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    Oaths: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.
    I will remember the blood spilt and make it my duty to prevent it from happening again.
    I will keep those of evil from spilling that of others, even if it means spilling my own.
    I will spill not even the blood of my enemies by preventing death in other ways.
    I will become that which repairs, but also that which must kill to prevent disaster.
  1. Proof: Sazed is bald. He holds a Shard of Adonalsium. Szeth is bald, so obviously he holds Adonalsium itself. Theory: The Stormlight Archive takes place on a flat planet.
  2. Maxxie's chat privileges had been revoked after she spammed it with obscenities as a joke. Nova blasted engineers couldn't take a joke. She could still read, so she did, but she couldn't type anything.
  3. Drowssap, duh. Who art thou?
  4. They could use Watchfulness C2, just not the same cycle as stealing. Edit: Nevermind, was remembering wrong. That is correct.
  5. The officer at the border wore an expression of attentive boredom, with more emphasis on boredom than attentiveness. There were few men manning the post, no more than five. Little competition for the Monks. "Kind sir, can you please state your name and purpose in coming here?" The monk, ignoring the officer, calmly grabbed an axe, not a hatchet or some other axe that could be used to cut wood, it was an axe of war. It also was clearly not meant to be thrown, the Monk either didn't know, or simply didn't care as he threw the axe with blinding speed at the man in front of him. More Monks stayed behind him, unmoving, it was considered the prerogative of the highest ranking Monk to take the kills. Moving faster still than any human, he dashed forward to grab his axe, snapping the kneck ot yet another officer while moving. That left three. With his axe again in hand, the Monk split another man in half before blocking the attack of yet another officer in the same motion. The man who had just attacked swept his blade back to slash at the Monk's side. When the Monk moved his axe to block the blade, the swing turned out to be a feint that reversed to cut at the Monk's head. However, attack failed to draw blood due to a faster than human duck. The Monk then cut diagonally, beginning at the man's shoulder and traveling to his hip. The man fell to the ground, the Monk was surprised by a stab forward from a a silver skinned man. The blade moved in a complex motion, slashing diagonally, then making a circle, then slashing in the opposite direction diagonally, then cutting at the face, the in to conflicting curves before slicing at the feet. After that last swing, a bright light flashed forward, killing the Monk. The man stared at his sword in disbelief. While he was absorbed in his awe, another Monk stepped forward and beheaded the man. "Ignorant men have no idea what they fight, to Elantris we must go." The Monks stepped over the body and across the the border into Arelon. During the skirmish, a sign had fallen. It read, "Welcome to Arelon, home of Elantris." _____ Hafbjorn has died, they were a Dakhor Monk and a fictional character. Five Guardsmen have died, they were innocent bystanders. Welcome to Quick-Fix 57: The Infiltrators of Elantris . I am your GM, and [someone] will be the IM. Signups will end at 2 AM, Thursday the 9th of December. Cycle One will follow shortly. The Rules: Basics: Alignments: Roles: Order of Actions: Players: Pinch-hitters: Spectators: Quick-Links:
  6. I'll stay as a spec doc because I'll be running the QF.
  7. One time, I shot a person who swore. With a nuke. Not aquamarine. Definitely not aquamarine.
  8. What would you say is the most normal thing you've done today? My name is not Inigo Montoya; you did not kill my father; prepare to undie.
  9. WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?! Ba dum cccchhh.
  10. Tani, your name made me think Chaos commented on this thread, which made me wonder what you did wrong.
  11. Bang-bang-bang, "Get to work." Maxxie looked at the overseer. "Nah, boss. I'm skippin' today; gonna kick back and relax." Maxxie set her bowl aside and somehow lounged on the very uncomfortable looking pipes. Dake raised his eyebrows, lifted his Superultrabilliantgeniuswatch to chest height, and said aloud while typing, "Need intercab convoy, for Crewmember X2475903794216800013457 of --" "Now you don't have to be like that, I'll do my work, you don't need to send me back there." Maxxie got up hiding her items the walked away. "You'll get my report later!"
  12. I'm sure almost everyone on the shard has heard of the Wheel of Time show by now, considering the closeness it has to this fandom and Amazon's advertising. I'm honestly surprised no-one has made this by now. This will be a roleplay set about a year before the books start. There will be two Ta'veren as shown by the title. It will take place in a non-canon town above Baerlon next to the Mountains of Mist known as Sinton. Assume society is roughly the same as Emond's Field. Characters: