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  1. Just to add to the big things happening at the end of era 3: It's from several years ago, but considering he likely only has an outline for era 3 it seems like a pretty big plot-point-moment. Also, he didn't have to think very long (there's audio), I'm fairly convinced Harmony will be giving up or granting something as a major turning point in era 3. On the other hand, it could just as easily be something nebulous like: humans desire non-intervention-->Harmony: Your future is yours now. So I don't know, but I'm excited. Thinking about era 3 and 4 tends to draw anticipationspren.
  2. Okay... Marabethia looks like a bridge over the purelake and reshi sea, now if anyone can actually find 'the bridge to terabithia' we might be able to find an offramp to Roshar. Anyone seen the 'Alien' movies? Sigourney Weaver? All of the mountains in former Natanatan down to and including the shattered plains make up the head of said Aliens. With the shattered plains making up the teeth. Alethkar and Shinovar actually make all their money by hoarding the world's water supply. You see, the map clearly shows that they own ALL of the rivers on Roshar. I quite nearly drove myself insane over this stuff more than two years ago, and of course here I am about to get sucked back in...
  3. Enough listeners in stormform could control a highstorm?!? I'm calling it, that's Eshonai. (I'm aware many think it's Kaladin at some point) edit: can't spell
  4. Love the midriff analogy feather, spot on to me. Liking Adolin Elhokar seems...un-knight-worthy to me right now, kind of confused about his whole character at this point (a la gamma's observations and his 'most likely having a spren watching him'). But did anyone notice that's most likely a larkin on his desk? Maybe even the dead ones stil have a use, or they're like locust or something else and come back to life with some stormlight. Obviously tied to the radiants, and personally I think they have a use besides helping Darkness steal awesomeness. And a big echo to all questions and awe put forth before; never imagined getting this much cosmere-spren-shadesmar info so quickly.
  5. I meant to respond earlier today, but I'm sick as all get out right now and completely passed out. I don't know where to start so I'll just jump in. I really don't feel good so I'm not going to quote and link things, if you have questions or doubts just ask and I'll post it up later for you. @Senor It's certainly possible in light of one or two rattles, but there are several more that are happening concurrent to the storyline. One of them even talks to Taravangian's healer. My personal thought is that they go to the cognitive realm, there is a rattle to support this, where they gain all this knowledge of what has been done and what needs to be done, and what is happening with important people. I guess I never really thought about it being time travel before, it just seems so unlikely because the majority of them are just knowledge or a different sort of awareness report. I see maybe two that could be traveling to the past? With so many more reporting on the here and now, time traveling just doesn't seem likely. @meg You're a little a confused. I should have elaborated on what I was saying. The dates in the epigraphs are in-book notations taken by Taravangian's healers. They aren't a depiction of when that chapter is happening. So yes, Gavilar died years earlier, but it doens't mean the epigraphs are noting that chapter as that date. There is a special circumstance that I don't really see anything special with, but one of the rattles is out of order (in the link from earlier you can see). That just couldn't be, if the epigraphs were relating the current date of the story. My thing with Taln, is even he proclaims he failed. We have no idea what this really means, but to me it screams that things are NOT happening like they have before. Seems very reasonable to me that things could be a little out of order, that he could be a little late to the party. Or that Odium has kind of snuck this one up on everyone. @dark No worries, I know it's a lot. Yeah, Senor raised an issue that...I don't know, I've never really thought about it like that. I definitely don't see as reasonable, but perhaps possible. I'll look at it later when I'm on less medication. Seems to be a much easier, with all the concurrent visions, not to split it up and start assuming wild things like that. I don't know how Dalinar's visions, or any visions Honor might have seen, have anything to do with the death rattles. It happens as they die, doesn't require a highstorm, and seems they still retain a measure of awareness of where they are and that they're speaking to someone. I'm curious where you think the back-up for something like that is. I already wrote my thoughts on Taln's appearance. The way he has shown up, the death rattle, and the things he said make it clear to me things are very different. Back to bed. edit: spelling
  6. Doh. I totally knew that. Can't believe I forgot.
  7. You probably missed it, but some old threads are still very useful. They just haven't been posted on in a while. We have the opening epigraph: Which takes place on day 271 of 1171, or 6-5-1 (link at bottom explains this use). Since Roshar has a calendar year of 500 days, we know that all the epigraphs after (and including): take place at least a 1000 days after the initial epigraph. It's like I said, I used to think the storms were counting down or something, but since it most likely already came to pass that doesn't make much sense anymore. I guess it's not a definite, confirmed sort of thing. But it seems conclusive to most that it all started sometime during the book. Which would make sense since Taln shows up. And later epigraphs like... and ...seem to relate to occurances that we either witnessed, or saw the outcome to. While the second one doesn't have to be Taln, the first is almost certainly Kaladin's experience. My personal thoughts on it now are that the Everstorm (hint hint)/Final Desolation has come and the storm is just beginning to churn. They say they're getting worse because it has all just begun. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/457-dates/page__view__findpost__p__10265 (1st one I found, probably another somewhere) and https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlvnJhrTVOeKdHhQMWVIajZLMXIwZnR4R1ZJNDFsY2c edit: forgot to add some things, and fix other things.
