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  1. It's not saying not to ask what pur favorite book is (though that can be dangerous), just don't ask us to summarize, describe, or otherwise try to learn the contents of our favorite book without reading it. We can't answer you.
  2. That post from Sart feels weird. Don't know what to think of it yet. I didn't say that they should not be AI, just that I didn't think they were very AI. Plus, you're basically saying the absence of AIness is what makes them AI, so whatever. Here's a list of my first two (ish) posts from the last couple of games: You can draw your own conclusions from that, but my argument is that I split what would normally be my first post into two separate posts this game, and if you take them together, they seem pretty similar to the other games.
  3. Ah yes, the reasons that only came into existence after that list was made. I had only done two posts then, and neither were particularly AI.
  4. Which I'm actually very curious about, @Kasimir, since I don't think that was just the other half of the plyer list. That's because I tend to ignore reads questions when I don't have reads/just early game in general. I was also going to go back and answer one of your questions, but I forget what it was. I'm not saying you were waiting for anybody, I was saying you were waiting for a significant number of people express a mild sus, which is very common for me d1.
  5. I doubt I've personally said that, but someone might have noted that about me. I'll get back to why Stick, but what do you mean claim? My reasoning for Stick is thus. From what I noticed, her suspicion only started (or at least only got strong) after Kas voiced a similar opinion. She put a poke vote on me early on (a second vote btw), which is a really easy LHF, but there wasn't any read behind it. And then she moved her vote away, and once Kas showed a slight sus I got the impression that Stick was waiting to make sure some other players were willing to join the train, once she saw you, Kas, and I think Sart, Stick that it could be a successful mix, so she hopped on. Edit: Although I won't deny that there's a bit of OMGUS in there, Stick, that is by no means the majority or even that big of a part of my reasoning.
  6. That's one reason why he's sunk in alongside general passivity, yes. Several comments: 1. You cannot seriously be saying that c1 passivity is AI for me, later on, for sure, but not c1. 2. My village games have three purposes. Win, remember what it's like to be in the village mindset, and use some elim habits I've noticed to make it harder to ID me as elim in the later games. 3. So what I'm saying is, just because it was an elim tell previously, doesn't mean it is going forward. But still, draw your own conclusions, this is just me explaining nearly every single mix that has happened or will happen in the future.
  7. Grog nice to u, y u no nice to Grog? Actually, I was going to give you my PM since I'm not going to use it, but now I'm selling it to the highest bidder. Who wants a free PM!?
  8. Why am I so deep in your "Ew, don't vote it, it has cooties" category? (I think that's what this is, but the scary Digimon is throwing me off)
  9. I didn't realize there was one within five games. Who has passes? Or I suppose I could do my walmart brand Tyrian game.
  10. I can. I'll post sign-ups as soon as we get done with the rules I sent everyone.
  11. That's backwards from what the evidence says. Kas put together a fancy diagram and everything.
  12. Someone should inform Brandon that he can longer write about the Ja because he was murdered by an worldhopping split personality Kandra with a tendency for solving and communicating murders.