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  1. With all the questionable stuff Kelsier does in that book, I am surprised he is more often the one who raises the eyebrow that the one that gets the eyebrow raised towards.
  2. I would also agree with Era 2 before Secret History, even though it's not a huge moment she seems to really like Kelsier and will be even more surprised in BoM.
  3. So far my favourite book was probably The Well Of Ascension for the way it developed its characters through a slower story even though I loved mistborn one and three for their overall story structure and amazing finale respectively. I also greatly enjoyed Warbreaker which seemed to me like a complete antithesis to the world of mistborn (Vibrant colours and such) and really appreciated the more light hearted moments to contrast the constant tension of Vin's journey.
  4. Thanks a lot, I think I will be heading into Way of Kings in the next few days if I manage to find it in a bookstore, I figure it will be quite the ride.
  5. I write these words in steel for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted Sooooo-o, hello! I just finished Warbreaker after reading all of Mistborn era 1 in a month and wanted to find a place to share my love for the one true Returned Lightsong ( I was very visibly excited when I was reading one of his viewpoint chapters) and my other interests regarding Brandon's books. I hope to take part in some interesting conversations while continuing my journey through the Cosmere.
  6. poll

    Just finished the book so I'm a bit late to this! Regarding how chapters tied into the overall story, I find that Siri's chapters and her interactions with the God King were the most interesting for me. Having said that, at the time when both Siri's and Vivenna's stories were advancing quickly I got exteremely excited when I saw a Lightsong chapter as his conversations seemed extremely funny to me while also revealing some underlying information about his past self.