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  1. Wow. This image captures that sense of vertigo exactly. My brain.
  2. In this scenario, Kal is the son of Tanavast via binary fission and not sexual reproduction. ...or he's more of a 'reincarnation of Tanavast' rather than a son. I mean, the book never calls Kal "Son of Korivellium" after all!
  3. Glad to know I wasn't the only one thinking this! However, after reading a bunch of Kaladin-becomes-Honor theories and even some Cultivation-is-setting-up-Kaladin-to-become-Honor theories, I have finally found the truest and most certain Kaladin ship: Kaladin x Cultivation If Cultivation is setting up Kal-Honor, then it is almost certain that Cultivation ships Kaladin x Cultivation, which means we have 1-6 more books for Kaladin to either fall madly in love with Cultivation or report her to HR.
  4. I agree. I don't think Kaladin will get a quiet, peaceful, normal happily-ever-after. What if Tower=Navani, Crown=Jasnah, and Spear=Kaladin? Dalinar is the obvious linchpin for this trio. Not sure what that means though... Dalinar's story ever amplifies the meaning of "unite them". First, he thought it was the high princes, then the Knights Radiant, then the three realms. I don't think we have seen the true meaning of the "them" in these instructions yet. Could it mean that Dalinar should unite the splinters of Honor, so the shard can be taken up again? Also, do you guys think that uniting the splinters of Honor will mean that spren cease to exist? They are splinters of him after all. If the puzzle is put back together, what happens to the pieces? Or maybe most spren are children of Honor and only Sly is a splinter? I agree. Kaladin is the perfect combo of honor and passion. I can't stop thinking that Kaladin is the person who will fulfill this epigraph from Chapter 29: "I have begun searching for a pathway out of this conundrum by seeking the ideal person to act on my behalf. Someone who embodies both Preservation and Ruin. A … sword, you might say, who can both protect and kill." (On the other hand, the fact that it says "sword" and precedes an Adolin chapter has me second-guessing that theory. However, "kill" and "protect" are two words that Kaladin obsesses over like nobody else, so it has to be him. Right?) When you read all the Part Two Epigraphs in order, it implies that 1) uniting Odium with another shard will solve some problems, that 2) uniting two opposing shards is not necessarily a solution, and then 3) foreshadows the danger of exactly T-Odium. I wonder if the "pathway out of this conundrum" is actually a uniting of all shards into Adonalsium 2.0, which will be accomplished by someone who can both kill and protect. Is that gonna be Kal? ...I really don't think that Kal holding all shards is the direction Brandon is taking this character. Or maybe I am reading too much into this and Harmony is just looking for an avatar and that's...Wax? Finally, the primary reason that I wanted to reply to this post: Do you think... we should start shipping Kaladin x Cultivation? Maybe she is missing her man and sees him in Kaladin, and that's why she set Syl up to bring Kaladin to the point of taking up the shard of Honor. Then Kaladin (aka Honor 2.0) and Cultivation will have a shard wedding in the sky officiated by Odium 3.0 (Dalinar?? Moash???). Stroms. I am so long-winded. I'm sorry. It's a crime. But... you guys all read Sanderson, so you must like that kind of thing.
  5. You just want everyone in the Cosmere to join Team Kelsier and storms take anyone who stands in his way. Honestly, all the Herald's are such a hot mess right now, I would gladly sub Thadiakar for them all. Give him all the powers! Tapestries in every room! Mwhahahahah. ...I suspect Brandon might be Team Kelsier-takes-over-the-Cosmere. I have a feeling that Kelsier is his favorite child.
  6. If you thought they were a messed-up before, wait till you read "Radiant Civil War", in which it's a contest between Kaladin and Shallan to see who can kill more of the Davar household. Right now, Shallan is leading 2 to 1.
  7. I am mostly shocked about Jasnah's response to Szeth's presence in Oathbringer. She loved her father and was gutted by his assassination. I don't understand how she could just be like, "Oh hey! The storming assassin in white converted to our squad! Cool!" Right now my mind is reeling. I am imagining Kaladin confronting Kalak in Shallan's presence. Kaladin to Kalak: RTT I killed a shardbearer, and you stormed up my life because of it!?! Shallan to Kaladin: RTT that shardbearer was my brother!? Kaladin to Shallan: RTT your stupid brother barrelled into my life, killing my men, scarring me for life, and kicking off a whole storm of events that scarred me for life again and again?? *Radiant civil war ensues* Enter Thaidakar: Sup? Whatseveryonefightingabout?
