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    Oaths: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.
    I will remember the blood spilt and make it my duty to prevent it from happening again.
    I will keep those of evil from spilling that of others, even if it means spilling my own.
    I will spill not even the blood of my enemies by preventing death in other ways.
    I will become that which repairs, but also that which must kill to prevent disaster.

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  1. I nominate Illwei (is it bad that Illwei is the recommended option after setting the color?)
  2. Still asleep, he muttered "I like games."
  3. The Evil Scientist creates a cookie launcher and launches cookies of every flavor at the Traitor.
  4. The Villain looks for a Hero, but there isn't one, so he goes home.
  5. creator games

    Wait, narrative art? Or is writing allowed?
  6. creator games

    But how much is five pages? It varies quite a bit. To be helpful for others, I expect mine to be around 2000 words, which according to google is about three and a half pages.
  7. "No cookies! Stop offering them cookies, or I'll cook you!"
  8. I shall playeth this game as the dreadeth White Knight Hogar the Black of Evansvania, Corvint.
  9. The Villain, since they don't care about anybody but themselves sends another Evil Sidekick to help them.