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  1. Thats what I figured, I leave back for VA tomorrow, I'll stop in at an Urgent Care. I have IBProphen for now. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this and what you can do to help it. So my concern is potential swimmers ear. I've been in Miami beach for a week now, in the water everyday, and I believe I have water trapped in my ears. To make things worse I ruptured my eardrum trying to get the water out, and now its bleeding. I do not have health insurance and I am trying to heal myself with no further complications. Any advice?
  3. I take nearly 2 minutes per page, I comprehend most of what I'm reading. If I'm really enjoying a chapter or section I can breeze thru much faster with the same amount of comprehension.
  4. Thank you, that is a great piece of advice. I feel I absorb most of what I read so I guess it's not a bad thing to take my time. I just get impressed by how fast some of you can read. LOL
  5. That is great to know, I always figured if I printed it I'd have to do it at an Office company and pay a bunch. Thank you
  6. So I have read on and off most of my life but haven't really became an avid reader until about a year ago. My speed has increased quite a bit since I've been reading daily but I am still nowhere near as quick as some people. It takes a little over 3 hours for me to get 100 pages in. For you quick readers, are there tricks and exercises that help you read faster? Or does it all just come with experience and time?
  7. I am really curious to read more about him, and to see things from his pov. It's amazing how much he has written that isn't published, the amount of depth and world building involved is incredible. I really like that he is considering releasing more of these unpublished works. Thank you, it does! Will send him a request for Mistborn Prime
  8. Has anyone here read the Final Empire Prime? Any thoughts on it? Also is Brandon still handing out Mistborn Prime?
  9. I just began reading Sanderson during the beginning of January, so unfortunately I missed the TWoK Kickstarter. Really wish I would have caught on earlier so I could have picked up a hardback copy of TWoK Prime and also Dawnshard. I read much better when I hold a physical copy of the book. I saw that Dawnshard will eventually be released in physical form. Do you guys think the same will be done for the TWoK Prime as well? I would love to collect a copy for my collection and add any of the other curiosities that he releases in the future.
  10. Good morning my fellow Sando-fans. I am selling my copy on ebay, it's up for bidding now if anyone is interested. It is the soft cover version. I do have a hardback first press version as well which I will be posting for sale at some point too. Here is the link for the copy I have up now -
  11. How do you feel about the rise of psychedelics being used in the medical field to treat various mental issues (ex. PTSD, depression)?
  12. So far Lightsong. His sense of humor and perception of things really had me entertained. Also his growth of character and who we realize he really is and what he had done had won him over for me. Runner up I would have to say was TenSoon. How about you, regarding just the first Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker, which characters were your favorites?
  13. Hello everyone, I am grateful for this board and such a great and massive community. It has been very helpful browsing both the forums and the Coppermind. I just started reading Sanderson the beginning of January per request of my friend who has been pushing me to start reading for quite some time now. Glad I have finally taken the plunge. So far I have read the first Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker. I started Elantris last night and also picked up Arcanum Unbound from the book store. After Elantris and a few short stories I will then take the next big plunge into the Stormlight Archives series. I am very excited to do so, and I was very fortunate to find the first 3 books in the free bin at my local 2nd and Charles store. I have been more careful lately to avoid spoilers as I made the mistake w too much browsing while reading Warbreaker and learned of a betrayal before it happened. Also for future reading, I've spoiled a bit from discovering names who end up being world hoppers. So from now on I plan to be more cautious of my browsing. Long story short, I'm happy to be here and I thank you for having me.
  14. I have a copy that I am planning on selling. Probably going to be putting it on eBay soon. Just out of curiosity what would you be willing to pay?
  15. Yes I've been checking spam folder as well. I saw some others say it took up to two months before the confirmation email was sent, so I think I may just need to be patient.