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  1. I listened to the Graphic Audio version My brain simply cannot process graphic novels
  2. Hi!

  3. Hi!

    Stick, obviously. Seriously though this is an almost impossible question, I love so many of them. Steris, Kelsier, Hoid, Lightsong, Kaladin, Dalinar. I can't choose just one!
  4. Hi!

    It depends on my mood, or whichever one I've thought about most recently. Right now it's Bands of Mourning.
  5. Hi!

    Hi. help i have no idea what i'm supposed to put in this introduction uhh I probably won't post much since I usually don't have anything to say. I started reading Sanderson sometime in May last year, I think. I've read/listened to all his books, except some short stories. I like cats.