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  1. I have done twice, and I got Truthwatcher both times! I'd love to be a Willshaper or Dustbringer as well but they're quite low... Either way, Truthwatcher definitely fits me snugly!
  2. Well, this one's a hard question. I'm super Invested in all of them! I hate to say it, but Well of Ascension did go quite slow for me, so maybe that? I haven't read a lot of the cosmere original short stories yet, and not even Elantris, so my opinion might or might not change!
  3. Hello to you as well! As for my favorite book, I think it's Rhythm of War. Nothing flowed as well as RoW has. Warbreaker is up there too, purely for the unending twists at the climax. And I also want to give kudos to the Dawnshard novella! It's an underappreciated masterpiece and is among my top favorites! And maybe adding on to the novella train, Secret History was just a blast with all the cosmere connections. Regardless, I'm in love with the cosmere!
  4. This is quite the high bar for a question... I have to give that to Szeth though. Who doesn't love a sleep-deprived man walking with a talk black sword leaking destruction?
  5. Hey there! I've only recently joined this forum, though I've lurked around reading everyone's convoluted theories and generally having a fun time doing so. I'm a very new fan of Brandon Sanderson's works, and started reading Stormlight Archive half a year ago. Since then, I've finished Warbreaker and Mistborn Era 1, and am currently trying to blast through the whole cosmere as fast as possible! Wish me luck!