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  1. those are very good counterarguments @Nameless
  2. amour is not just a raw kinetic energy absorber. we got bullets with similar amounts of kinetic energy in them yet its on a single point not over a larger area. they are higher speed and transfer far more energy than a rock that spreads over the surface area. the bullet doesn't crack the plate, it goes right through. The aluminum alloy bullet should stop the plate from being repaired until the fragments are removed and you could make an amour piercing one where the core was a denser material with the outside being aluminum that leaves fragments that stops repair. They probably already have these on scadrial.
  3. In a 1 on 1 fight between an well trained solider without any magical abilities and the latest scadrian firearms technology against a full radiant, The firearms wielder has a significant chance and might even default to a win unless fighting an order with the gravitation surge. If a two handed sling can crack shard plate then think of what a close to modern smokeless powder AP bullet could do. one can fire many times before the distance is closed and if any of those are lucky headshots the radiant is instantly down. If they dont get headshots then the sheer pain will slow the radiant down even if they are using stormlight to heal from the wound. If the scadrian aluminum alloy bullets are used then the radiant cant heal much if at all from those wounds. The only chance a radiant has is if their spren shield blocks the bullet and they can close the distance. I think that the gravitation surge might be helpful in closing the distance faster but certainly isn't enough to redirect high speed bullets. If there was a Mistborn who could also use healing powers and had the ability to pull on metals greatly increasing the rate of fire on their gun by pulling back the hammer then they would usually defeat a radiant. The voidbringers could have never been much of a threat to the radiants if they couldnt get through shard plate or around sheilds. They didn't have shardblades and were using far less advanced technology than Scadrial. I think that scadrial suffers numbers wise in a massive conflict but has the upperhand in quality of soliders by far. Its kind of like when matchlocks and flintlocks were introduced and knights were phased out. so to would the knights radiants be phased out because while they have magical abilities the level of technology they would be encountering would be far beyond flintlocks.