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  1. Do you have any other evidence supporting this theory? Because that seems a bit of a stretch to me. Not saying it's not possible, but it seems lacking. If this is true, should we also assume Shallan perfectly follows the story of The Girl Who Looked Up?
  2. I can only think of one off hand, Devotion. Are you also including Valor?
  3. I enjoyed it overall. I'm interested in learning more about Soul Stamping in future books, so I would say that's a positive. However, it did skip a lot, and the short length made it feel...hurried at times. I would definitely read more though.
  4. Too soon.
  5. I think it's more of "we didn't see enough to know" as opposed to "they weak". I mean, are Stonewards weak? Are Releasers? How about Truthwatchers? We don't know much about them. Its possible they are pretty weak, at least one of their surges, but if you extrapolate, being able to shape stone is pretty strong, and Venli is just getting started.
  6. I could totally see T being a big bad for the entire cosmere. When ascending, I would assume T would become aware of the Cosmere/Shards, like Harmony, so his statement of "save them all" could be more along the lines of "save them ALL" in the sense of "saving" the people of the cosmere, perhaps from the other shards, even.
  7. The only problem I have with Odium being reinterpreted as Passion is Passion also implies desire in a form of compassion, which is covered by Devotion. Now, if we view Odium as Destruction, "Passion" makes more sense, as the Unmade, which would line up with Odium's intent, seem to line up with destructive acts/desires (Ashertmarn being destruction by excess, etc.). Long story short, T could be able to almost "change" Destruction to a more noble purpose, almost like he had another shard to temper it.
  8. True, plus we have 1 more book in Era 2 that could answer it clearly for us all.
  9. To be fair, RoW is a year or so after Oathbringer, so they may have dealt with it off-screen.
  10. The only reason I don't like Shallan (Though that's changed a bit since RoW) is she's basically gone nuts. That being said, I think Adolin is a good match for her, but I'm rooting for him to become an Edgedancer, and Shallan is a good "training mechanism" for his oaths.
  11. Love it! I need to see more classic WLIIA memes.
  12. How about Pi? Or even Frequency, though that could be a good Reacher name.
  13. Clearly, the 17th Shard [Fandom]. Jokes aside, I think most of those are a definite NO or are otherwise working for the Big Bad. My vote would be either Odium-T or in a weird, intriguing twist, Dilaf
  14. Not sure exactly what it was, but I think there was a WoB saying something along the lines of it being possible if you gathered enough splinters and investiture and cramed it in 1 source. Its actually been a popular thing that Dalinar will at some point ascend, either to Honor 2.0 or something else/more.
  15. While it's possible, if they ever wanted spren of their own, based purely on the attribute lists, I think the researchers are more likely to align with either Lightweavers or Stonewards.