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    Oaths: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.
    I will remember the blood spilt and make it my duty to prevent it from happening again.
    I will keep those of evil from spilling that of others, even if it means spilling my own.
    I will spill not even the blood of my enemies by preventing death in other ways.
    I will become that which repairs, but also that which must kill to prevent disaster.

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  1. Here:
  2. This was fun, I'm glad I now have a argument for me being Under the Radar being NAI.
  3. Borutan looked where the voice had come from and said, "I am busy, a Lifted lies in the city below."
  4. I see two elims piling on someone. Honestly though, it's between me and Exp, the elims are clearly going for me, so village should go for Exp.
  5. Exing Reading was so we could get a good idea of Mat and TJ's alignments, Reading flipped village and so did Quinn, that nearly (but not completely) confirms them. This is my list of elims: Gears, Exp, and Random. Exp is by far the most suspicious and least contested of those, so I'm going to vote him. Experience
  6. Actually, this makes me wonder. What if a plate was completely broken, so the was literally nothing left. Would the spren appear in the cognitive realm? Or would the plate just be lost forever?
  7. Borutan walked forward, each step increasing his speed, but each step also cracking the ground beneath them. He was running up the mountain, why? He did not know. When he reached the top he gazed about looking for something using Dacke to sharpen his eyesight.
  8. I have the answer, apparently the ghosts and elims can send messages to people who aren't voting, hence me. If both send the same person, it's random. It also said from Books and co, making me believe it.