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  1. F-Duralumin and A-Duralumin then I would compound it and steal invested connections, open perpindicularities, etc.
  2. A "Ferring Wheel"
  3. With the ability to store weight a feruchemist could, in theory, be used to create at least one, likely several dozen, form of perpetual motion machines. The one I like to imagine is a seesaw with two feruchemists alternating their weights at intervals keeping the seesaw in constant motion.
  4. I'm not clear on that either. Many of the unmade would be difficult to explain in a satisfying way. Its also possible that odium manifests some surges very differently than honor/cultivation
  5. The running theory then is the unmade exhibit a single voidbinding power and can share that power with spren? edit: There are also common powers related to being a radiant, Renarin still hasnt shown a shardblade or plate right ( and its not clear they'd function the same)? Maybe voidbinders get some alternate perks instead.
  6. The implication of much of this.thread is that Ulim may be a cognitive shadow or something similar to an intelligent spren but not from Roshar. Nightblood, while less intelligent, is similar to the latter.
  7. I always thought this is because Nightblood's intent is to destroy evil, which is a ruinous intent. If we made a shield thats goal was to preserve the good, would it gain Preservation's investiture? (this may be because in warbreaker intent seemed very important to the magic system on Nalthis) Follow-up: Can a Nahel bond be formed with Nightblood?
  8. I sort of wonder if the reason Testament was brought into frame (at least from the narrative perspective) would be for Sja Anat to enlighten her onscreen and to give Shallan access to odiums powers. In theory this would give Shallan access both voidbinding (odium illumination?) and surgebinding and possibly a compound effect.
  9. I think its already very foreshadowed that Odium has put some very specific plans into position with regards to the cosmere and Dalinar is just very obviously what he needs pursue it. Narratively, that Dalinar could win/forfeit the contest of champions but be pressured to join odium (the deal came with a handy explainer on what would happen if an oath was broken which makes the broken oath a checkov's gun if it isnt why Odium died in the first place) and there is also the possibility if a shard invades Dalinar will need to renegotiate the deal. Honor himself suggested a wager on a contest of champions, and it probably would have worked on Rayse. I'd do it based solely on ending the war. That alone is worth any personal loss.
  10. I would second this.
  11. I wonder if that holdout honorspren that Kaladin tried to push on Rlain will end up with Dabbid. Though it would be interesting if he wound up as a truthwatcher in some way.
  12. that is a very keen reading of the WoB, that definitely supports a compromised spren and supports the idea that the deadeyed state may be what compromises them
  13. Spren generally seem unwilling to change however it seems like the enlightening of mistspren were voluntary and recent (post recreance) Deadeyes are also recent and consequential It seems like one of the ways a deadeyes ( or liespren, as Jasnah referred to them) could be restored is by changing them from a paradox into something different Is the reason that Sja Anat can now enlighten intelligent spren because deadeyes are uniquely vulnerable or open to such changes?
  14. The thing is this would be very good for the story. The only problem is its bad for the themes of the books with a seemingly redeemed character like Dal becoming once again a villain. Edit: Its unclear if Odium mixing with shards will create as neat of an effect as Harmony. If we look at Renarin the truthwatcher appears to become the secret maker hiding possibilities from odium. Hiding truths. So odiums power may invert Honor in some way - the war- bond smith severing connections to unite people by freeing them from their current ties and becoming something like "Liberation" (otherwise wouldnt a skybreaker still be bound to laws wherever they go, making Nale virtually useless for carrying out an invasion?)
  15. Does anyone know where Harmony being created falls in the timeline of the recreance and the plan to establish the everstorm?