubt he’s a Herald, but could he be a Worldhopper or someone else who would have witnessed those events firsthand too?
  14. Thank you and sorry. I will take that into account for the future. Also, thank you to everyone who responded! That all makes sense.
  15. Would it be possible to use a duraluminmind to store Connection to other metalminds? That way you could have metalminds taking up entire rooms and not have to lug them around everywhere. Also, would it be possible to Compound enough Investiture with nicrosil to give yourself almost Shard-esque powers? Could you use the Spark of Life or other such Innate Investiture to fill a nicrosilmind? Could you store a Shard in a nicrosilmind? Could two Archivists use an unkeyed copper wire to communicate (i.e. one stores the memory of a sheet of paper saying “Hi. How are you today?” and the other taps that memory, writes down their response and sends it back)? And what would happen if you compounded a coppermind?