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  1. theory

    I am very interested in Ado’s godmetal. I have no idea what it is, but I have a feeling we’ve seen it onscreen and just don’t know it yet... which would be a classic Brandon trick.
  2. My favorite character depends on my mood but generally it cycles through Kaladin, Elend, Kelsier, ...all the spren, but mostly Syl, Pattern, and the SF, Vasher, and Adolin. I’ve also become more and more fond of Szeth as time has gone on and as I’ve reread the books, so I’m pretty excited for his flashback book. My favorite book has got to be The Final Empire. I love heist stories, and Vin and Elend are one of my favorite romances, and I love the magic. There are other reasons, but those are the main ones. Close second place goes to Oathbringer, because it probably has the best lessons of any book I’ve ever read. The idea of Journey before Destination and Dalinar’s story has resonated with me just as it has with a lot of people. Hey, I’ve played piano for about ten years too! I really like classical music, but I’ll play whatever. Depends Ahh, don’t talk about Barley leaving me D: One thing about Barley is, she’s a very good puppy. My friend has a dog a little older than her, and he is a huge troublemaker. Barley still destroys stuff and disobeys, but generally she is very well behaved. She’s also adorable. She’s an F2 labradoodle (I think is the terminology) so her parents were both labradoodles. F2 can have unpredictable traits, whereas F1 are more what you’d find if you looked her breed up on google. Point is, she looks more lab, but has REALLY long poodle legs. She’s super tall! And she prances and leaps like a circus dog. It’s really cute because she’s also very clumsy ugh I hate spiders. Hate hate hate. There was a spider in my bed a few months ago and I slept downstairs for a week. Thanks for the welcome! I’m excited to be here!
  3. Hello! I go by highvelocitypineapples here and on the Discord. I'm not sure how active I'll be here, but I figured I'd make an account regardless . I've been reading Sanderson since I was a kid with Alcatraz, which I love, and I read The Rithmatist as a young teen (rip Rithmatist 2). I read Mistborn and Stormlight last year and liked them both, but didn't get sucked in until I figured out the cosmere was a thing. Since then I've read all of Brandon's stuff except Skyward (I plan to get around to it eventually), Legion, Dark One, and White Sand Vol 2 and 3 (I read 1 but didn't love it). I also discovered Shardcast in quarantine and listened to all of it because I had nothing else to do... Random other stuff about me: I love history, I play the piano, I have a six month old labradoodle named Barley, I have three cactuses named Rayse, Wyndle, and... a character introduced in RoW (I assume the Discord spoiler periods apply here as well?), I am deathly afraid of spiders, and I may have a slight addiction to chewing gum. (Polar Ice is my favorite.) Excited to be a bigger part of the community! (I figured out how to spoil by clicking around. My third cactus's name is