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  1. Alen's father had an important meeting soon, so he was leaving for it today. It was called something like tri-something with effect control or something like that. It was way over Alen's head anyway. She was wearing a button-up shirt with men's trousers. Her mother would have a fit seeing her in men's clothes, but they were so much more comfy. And she could actually move around. Alen was walking around the town just a fifteen minute walk away from her estate. She liked it among the common people, though she would never tell anyone about it. Her friends would make fun of her mercilessly. She passed by a bakery and smelled the delicious scent of fresh, homemade bread. Her mouth watered. She walked into the little store and looked around. on the farthest wall there was a counter with a cheery woman with graying hairs standing there. On the counter, there were numerous cakes and confections on display, as well as loaves of bread wrapped up in brown paper. "Good morning! Would you like to buy something, or donate to our "feed the homeless" initiative?" The cheery woman asked. "Um, I think I'll buy a loaf of bread and donate." "Perfect!" Alen paid for a loaf and gave the lady a generous amount of money for the donation. "Oh, this is so much! Thank you, thank you!" Alen walked out of the nice shop and started eating the bread. It was crispy and crumbly on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. It was delicious. They really should charge more for it. She walked down the cobble street towards the community well at the center of the town. It was always beautiful this time of year. When she got there, the few trees placed around the well released a sweet scent with their bright green leaves. Alen often came here just to enjoy the smell. Alen checked the time using the sun. Her father would leave for the meeting in an hour- she had to get back to the estate and get into one of those horrible dresses to say goodbye. She groaned and stuffed the rest of her bread in her mouth and started sprinting to her mansion.
  2. This is freaking amazing!!! [Can I have it? ]
  3. Ok, then to revise my wording, if I were to write me as a character, my ideal metalborn powers would be steelpushing and steelrunning and I would live in Era 2 Scadrial. Better?
  4. You ask the impossible question. Stormlight is so amazing because it literally took ten freaking years to worldbuild, but Mistborn is also amazing because it is the first Sanderson book I read and if I lived in the Cosmere, I'd be a steel compounder in Era 2, so it's a tie, I think.
  5. This is... amazing. Can I have it?
  6. Aw, dang it! But never mind that. Alen walked down the street, activating her Effect just for the sake of it. It was a 2D five-point star that spun on its vertical axis three feet in front of her. It was a foot tall and a foot wide, and very pretty. It was shiny with the colors of a sunset or a sunrise: Pink, yellow, orange, and red. It gave off a small light that could illuminate Alen and a small area around her.
  7. I am officially thanking you for thanking me for joining! So, I'm guessing I should read the Reckoners? (Sadly, I have not yet...) Windrunners are cool too, and Awesome is the most Awesomest word in all of Awesome words. It's just a fact. Who am I to argue with science? Hmmm... Lift doesn't like bacon? Lift. She and I are very relatable in more than one area.
  8. Wow, so many nice people... I have read all the Mistborn books/novellas, all the Stormlight books/novellas, Elantris, Warbreaker, all 3 White Sand graphic novels, all of Arcanum Unbounded, the first 5 Alcatraz books, Rithmatist, and Skyward/Starsight. My favorites are... All of them? But specifically, Mistborn, the Stormlight Archive, Alcatraz, Skyward/Starsight, and Rithmatist. So, basically all of them. I can still technically hijack his account Yeah, this is great! I am officially thanking all of you for this warm welcome!
  9. Wasing of the existing!!! Hello! I exist! My brother, Enter a username, has mentioned me a few times, so you may have heard of my amazing Awesomeness(I am allowed to spell Awesomeness with an uppercase A because I am an Edgedancer).
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