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  1. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Shard! I’ve just been extremely busy because a lot has happened since I last checked up on here. I’ll probably make another SU explaining what I’ve been up to (I’ve been up to a lot of things) when I find the time. But homework sucks, so y’know. It might not be until school gets out on the 17th that I find the time.

    Also, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with logging onto my account on different devices because it needs me to use the Google Authenticator app, but whenever I try putting in the code thing for it, It doesn’t work! If anyone knows how to help, please do. It would be much appreciated.

  2. EmLee sank into her beanbag. “I want hot chocolate! Wait, is it dairy-free?”
  3. Pineapple on pizza = yes. @Enter a username j o i n u s !
  4. Drawing. It allows me to be more expressive than coloring while still being less time consuming and demanding than painting. If someone offered you a pet named Banana without you knowing what type of animal the pet was, would you accept?
  5. The sky began to dim. The first day was over. Without much trouble, EmLee made it through. If it continued like this, winning might actually be easy! Winning. What a word. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel, if the tunnel killed twenty-three people for the heck of it. EmLee tuned her head to look into a camera she knew was imbedded in one if the trees, watching her. She wondered what it would be like to watch someone from her family on the TV, knowing they would almost certainly die. Of course, either her or Enter would die, so there was no way to spare her family the grief. Who would her parents grieve more? An impossible question. All EmLee knew is that she had to try her hardest to win - but if it came to it, she would not kill Enter. Hopefully.
  6. Dragon!!! Eleventeen and five halves/10
  7. Whelp.
    I’m having an arranged marriage.

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    2. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai


      Please elaborate.

    3. 2EmLee2


      So, my dad’s friend from college and his family live near us so we go hang out with them a lot. The family has 3 boys: one my age, one my little sister’s age, and one who is 6 years old. Because my and the oldest are the same age and we are both nerds, my parents/his parents joke about us having to get married. Honestly, he wouldn’t be the worst person to have an arranged marriage with because he also likes books (though I have yet to introduce him to Sanderson), though it’s really weird to think about it because us kids are practically cousins.

    4. LukeWasTaken


      convert him to the Church of Sanderson.

  8. EmLee sank to the ground, her back against a tree. She had sprinted to the corocopia, blending into the background as just another tribute, able to avoid attention. She hadn’t thought about what she was grabbing: a bottle of alcohol, by the smell of it, and a knife. Her thoughts turned to Enter. Was he ok? Would he betray her? Would she betray him? The rest of her family would have to watch it happen. Her little brother would be a depressed mess, most likely, and her fiery little sister would cry her eyes out, no doubt, if either her or Enter died. She wished she had some of her sister’s spunk, but she’d just have to do with her own meek-mindedness. The thoughts of her family brought tears to her eyes. It brought reality to the situation. This just seemed like another book play out, but with her as a character. But her mom, dad, and little siblings… EmLee brought her legs into a fetal position, pressing her eyes against her knees to stop the tears. She rarely cried, though she assumed this wouldn’t be the last time she would before she died. Died. Dead. She was probably going to die. But, if she was like all the strong protagonists in her books, then she had a fighting chance, right? She just had to… pretend.
  9. My favorite character is Isabella because I’m sorta know in my family as ‘the perfect child’ (as a joke be because nobody is perfect). I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to school and I always follow the rules and stuff. (Also I love flowers, pink, and dresses so there’s that.) Though, I don’t have a secret rebel lurking inside of me, waiting to burst out when my little sister annoys me. My favorite song is… all of them. They’re all good. But I really like ‘Waiting On A Miracle’ because, as a middle child who doesn’t really need any help with life, I sometimes feel like I don’t get as much attention from my parents as my siblings do, though they do do well, for having three other (needy) children. I feel like the song is Mirabel saying, ‘Hey! I’m special too, y’know!’ And I can kind of relate to that. I also, like so many others, really resonate with ‘Surface Pressure’. As the most responsible person in my family, I’m often put in charge of my siblings when my parents are out of the house (even though I’m not the oldest). To try to get three other human being to do anything is exhausting when they see you as an equal, not an authority. It’s just a lot of pressure on me to make sure my siblings do what they’re supposed to. Anyway. I really love how Encanto focused on family and mental health rather than the classic bad guy, though when you think about it too much, the plot doesn’t make 100% sense. But it’s a Disney movie with amazing songs so who cares?
  10. Ryad Hippy Bath!

    (Happy Birthday but scrambled up) :P

  11. I joined tennis and so I have like zero time after school so that’s fun.

    I had my first match on Tuesday. I was #6 Varsity singles and I lost. But it was really fun and it reminded my why tennis is awesome.

    I had a 6-day streak of reading one book every day. But then school happened.

    I read the Divergent series in four days (1 book a day, including the short story collection Four) and HOLY COW If you haven’t read it yet, go read it. It’s amazing. Though the ending is a bit…  controversial. But it’s so worth it. I think it’s one of my favorite serieses now.

    I also watched the first Divergent movie and it is nothing like I imagined the book to be. But it was pretty good.

