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  1. Way of Kings Prime spoiler
  2. I’m pretty sure they can already do this, it just takes a lot of stormlight to do it so it’s not always practical
  3. Nale was probably willing to betray him because as he told Venli, Gavilar was planning to break the treaty which Nale probably deemed worthy of death.
  4. I believe you’re thinking about logicspren not creationspren
  5. I wonder if he tried to use those but started experiencing what happened to Jezrien and gave up on that route.
  6. Mraize tells shallan that in part 1 of ROW
  7. I’m guessing the reason will be explained in book 5. However part of me wonders if it’s a continuity thing that got messed up when he changed the timeline of Mistborn era 2 to happen after SA 5
  8. Not sure if this belongs in this thread or if it should have a spoiler box since it relates to Wax and Wayne books so I’ll just put the question in a spoiler box.
  9. The midnight mother ran away because she was afraid that Shallan would imprison it like the other lightweaver did previously
  10. Is the reason that veil struggled with using storm light because veil was more connected with Testament than Pattern?
  11. I can’t remember when shallan tells Adolin about killing her parents. I think it’s in oathbringer while they’re traveling through shadesmar but I’m not 100% sure.
  12. What if the bigger reveal is that the Ghostbloods aren't actually evil...
  13. I found it interesting that Kaladin's first lesson to bridge four when he started training them was that it was alright to care, but that's what Moash has thrown away is his ability to care. If there is going to be any sort of redemption for Moash it will have to start with him learning that first lesson that it is good to care.
  14. After Shallan kills her mother her dad sticks the Testamentblade into his strong box and then shallan kills testament which I assume would leave testament as a blade. What happened to that blade?