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  1. It can be amusing or infuriating, depending on my mood. I've seen so many different awful attempts at "Taravangian" that I can't even bring myself to repeat them.
  2. It's hard to understand for people who DON'T have "shameful" pasts or serious mental health challenges... but it's quite normal to keep secrets from the ones you love most. The fear of losing their love once the truth is out is an incredibly powerful motivation, even in cases where it's unfounded. \WE know Adolin would never reject Shallan, no matter what she did, but deep inside, her emotional core is not capable of accepting this. She is so ashamed of the things she has done, she can't trust that Adolin won't be repulsed once he finds out. I've been in this situation. Despite the fact that the reality of "coming clean" is never as catastrophic as we fear, the fear is still quite real and can be paralyzing.
  3. Seems to me that the human members of the Set are also playing very much out of their league. As Uncle Suit found out, the goals of the Set (power over the people Scadrial) are suddenly no longer in alignment with the new goals of the red-eyed "Immortals" (sterilization of Scadrial). The Set may have been an appendage of the army of Trell, but it's one Trell apparently no longer needs. Conflating the two is misleading at this point. As far as the GB and the Set being related, it also seems unlikely to me. Kelsier's philosophy of radical freedom doesn't jibe with the Set's mission to rule... not to mention the slave breeding program.
  4. Just wanted you to know I'm reading and enjoying your posts here. Nothing much to add, other than that I'm looking forward to seeing how you connect the RL stuff to Navani's research!
  5. I voted for characters, and I'll happily explain why. I love ALL the categories you included... but none of them can really work if the characters are not interesting and relatable. Fights are fun, but only when the characters have believable motivations for fighting. Laughter heals the soul (thanks, Steris!), but the humor in Brandon's novels is only as good as the characters acting it out for us. Romance is only emotionally moving if we identify somehow with the characters experiencing it. At the end of the day, we are all people, and our favorite stories are the ones about people we can understand and empathize with. IMO, it's character development which sets Brandon's work so far above that of other fantasy writers.
  6. Alloy of Law is a different kind of novel than Mistborn Era 1 - it's practically a novella. Two main factors conspire to result in a much shorter and simpler read: 1) we've already read three novels about Scadrial, and 2) it's obviously (now) the Sanderson planet most similar to our Earth. This means we don't need nearly as much worldbuilding as we are used to getting in other Cosmere works; we already know a lot about how Allomancy works, the mythology and lore of this time stem directly people and events we know very well, and the pseudo-turn-of-the-century situations and settings are much more familiar to us. I think it's supposed to be a relatively light, fun read - a detective mystery - with just a bit of groundwork being laid for connections to the grand story of the wider Cosmere. I feel the best feature of this series is the characters. Wax, Wayne, Marasi, and Steris are all complex, nuanced people whose strengths and flaws move the story forward in an interesting way. I also love the broadsheets! Both the text and artwork do an amazing job of placing the action in the context of a known historical period... plus they are an important part of the story, chock full of hints and easter eggs. If it's Allomancy-driven combat you are longing for, there is definitely more in the next two books, although I agree the fight scenes never quite rise to the epic level of those in Era 1. But I think this series absolutely measures up in terms of character and emotional content - perhaps not at the beginning, but very much so by the end.
  7. I sit corrected, thanks. Someone else also recently posted a WoB confirming that Nightblood has indeed become more Invested over time.
  8. I've also been wondering about this. The word "bearer" implies someone who could not only carry Nightblood, but WIELD Nightblood... which could only be someone Invested (or capable of being Invested); that narrows the field of possible candidates considerably. While "to bear" could also simply mean "to carry", I have a really hard time imagining a non-Invested person carrying Nightblood around without ever drawing it. Also interesting is a close examination of Azure's word choices: she says she's hunting a "criminal", described as "the one who brought it to your land", and later says about Zahel "warn him I'm looking for him." I assumed Zahel WAS the criminal... but there's nothing there to rule out the possibility that she's actually on the lookout for two different people.
  9. If I recall correctly, there is no reason a Radiant can't leave Roshar... it's their SPREN that would pose a problem.
  10. No, I'm simply calling attention to one particular anti-Shallan argument, which struck me as vaguely hypocritical. I've already tried to make clear in my previous post here (in August) that everyone is perfectly entitled to like/dislike anything they want, and it's not something that needs to be "blamed" on anyone. I'm not looking for a fight, and perhaps I should have kept my thoughts to myself.
  11. That's fair, thanks for clarifying.
  12. I'm making no effort to list specific members of any group. You are free to decide for yourself which groups you belong to. ;-)
  13. I don't think Nightblood "stores" the Investiture that it eats; I believe that Investiture is returned to its Spiritual "home" in the same way any other expended Investiture goes back to where it belongs. So I don't think Nightblood is getting more powerful over time. I believe Szeth is still carrying Nightblood at the end of RoW, although we don't see this directly. I feel that if Nightblood had turned up missing, that WOULD have been worthy of mention.
  14. Untrue. We do not know how bodies were provided for the Heralds when they returned.... but if they were indeed normal "true physical bodies", Kalak would have been able to walk away from Roshar and Worldhop to another planet, as he desperately wants. The fact that the Heralds are some kind of Cognitive Shadows, tied to Roshar, prevents this.
  15. Some 17th Sharders: "I hate Shallan for victim-blaming the bridgemen" The very same 17th Sharders: *victim-blame Shallan*