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  1. I don't think so. I had the same reaction as @Mason Wheeler: bullets can't work that way. Both Forch and young Wax were Pushing on the slug and casing (as a single object) already; the text clearly implies that by Pushing on the primer cap, Wax "fired" the bullet, which killed Forch. The problem is that without a gun barrel to contain the expanding gas, as well as the mass of a firearm to resist the backwards momentum, what I'd expect to see is 1) most of the energy wasted pushing air outward in all directions, 2) the empty cartridge flying back toward Wax, and 3) the massive slug dropping weakly at Forch's feet. I'd also point out that if I were in a saloon and a gunfight broke out, I'd knock over a rusting table and hide behind it whether I thought it would stop bullets or not, on the principle that if they can't SEE me, it's harder for them to SHOOT me.
  2. I agree that the broadsheet stories must be contemporary with the events of the novels they are in, and I'm also very curious about Gentleman Jak, Handerwym, Elizandra, and Nicole Sauvage. I hope we see more of them in tLM! Reading this topic reminded me about the French inspiration of Northern Scadrial character and place names. Anyone else saying "Gentleman Jacques" in their heads now? How is the name pronounced in the audiobooks?
  3. Fair enough, but... 1) Those WOBs are all from 5-7 years ago, pre-Oathbringer. We knew much less, and Brandon may have been unwilling to answer more fully BECAUSE we knew so much less. 2) "in-world everybody would tell you no. It's never happened." I think it's telling that he chose to make that distinction. What in-world characters "know" to be true turns out to be wrong all the time. I won't be surprised if we find that what happened in the past between Singers and spren is MUCH more nuanced than a black-and-white "bond or nothing". We know that both sides felt some kind of "betrayal", which implies the breaking of a close and trusting relationship. Can we at least agree it's possible that relationship might involve Invested abilities, but not meet the threshold of "Radiance"? Also, wasn't Eshonai a Radiant (albeit briefly) before Venli?
  4. How do you know this? Do you mean first LISTENER Radiant, or first SINGER Radiant? ("Parshendi" is a term used by modern Alethi to describe only the Listeners, distinct from the Singer species) I ask because there has been speculation that some of the Fused were bonded to Radiant spren in the past, based on the exclamation by Leshwi that "they've come back to us!"
  5. I understand the WORDS... but this sentence simply doesn't make any storming sense. It implies that some activity exists which is better than conversing with Brandon Sanderson, and that is clearly nonsense. Did @Jofwu suffer a head injury?
  6. According to the Coppermind, we (the readers) know, from the text, of 10 specific sets of Plate, and 19 specific Shardblades. I don't see any reason to assume their numbers are the same when we are explicitly told there are roughly twice as many Blades as Plate. I also think the fact that Blades can be lost or hidden much more easily has greatly reduced their numbers over the centuries, and I expect we will see reasons why fewer deadeye Blades were produced during the Recreance than we might have expected based only on the number of Radiants at the time.
  7. I literally LOLd at this - thank you! I feel the same way... not impossible and would make some sense, but unlikely.
  8. I also find this fascinating. Inconsistencies like this do seem to require explanations; however, I find myself wondering if it's possible that we are thinking about these details more deeply than even Brandon does. He is a rusting genius... but we have WAY more spare time on our hands than he does.
  9. CONSIDERABLE speculation. I freely admit I'm still not clear on how the "deadeye in Shadesmar vs Blade in Physical" idea is supposed to work. Isn't it one or the other, but not both? In other words, an unbonded Shardblade, hidden somewhere in the Physical Realm, cannot ALSO be a deadeye wandering Shadesmar. Am I confused?
  10. That's funny; I remember it happening pretty much every time Kaladin swears a new Ideal. Syl: "You have to say the words." Kal: "I don't know what they are." Syl: "When the time is right, you will." Kal (literally seconds from death): *says words, levels up, kicks ass* Same with Lift in Edgedancer - she suddenly realizes what to say for her next Ideal when she truly tries to do what is right according to her previous Oaths.
  11. This is absolutely terrific. Thank you so much for doing it - I love having all these specific references collected in one place, but I'm far too lazy to do it myself. The first question I pose: these two passages seem to imply Gavilar found a way into Shadesmar. (How else could he have BROUGHT Voidlight from Braize?) But they don't explicitly say so. How would he have entered and returned from the Cognitive Realm? And if that's NOT how it happened, what other explanations might fit? Knowing what we know about Brandon's writing, everything will eventually make perfect sense... but right now, it's maddening. I'm also confused and frustrated by the "eyes in death" mystery. I agree it's got to mean something, otherwise, why include it?
  12. Curses! Reality once again forces me to revise my opinions. Thanks for pointing that out. There are, however, multiple other ways Gavilar might have been Invested when he died. A Radiant Bond we don't know about yet, Stormlight some other way, Voidlight somehow, Biochromatic Breaths, some other offworld type of Investiture or artifact... all are plausible, and many have been hinted at in the text. Back to the OP, while I agree it's certainly possible Amaram comes back again, I also agree it's unlikely for the reasons enumerated by @Use the Falchion. It's hard to see how he could be a more capable opponent than he already was, paired with Yelig-Nar... and he lost.
  13. How did he have Voidlight? How did he have Anti-Light? How did he travel to and from Shadesmar? How did he know about other worlds and the larger Cosmere? We already know he had formed a Bond with the Stormfather, as he was seeing Honor's visions. Thus he was a Radiant and capable of being Invested with Stormlight. All the other questions are relevant, and I'm very confident they will be answered in SA5. I'm also confident that Gavilar WILL be shown as both a "moral threat" and, if not a victim exactly, certainly someone whose lust for power will be manipulated to serve Odium.
  14. This is a terrific argument - kudos to everyone, especially @Oltux72 for starting it off. I'm just finishing my slow careful reread of RoW, and I'm coming up on the discovery of Anti-Light, so I'll watch for hidden clues about who knew what and when. My first thoughts are mostly in agreement with @mdross81. It seems very unlikely that any Shards would simply not know about something as important as Anti-Investiture; much more likely is that Odium 1) had no way to produce it himself, and/or 2) had no reason to assume humans would be able to produce it, thus it was not really any kind of priority. As @Use the Falchion has pointed out in another topic, once Gavilar began the process of seeing Honor's visions and bonding the Stormfather, he would have become obscured from Odium's view to some extent. I don't think it unreasonable to assume that Gavilar could have acquired his Anti-Light spheres without Odium's knowledge, nor do I see this as compelling evidence refuting the possibility of Gavilar becoming Odium's Champion. Added 7/13/21: Just read RoW ch. 86 (p. 961 US hardcover) - Venli and Eshonai discuss Gavilar's Voidlight sphere: We know Ulim lies easily and frequently to Venli... but this feels like truth to me. Gavilar and the Sons of Honor may have been planning a return of the Desolations, but they were not working WITH Odium in order to do it. I think this supports my working hypothesis that Gavilar got Voidlight (and Anti-Light) without Odium's knowledge somehow. Axindweth, a known Worldhopper, likely Feruchemist, and spy, perhaps? She was in Gavilar's confidence for some reason, and although Ulim heavily implies she's also an agent of Odium, I don't think we know enough to rule her out as a double or triple agent. I have no doubt we're going to get a LOT more of Gavilar's story in KoW... both in his Prologue AND after he agrees to be Odium's Champion.
  15. That's a great point. I have no further arguments... but I can't help feeling there are still some significant mysteries about language in the Cosmere. At some point we may just have to accept "Connection" as the answer and not worry about the details. They are FANTASY novels, right?