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  1. Now, while we all know that the internet is always right and knows everything, I must tell you that that is false. 360 = quadrilateral, circle requires equidistance.
  2. ...We're not following dnd rules. Circles are not squares.
  3. What sort of madness is this? There's either two, eight, or seven squares. There's no way there's four.
  4. Finally:!AvGN9BGAQyXFfMOSXoU64K7ebow I left a few things that I could not figure out blank, so you'll have to tell me if there's anything necessary I missed, but I think it's good.
  5. I guess rogues were always overpowered. It's all good, I meant to tell you earlier but kept forgetting.
  6. Yeah, finally finished it, then lost it all. Also, the mods generally ask that we not double post.
  7. I'm getting it, my phone is just allergic to saving the data. Hopefully will be able to join at some point soon. Thanks for the link.
  8. Wait a minute. Stick said they had a pocket troll that would make sure they protected their target. What if they said they were going to do themselves, but actually did me to actually have a chance of blocking the kill, but their troll was an elimmy elim and didn't block Stick, hoping to kill the semi confirmed villager, and instead got me. @DrakeMarshall Who is the troll you have a PM with and why did they try to kill you? They said 'Why [all] the fun.' What's wrong with that?
  9. GMs confirmed it I believe, but my personal theory is that the cat video is so terrible nothing can be worse, including death.
  10. I seem to recall him mentioning wanting to move away from that in a game I was e/e with him, but that was forever ago. Demonic, cursed, pure evil incarnate. If Kas doesn't post it, I will, just to subject those of you stupid enough to view it to its horror. Nope. I will admit that I forgot to put in an action due to forgetting nights were only one day long.
  11. Aman is the elim troller confirmed. Do we think it was me or Xino that was elim killed, I'm guessing me, but would like to hear other's opinions.
  12. X( Edit: Just finished that cat video, and it is borderline demonic, like, if I were catholic, I would still be saying hail marys.