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  1. Cole jumped as he heard a voice next to him, “I’m just a small nobody just passing by looking for um… nothing. Yeah, nothing.” Cole started backing away from the sound of the voice while pulling out a vial of metal. This was sloppy, he should have downed one before he came too close. in case he met someone dangerous and needed a quick escape like perhaps this voice. Where did this voice come from anyways? Well the only thing left for him to do was perhaps find out what happened here and where the voice was before it decided to kill him. “You wouldn’t know what happened here would you?” he said, preparing to dive away from the voice and down the vial in a moment's notice.
  2. Cole cursed as an explosion sounded nearby. “Just my luck,” he thought, “The one day that I work up the courage to join a secret Anarchist Organization some lunatic has to go and blow stuff up.” His instincts told him that he should hide like any other half-brained low life in the region but no, this was too important. So Cole pressed on until he finally made it and found that the Anarchists were under attack. “Rusts”
  3. Haha ya, the device I'm on has the worst autocorrect.
  4. Like 0. I just end up playing Tuna music. Though I actually prefer playing Tuba music since its usually lower than the contra-alto part and the contra part usually is right on the break between the upper register and the lower register.
  5. Hope this works. (Also I’m pretty new and haven’t used a spoiler tag until now so sorry if I did it wrong.)
  6. windrunners

    Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination Windrunners rule!
  7. Ah yes I have finally found my people. Granted that's what I said to myself when I found this website so I guess I found my people within my people. Also I said I play clarinet but I lied as I actually play the less known Contra-Alto Clarinet.
  8. I don't think simply touching the sphere would be enough as Raboniel was able to touch the sphere of anti-voidlight with out being actually harmed but Anti-stormlight leaking could be a totally different story. Although Raboniel was shocked when she touched it so that initial shock might be something that someone could use against radiants and such.
  9. Well I was originally thinking of the use of Raysium as it would probably be more effective but now that I think about it early gun development used little metal spheres as ammo not unlike the spheres holding the gemstones.
  10. So if a Scandrian Engineer got their hands on some Anti-stormlight and assuming they had the knowledge of what it did, do you think it would be possible for them to make a gun utilizing its power? If so how would you think this would affect the battle between Scandria and Roshar?
  11. I first heard of Sanderson when my dad was telling one of his co-workers about a book he read where the character got magical powers from eating metal and as I love magic and eating I was immediately interested. So I went to the library and checked it out. I loved it but I was also into some other series at the time so I probably would have stopped with Sanderson after mistborn. But then some of my friends who were big Sanderson fans saw what I was reading and immediately started telling me about the cosmere. I've always wanted to read some books which had great plots by themselves but also had a much great plot that included all of them. So when I heard that there was an author doing basically the same thing I was hooked. So that how I found out about Sanderson.
  12. This is the coolest thing ever! If I had this for every book series I started but the author hadn't finished I would be so happy! You guys are awesome!
  13. Cool! Well thank you for the warm welcoming!
  14. Probably allomancy, although I also like the surges abrasion and gravitation.
  15. Okay thanks for letting me know