  8. I need a devastated/crying face emoji for this. This is tragic. He is named after the man who is the epicenter of his betrayal and threw him into the darkest, most miserable days of his life?? *cry* *cry* *cry* No, I want blood. I am going to need some significant storytelling to get where you are. At the very least, I need a "Kaladin decked him" scene. Also, would you say Kalak is to Kaladin as Szeth is to Navani or as Szeth is to Dalinar? Somehow they got over Szeth's part in the death of Gavilar, Dalinar more so than Navani. Or can we not even compare them because 1) Szeth was just a pawn and 2) Gavilar sucked & Kaladin's men were just innocent bystanders.
  9. Thank you so much for bringing this up! By some coincidence, I am listening to "Sas Nahn" from tWoK right now, and my brain is exploding with the crossover into Ghostbloods & Sons of Honor storylines. I would say that Amaram is even LESS guilty than Restares in this case. It sounds like Amaram would really rather not have to enslave Kaladin and kill his men but that he was convinced by Restares/Kalak. There are only two options: 1) Brandon is trying to lead us down a false trail. I doubt this though. The only person who could prove Restares wasn't personally involved, as @Kyn implies, is Amaram, and he's super dead. It seems needlessly detailed to include that name in this scene if not to implicate Kalak in the decision. If he is innocent, I think we won't find out until after Kaladin hands handed him his arse. 2) Brandon is weaving a web that might pit Shallan and Kaladin against each other...? Shallan is basically friends with Kalak now and enemies with Thaidakar. Thaidakar and Kalak have been enemies for ages now. Kaladin and Kalak have got to have a confrontation about this eventually. If Kaladin becomes enemies with Kalak, maybe he will become friends with Thaidakar? Then we have Shallan/Kalak v. Kaladin/Thaidakar. Weirdly in the middle is Helaran, who might have been on the Thaidakar side of the puzzle per Amaran's suspicions in "Sas Nahn" of tWoK. Also, Kaladin and Kalak. What's the deal with their similar names??? Will we refound the Oathpack, in which Kaladin subs for Kalak?
  10. "Yes, my son. Yes you are." I have been laughing about this for like 24 hrs. I wonder if Brandon knew how hysterical his "chickens" would be. Moar chicken memes, 17th Shard friends! Por favor.
  11. Sprenladies and Gentleshards! If you're like me, you like listening to Taylor Swift's Reputation album when you're thinking about Moash, in a Moash-mood, and/or otherwise want to see the world burn, like Moash. I especially like to imagine Moash going about his daily atrocities in a variety of sassy walks, as he listens to Reputation on repeat over his headphone fabrials. To help you imagine the same, I give you: Installment numero uno of "Moash: #1 Taylor Swift Fan" 1) If He's a Ghost, Then I Can Be a Phantom (Spoilered for size) 2) I Don't Trust Nobody and Nobody Trusts Me (Spoilered because this is the ACTUAL BIGGEST RoW SPOILER! Do not look at this if you have not read the whole book.) 3) I'd Do It Over and Over and Over Again If I Could (Spoilered for size)
  12. Please explain. WoK, WoR, O, RoW, ??? Do we know the title of book 5 already? King of Whoa-shar? Kingdom of Witchcraft? Knights of Wimbledon? Are we counting the t in The Way of Kings? Knowing of Wasing The? Keep off World Thaidakar? Karaoke on Windrunner Time????
  13. First: Second: The whole of The Dog and the Dragon chapter. That chapter is a perfect combination of darkness, humor, and heartwarming takeaways The resonating darkness: My laugh-out-loud moment: The heartwarming take away: 1.28.2021 EDIT: I changed my mind. Instead of the whole of The Dog and The Dragon, this is my second favorite quote: Second: I chose this one because this quote is so important for the readers to be able to let go of this beloved character.
  14. So I found this post on Reddit: Rhythm of War - Chapter 105: Children of Passions And: At the far end of the hallway, a figure in a black uniform walked slowly forward. A Shardblade appeared in his hand. The assassin’s Blade. Moash had returned. Rhythm of War - Chapter 106: A Hundred Discordant Rhythms These really connect with TWoK prologue: Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king... Way of Kings - Prolouge: To Kill Szeth kills a King, while Moash goes to kill her wife, a Queen. Szeth wears white, Moash wears black. Both carry Jezrien's Honorblade. Both are working, in a way, for Odium. Szeth calls himself now Szeth-son-Honor, and Moash has a Connection to Odium (a bit of a stretch). So, here is my twist to the famous quote: Vyre-son-Odium, traitor of Humankind, wore black on the day he was to kill a queen. Link: [Rhythm of War - Ch 105-106] I noticed a potential callback to The Way of Kings Prologue : Stormlight_Archive ( Chills. Mysterious things are certainly afoot with these Moash/Szeth parallels.
  15. What do you mean? What are the right answers to these questions? Asking because I also got confused by all Odiums colors. Couldn't quite understand the situation with Kal's eyes...