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  1. Welcome to the shard! Who’s your favorite character?
  2. Welcome to the shard! Who’s your favorite cosmere character?
  3. Welcome to the Shard! That title is my favorite part of Oathbringer Oooh. yeah, flying sounds cool! I got elsecaller, but I really want to be a Lightweaver. Who's your favorite Warbreaker character?
  4. Welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite character?
  5. Welcome to the shard! Who’s your favorite Sanderson character?
  6. Ahh...oops! I realized I was on the wrong page and answered the wrong thing... he felt an inexplicable craving for coffee.
  7. “And mine is being the awesomest.”
  8. Lorena smiled. Finally some good news. “Good. Move on to the next order.”
  9. Nope and nope. This character is known to be well-dressed and fashionable.