    I need to write an essay by Tuesday without any help whatsoever from ANYONE and I’m stressed out about it because my brain feels like a black hole made of oatmeal whenever I try to work on it.

    I also read the Matched trilogy and it was pretty predictable. But it was good.

    I made a ceramic cup-thing. Half of it is pink, the other half is blue with a grey Allomantic steel symbol.

    Math is fun.

    I wrote an essay about how school start times suck.

    I like to look at memes and fanart about books I read right after I read them and I have wasted countless hours on doing just that.

    I am a big procrastinator. I am also very tired.

    I should probably go do my homework now…

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    2. Mystic Syn

      Mystic Syn

      Ah, Divergent. I remember reading that series; I also remember it being good. Looking back on it now… yeah, uh, I have some problems with the worldbuilding, but eh. If you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters.

    3. 2EmLee2


      My essay, for those who’d like to read it:


          Did you know that school administrators are inadvertently killing their students? Early school times have a massive impact on the lives of adolescents ranging from life-or-death situations to decreased mental and physical health, lower success rates in adolescents, and the detriment of the future of our nation as a whole. According to “How Would Later School Start Times Affect Sleep?” by Eric Suni, high schools in the US have an average start time of 8:00 am- much earlier than the average teen naturally wakes up due to their brain chemistry. School start times should be pushed back for the well-being of our students.

          One of the leading causes of death among youth is car wrecks. There is a strong correlation between auto accidents and school start times. Additionally, according to “Lack of sleep can turn teens into ‘Zombies’” by Stephen Ornes, most reasons teens don’t get enough sleep at night is because they have to wake up early to be to school on time. Sleep loss is also shown to cause higher risk of depression. Severe cases of depression can lead to suicide that could be avoided by later start times. Lack of sleep can also cause people to make unwise decisions, many of which could have life-threatening consequences. If students partake in drugs or alcohol, it may cause their still-growing brains to be affected in negative ways such as choosing to drive while intoxicated. Also, while under the influence, students may do things that can risk their life that their drug-addled brain classifies as safe. School’s inability to start later is causing fatal results, but early start times can’t just shorten lives, they can also decrease the quality of life as well.

          Many teens experience mental health issues and physical health problems, though they could be less severe if teens got more sleep. The article I mentioned above says that “Sleep-deprived teens… are more likely… to suffer from anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.” In that same article. It also says that sleep deprivation correlates with obesity. These two points illustrate the benefits of sleep, but there’s more. Often, when teens are tired, they drink energy drinks or other caffeinated drinks. This keeps them awake during the day but also disrupts their sleep at night. This causes them to be more sleepy the next day, and the cycle continues. Schools are causing students to lose sleep, meaning that they may be a major factor in many students having depression, obesity, and caffeine addictions.

          In addition to better health, more sleep can result in better grades. One former teacher (now a sleep scientist) says that most of her students (presumably in the morning) were half-asleep, not participating or asking questions. This meant that the students weren’t fully processing the information, which led them to get worse grades. This is reinforced by a graph titled “Student Academic Performance” where a strong correlation between later school start times and higher average grades. The informational study/article “Later School Start Times Promote Adolescent Well-Being” by the American Psychological Association has a list of benefits gained from sleep. Some of the points include improved memory, learning, attention, information retention and cognition, and student behavior in the classroom. It’s common sense that all these things would help improve grades, meaning that more sleep can lead to success.

          Some people may think, even after seeing these arguments, that it is still not a good idea to push back school start times because of the cost. In the article “Study: Later School Start Time Would Benefit Economy” by Kealey Bultena, it states that it would cost around $150 per student to make the changes required to push back start times. I would ask you this: How much is a life worth? I’d say that human lives are priceless, meaning that it’s worth any price to ensure the quality of the education of the students whose lives may rely on it. Speaking of the student's future, the kids of today grow up to be the adults of tomorrow. If we want our country’s - and maybe even our planet’s - future to be in good hands, we must educate the people who will be our future - and properly. They must get enough sleep so they can be educated citizens. Additionally, a study from the RAND company shows that moving start times back can add billions of dollars to the economy, offsetting the initial cost of moving back start times. Yes, it would cost a bit up-front, but it is worth it if moving back start times helps benefit youth’s lives, solidifying the future for students and improving our economy.

          I ask the students, current or past, when did your school start? Did you ever feel like you got enough sleep at night? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. We can change school start times for the future generations by sharing with school officials the facts about sleep and later start times: It reduces death in students. It increases both mental and physical health. It helps students succeed, and it can positively affect our economy and future. School start times need to be pushed back, and you, the reader, can help achieve that.

          Now go get some sleep.


    4. Enter a username

      Enter a username


  12. For some reason, my chromebook is being storming annoying and isn’t letting me run the sim, so could someone else do it for me?
  13. “How?”
  14. Happy Easter!

    [Insert cannibalistic chocolate bunnies here]

    1. Morningtide


      lol. Happy Easter!