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  1. Lizzi wrote her name on her homework assignment, using the same character for all five letters. It looked like an uppercase cursive L, a fancy I, and a stylized Z all at the same time. Then she thought about how the person who made her up named her “Lizzi” for the very reason of the same-character spelling.
  2. I’m bored. Anyone want to start an RP where you need to brake the fourth wall every third post or else your character looses function of a vital organ?

  3. EmLee woke up and looked around. Looks like she fell asleep in her clothes again. Huh. She summoned some Starlight and elongated her dress, changing it into a silky nightgown. She took off her boots and dismissed her Starlight-formed socks. She then laid back down and fell asleep again.
  4. EmLee followed and went in the tent. She laid on the army-issue cot and fell asleep.
  5. “Nice to meet you, too!” EmLee took the herbs and put them in her mouth. “Thanks. Is there anywhere I can rest?”
  6. EmLee sat up. “l’m feeling okay-ish, but I just feel tired and I have a slight headache. No, I don’t think there’s anything you can do. I’m EmLee, by the way- Enter’s little sister.”
  7. EmLee slowly opened her eyes to find a stranger’s face looking down at her. ”That was worse than the time I got caught in a highstorm on our vacation to Roshar,” she said groggily.
  8. EmLee screamed and stumbled back. She felt drained. No, more than drained. She put a hand to her head and collapsed. ”Well, that wasn’t how I imagined my first adventure to go.” Then she passed out.
  9. As EmLee reached the dyrling, she held out the Starlight to the monster’s head and tried to push it into it’s brain.
  10. “Thanks! Start running… NOW!” EmLee sprinted in the direction of the Dyrling.
  11. EmLee closed her eyed and put on a look of concentration. Suddenly, a white ball of light grew in EmLee’s hand. She opened her eyes. ”I just need to press this into the monster’s head, and I should be able to influence it’s thoughts. Any idea of how to get me over there, without dying?”