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  1. Original by my guess. My roleplay character will come soon.
  2. Can't really talk right now, but want to do my best to insure an Araris exe.
  3. @Experience, is the VC accurate, specifically the count on me?
  4. I guess nothing special happens when the list is correct. Or I guess it could be wrong, but I kinda doubt it.
  5. Walk in, vote Araris, do not elaborate, walk away.
  6. Yeah, I'll confirm what Archer is saying. I have the standard Soother ability of simply subtracting a vote (should note that this effects train not individual), or I can choose to move a vote, but this will cause my vote to be removed. Edit!: wait no, I'm dumb! Apparently I was misreading my PM. I checked again, and I can subtract a vote like I thought, but my other ability is to add a vote, in which casemy vote is removed. So for the confusion. @Archerso you don't miss this. I'm pretty sure this reveals the mystery Soother here.
  7. I find this curious considering the relative power levels of what the other roles seem to do.
  8. When I put in the order to soothe, it was 3/3/2, with me being tied. Not trusting it to a coinflip when I can save a confirmed villager with my manip.
  9. I'd agree that this is just an inherent disagreement that kinda stops mattering at this point, so yes, let's agree to move on.
  10. Nuh uh. That is exactly the opposite of what's been going on. I really do not like the way you seem to be trying to twist this. You have consistently been claiming that me and Araris have taken the easy way out that limits discussion. Really don't like this post, but I don't think I'll vote you for it yet because this could just be a misunderstanding.
  11. I'll just go ahead and say, as information helps the village disproportionately in blackouts, I did in fact Soothe the vote back when the votes were tied. Well, honestly, I'm not surprised either despite my vote. My vote was pretty much purely informational. So, going off the new list, I'd agree that the top two that aren't exed are put as elims, and probably also agree that there's some extra wincon nonsense going on with the list.
  12. Yeah, not really thank you very much. One of these is much more appealing than the other.
  13. I mean I was alive for two days, but was near completely absent for one and a half of the days. Should note that my recent games show that this is at worst NAI, and at best v!indicative.
  14. So yourself? And I am already voting Lab over Archer. You know what happens when you assume.