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    Oaths: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.
    I will remember the blood spilt and make it my duty to prevent it from happening again.
    I will keep those of evil from spilling that of others, even if it means spilling my own.
    I will spill not even the blood of my enemies by preventing death in other ways.
    I will become that which repairs, but also that which must kill to prevent disaster.
  1. Genoro stepped into the doom room, unlocking the door with the key card his mistress had given him. He towed the luggage inside, arranging the things in exactly the way his mistress liked, or as similar as it could get in this dorm. Genoro then went downstairs to accompany his mistress to her room, but he ran into someone.
  2. Which would that replace?
  3. Are you holding it vertical? That looks identical to my phone when I hold it sideways.
  4. "You see anyone else around here?"
  5. Any game is, really. This is a slightly abnormal game, although it is more similar to games played elsewhere.
  6. Blasphemy. Under my body if I'm awake, in the hamper or under the sheets in my closet if I'm not. Also always have three in the room, because at first they'll only get one, if they catch on they'll start getting two, but it'll take them forever to get three. How many more nukes should have been fired in the history of the world?
  7. I'm going to delay again, but if I still don’t have enough next Wednesday, I'll start it with whatever player count I have then. So, no matter what, this game will start on Wednesday, 25th of May.
  8. Not as many as dogs. What's the most dramatic thing you can think of.
  9. Napollo dumped out the contents of the parachute, examined them, then placed them back inside. "Gratitude." He nodded to the sky.
  10. Honestly think Frustration would say this in response to this question anyway.
  11. Instance stepped out of the pure white limo, hair catching in the medium wind. Fairy meowed when Genoro picked up her kennel. He stepped around. "Which dormitory have you selected Mistress?" Instance glanced at him. "Korolai. Named after my grandmother. Means Fate or something in High Elfin." Mother kept trying to teach her that, but it was just the right combination of boring and complicated to be impossible to learn. Just like modern Elfish, but more complicated. Instance handed Genoro her room key. "Drop those off while I say goodbye to my mother." He nodded, and walked away to do as she had asked. Instance then turned to say goodbye to her mother, only to find the limo already driving off. Just like her. Oh well, might as well find out who she would be stuck with for the rest of the year.
  12. Mach -16² Would you rather take someone's life, or resurrect them?