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  1. Mysterious offworlders that will save Scadrial at "any cost"... sounds like a hint towards a certain group on Roshar led by a man with that specific philosophy and obsession
  2. We do know one thing Wit was wrong/fooled about. He was completely convinced Rayse was the true danger and not the shard Odium. Both Sazed and the unnamed dragon attempt to correct him in their response letters. He refused to see Rayse as wounded, desperate, and never as clever as he assumed.
  3. Why woudnt he be able to? It’s war I have three reasons I think 1) the previous oathes have all been one of Leren's lessons 2) it is an idea Kal has stated over and over not understanding (why is ok to kill the parashendi to protect dalinar who are just prorectkng there home) 3) the only 5th oath we know anything of (skybreaker) seems almost a contridition its 2, 3, and 4 and the 5th oath is almost never reached So what has leren tried to teach kaladin that is almost a contradiction of the prior oathes and would take a level of understanding almost none reach I can not kill to protect
  4. I can't kill to protect
  5. So how did Jasnah not notice a soulcaster spren following Shallan around in Carbranth? I can think of two explanations 1) she just did not look into Shadesmar the entire time (seems unlikely) 2) Shallans soul caster was always a fake Prolly been answered before but I can't find it
  6. Yes I understand that happens 300 or so years. I don't think he wanted Kel to destroy the pits he complains that the only safe perpendicularity was destroyed with the pits. I've always took it as Hoid wanting tLR to fall. Which frees Ruin, which leads to Preservation either being splintered or stolen by the Ire, if Kel had done the thing he was supposed to and die like everyone else. Hoid is playing the long long long and Kel being alive when he shouldn't has already thrown parts of his scheme into chaos. I wonder if that is how Brandon writes Kel, as a character who's part in the story is already over, as a meddler who refusal to do what he was supposed to do throws even his writing into chaos. I imagine Kel like Taravangine saw Renarin's name amongst the gold writing.. blacked out into eternity Quick change of subject.. Kel has already used an avatar in canon. Having access to a group of shape shifters whos's entire culture is built on impersonation has its benefits to a system locked would be universal god slayer/puncher
  7. Hoid to Kelsier at the well "But you are not supposed to be here. You did what I needed you to , but you're a loose end I'd rather not deal with right now." With Wit having some sort of forsight, I have always thought it was really interesting that he is surprised to find Kel there
  8. I find the question of Kel's methods far less intresting than his goals. That and his goals contrasted with Wit's goals. Gavilar who wants to return the desolations says Thaidakar is too late. Was Kel trying to stop the everstorm? Wit tells Kel he shouldn't be here.. that he finnished his part in Wit's plan and he consider's Odium being trapped on Roshar as an eternal desolation a win or non loss. I see these two as some of the main forces opposing the shard's.
  9. That Wit was wrong.. Being sure that Rayse was more dangerous then the shard odium
  10. I'm starting to wonder if Cultivation is the true danger. Is she trying to prune the Cosmere itself? Could she be the "we" in "we killed you"? Betrayed Tan and helped Rayse. Beware those that claim to see the future... She clearly believes she does. Another thought... I can think of one great real world evil whos intent was to cultivate... The Nazis