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    I enjoy reading Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here), and I especially enjoy coming up with ways that one may be able to use the magic systems within it in interesting and unique ways. All of them are good, but, Hemalurgy is of the most interest to me, due to the many, many potential applications for it, and the creative opportunities it provides (assuming, of course, that you don't use it for evil, because, quite frankly, that would just be plain evil).
  1. Mistborn spoiler
  2. It's been a question to me for awhile about whether or not an old Awakener who has been kept young via Breaths would age and die as... (Mistborn spoilers) I don't believe that they would, though. Because... (more Mistborn spoilers)
  3. I recall reading in the Mistborn books that Rashek was manipulated over time by Ruin, causing him to commit worse and worse atrocities. However, he didn't have any Hemalurgic spikes to allow for manipulation, and he didn't seem to be completely unstable, so that made me think about how he could be manipulated by Ruin then. It is my theory then, that Ruin was able to manipulate him because Rashek needed to burn large amounts of Atium to stay alive, Connecting him to Ruin by suffusing himself with the Shard's essence. That's my idea, anyway.
  4. It is probably not possible for all Hemalurgically gained things to be passed on to your descendants. Extra Allomantic potential, for example, don't seem to get passed on to an Inquisitor's children (at least, not the power of the spikes). This seems to depend on the quote though. So, my guess is that the reason why Koloss pass down genetic traits to their children is that their actual physical DNA has been altered by the use of Hemalurgy. It also seems that Inquisitor children have "complications" being more commonplace, probably because certain physical changes occur when enough Hemalurgic spikes that grant powers occur, such as greater height and a grind-ier voice. oh, and the gigantic freaking holes in their body and warped organs. This quote is from 2012, but the next is from 2019, after Brandon had more time to consider the implications of genetic Hemalurgy. So, to sup up, Invested powers; not passed down via Hemalurgy. Genetics warped by Hemalurgy; definitely passed down. You might be able to pass down Invested powers if you Allomantically burned the Hemalurgic spikes though, splicing your sDNA with that of the spike's contents, but the implications of this Allomancy/Hemalurgy hack haven't been told to us yet, so maybe not. Hope this answers your question
  5. If you were to put Breaths inside a piece of food, then eat and digest it, would you regain your lost Breaths?
  6. Would it be possible to create a Fabrial, one that mimicked Invested powers, if you used a Hemalurgic spike in place of a Gemstone with a captured Spren?
  7. This isn't really super important or a crazy theory or anything, just something I thought cool. If a Full Feruchemist were to blank a Metalmind of theirs, they could give it to a Misting of the correlating Allomantic power, and the Misting could compound the Investiture and store it for the Feruchemist via an Unsealed Metalmind. So basically, just another way to Compound, but with only a Full Feruchemist and one or more Mistings (or Mistborn), rather than Hemalurgic use or a Fullborn doing it on their own.
  8. When a person uses Connection manipulation to gain access to a new language, they forget that language once they stop using that Connection. But if someone were to do this over an extended period of time, could they eventually learn the language, since they would have memories of speaking and understanding it?
  9. I think that a Divine Breath is too different in nature than normal Breaths to be able to be created by just adding more Investiture to normal Breaths. Breaths are mostly physical, but Divine Breaths are more Spiritual.
  10. I'm with Quantus. You can't spike out a power from someone if that power is granted by the spike, because the power isn't actually in their Spiritweb, it's in the spike. You could just remove their spike and give it to yourself though. Ooooo. I like it! Taking a Steelsight with Hemalurgic tin isn't something I had ever considered before, but it seems like it might be doable. I wonder, since Allomantic Bronzesense can be stored with Feruchemical tin, could Bronzesense be stolen via Hemalurgic tin as well? Maybe then you could have a permanent Bronzesense.
  11. I was sad when I found out that it was litteral. But, as to the original question, I think that if you were to tip a spike with a different metal to aid with piercing armor, then you could likely make it work, but as Quantus said, perception, Intent, and whether the metal metal intending to be charged touches blood is going to determine whether it is possible or not. But I would say that you could probably do it.
  12. I don't believe that it would be possible to use Nicrosil Compounding to obtain a Shard's full power. Even if you could compound and store enough Investiture to ascend, you likely wouldn't gain the Connection to the Shard to actually hold it indefinitely. You might be able to Ascend like with the Well of Ascension temporarily though, which would be pretty cool .
  13. Actually, not all Invested objects and entities have difficulty leaving their world. Some Investitures, such as Stormlight, are harder to remove due to their specific Intent (i.e., Honor's Investiture wants to bind and hold on), while others, such as Bio-Chromatic breaths are pretty easy to move between worlds (I.e., Endowment's Investiture is given freely, no strings and little Connection attached).
  14. This is an insanely cool theory. It would be like having Kandra Blessings for humans, but without the need of the spikes or the physical warping. I also see it having merit in its likelihood, due to the versatility of Awakening.