  8. I remember discussions about this years ago. It's a very good point. However... Dalinar and Navani are discussing some serious stuff about the world going downhill, i.e. assassinations, the 'twisted' things people say when they die. It seems they both have heard of highstorms actually growing more powerful. Which...is definitely odd given that ketek. I used to think that perhaps they were growing stronger as the desolation approaches, , but going by the best assumptions of the calendar, the Everstorm had already begun when the conversation happened. So yeah, sorry to confuse it more. But it's definitely a contradictory situation. edit: couldn't remember how to do spoiler tag.
  9. Excellent catch happy. I KNOW for a fact I have read a quote from sanderson along the lines of, "...humans and horses are not native to [Roshar]..." but now it seems to have gone *poof*. Zas, or WInd, help me out here. Why can't I find this quote? I know we have seen it before.
  10. No, it certainly seems they can't. The link I provided already has WoB on the creatures inside the front cover. Try actually taking a look when someone provides you with a link to a direct answer on the questions you are having. He didn't comment on larkin, that's us here. He commented on the creatures inside the front cover.
  11. The two 'dragonwasps' behind the glyphs on the front cover aren't metamorphosed greatshells, they're actually pretty darn small. About the size of a hand up to a large melon. More importantly, the little guys behind the glyphs were from Aimia and are extremely rare since the scouring. Not sure if that's what the Larkin are, but the description is pretty accurate. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/2383-qa-with-brandon-sanderson/page-4?hl=%2Bscouring+%2Baimia#entry42116 #70
  12. Well the Heralds had to leave their Blades in order to break the Oathpact. At least, that's what was strongly suggested in the prelude. There was probably far longer of a time period between the last desolation and the Recreance. Ragged tanned skins and bronze weapons in the prelude. Bronze armor and steel weapons at the Recreance, which Dalinar thought appeared hasty and just thrown together, so that stuff had probably been around a while anyways. Recreance has been investigated to death. It's hard to know at this point, but seems to me like (and most people don't share this opinion) Honor died and the Radiants just went downhill from there. Eventually screwing up their interpretation of Honor and resigning. (Similar to Derethil's story from Hoid) Urithiru was abandoned long before the Radiants fell. And apparently they were growing corrupt before Urithiru was abandoned. I think the Radiants lost hope at some point and came to conclusion they were misinterpreting the Honor that gave them their power. (Derethil) I made a thread about all this a while ago that goes into some depth, but it's mainly on Honor being dead before the Reacreance. Just nearly impossible to know at this point what happened to the Radiants of old. edit: forgot something
  13. A long while ago, Peter confirmed that it was Dalinar but the cape was accidentally (I assume) done in the wrong color. Over here...http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/1178-book-cover/?view=findpost&p=26984&hl=%2Bcover+%2Bdalinar+%2Bcape
  14. Well I never said anything about tin. But we know TLR is a savant (or near-savant) in almost every metal. Off the top of my head? Feruchemy tin has nasty side effects like queasiness and only one attribute at a time. Not sure what that has to do with anything though. I'm confused about the whole using zinc to enhance his senses, did you mean nicrosil? It's possible he became a feruchemy savant in several metals because of the way he used nicrosil, but we don't really know a whole lot about that except for it being hinted strongly that Miles is a Health/Gold Savant. But I was talking about the allomantic side of things only. TLR likely came to his savanthood differently than Spook. And doesn't show many side effects like Spook developed.
  15. Hmmm...another thing that probably isn't major, but in answer to certain yados wondering about investitures happening differently; TLR seems to have gained savanthood in a different way than Spook, and seems to not have the same repercusions. His happened over a thousand years of regular use instead of violent flaring over a short time. Maybe he had smaller troughs ripped through him. Or maybe his Feruchemy allowed him to keep the troughs small enough to not be so detrimental. Either way, I would say TLR's savanthood happened differently and resulted in lesser detriment.