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  1. Anybody else not have enough time for the shard for about a week and come back and find out everyone has been having fun without you?

    This happens to me all the time.

    Also, sidenote- What is the time period to respond to status updates for you people? I usually only reply if the last comment on the update is within about a day.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chasmgoat


      Any more than a day and I tend to not reply. Replying at any time after that tends to just be annoying.


    3. Chinkoln


      @Chasmgoat, you say that after it has been more than 1 day...

    4. Chasmgoat


      I am well aware. I had actually read the status a few hours it was posted and then bookmarked it for later so I could do this.

  2. I think mine was titled "School Lunches" or something of the sort.
  3. Today I had my first tennis match of the season against another school, and I lost 1-6.


    It should have been a closer match because the girls on the other team (I was playing doubles) were switching the scores on me, so they were either incompetent, or being cheaters.


  4. Uhh... You said this on Monday... It's Tuesday... I don't compute.
  5. Today, I found a four-ounce container of OJ in the fridge, so I asked my siblings if I could have it. My older brother (Enter a username) thought it was his, but my younger sister (She asked to be called Maniac) also said it was hers, so we decided to compete for it. The challenge we decided to compete on was "Who Could Stay Seated the Longest." All three of us sat on the floor and we couldn't stand up. Our bottoms had to stay on the floor, and the last to stand wins, therefore getting the orange juice. We began as the afternoon session of General Conference started. My younger brother (We'll call him mini-Enter) twice gave us mini-challenges during our sitting session. The first was we had to keep a piece of pepperoni on our tongues while Mini-Enter went to the bathroom, and the second we needed to keep a book balanced on our heads. I won both of the mini-challenges, along with Maniac on the first one. As General Conference was ending, Enter stood up, and Maniac soon after, declaring me the winner! During that time, though, our mom found two more orange juices and an apple juice in the fridge... I still got first dibs on the OJ, though.

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I absolutely love your family.

  6. I'm happy.


    Today was the last day of the quarter for my school.

    And what does that mean?


    One entire week of no projects hanging over my head. Seven. Days. :lol: I'm just so exited.

    1. Condensation


      Spring Break is the greatest - I've just started mine too.

    2. Chinkoln


      Mine is just now ending:(

      I wish you a good week of no stress.

  7. From the album Stormlight Character Memojis

    Just imagine him frowning instead...