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  1. Okay so take this with a grain of salt. It’s been a min since I read oathbringer and I am just now starting ROW. Am I the only one that is made uncomfortable by the split personality disorder that Shallan has and Adolin seems to just go along with?? I think it was briefly addressed in Oathbringer but it super weirds me out. So like in real life people adopt digger t faces to help them succeed in different social environments but at the end of the day they are still themselves. For example you behave one way at work, one way for your kids, and another for close friends. We can extend that to undercover cops etc where they are playing a role but healthily where they aren’t a completely different person. My point g is that in the book Shallan never just I’d identifies as Shallan and instead it seems like Veil and Radiant are genuinely different people that can take control at any time where Shallan has no control over what happens. Anyone care to jump in on this??
  2. So let me be as clear as I can be. I would never assume to judge, criticize, etc. etc. especially about a condition I have no experience with and don't know much about. My concern lies within the confines of the story as it seems the condition is being misrepresented. Would you say so? My first thought was of The Act and how her bf has separate personalities and kills her mom(Real Life) So by extension in ROW personalities that are specifically defined as "not Shallan" wanting to engage in murderous behavior. So lets say I accept that as "ok part of the book" My next issue is that no one questions this. They just seem to say its totally fine.
  3. Care to expand? Not sure if you are saying that is you irl? if so would you mind telling me your experience?
  4. The beginning of ROW with the death of seems to say otherwise. Adolin only provides justification, he doesn't seek to dissociate himself from the act. Whereas Shallan can easily say that was Veil who did that. Moreover I fail to see the point plot wise. What is the point of 3 different identities? The reader understands its all Shallan, it seems she doesn't get this though lolol. I get that its pedantic at best, but it seems the goals of 3 different identities in one body will have tension. It's 100% a plot point I'm not interested in as its seems predictable. TBH Sanderson better have some movie magic at his disposable cause Shallans "3 girls 1 body" and Kaladins "I'm a battle hardened veteran but went into the BLACK and let the king die cause I feel bad" conflict with the characters CHARACTER and BACKGROUND.
  5. To be clear I’m only speaking of it through the context of what’s portrayed in the book. So in the book it is dangerous. As veil Shallan and radiant have conflicting desires where some of those are murderous. So if the only thing keeping you from killing someone is another distinct part of your personality, whereas other parts encourage it then that seems like a trait you would want to control. Moreover her behavior is accepted and normalized by other characters. I haven’t read a part yet where a character says “ hey you totally own all your decisions and maybe we should talk about why you feel the need to create 3 separate identities”
  6. Thank you for the welcome. That was somewhat my point. Shallan a character has had a severe amount of trams but I don’t believe this behavior is encouraged in real life?? More seem as an issue that needs to be dealt with. For the books sake, especially a powerful individual who has conflicting personal interests but can’t seem to own her identity. Seems exquisitely dangerous, mentally unstable, but worst of all encouraged and normalized.