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    I enjoy reading Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here), and I especially enjoy coming up with ways that one may be able to use the magic systems within it in interesting and unique ways. All of them are good, but, Hemalurgy is of the most interest to me, due to the many, many potential applications for it, and the creative opportunities it provides (assuming, of course, that you don't use it for evil, because, quite frankly, that would just be plain evil).
  1. Hemalurgy works ripping off peices of someone's spiritweb, then stapling it into someone else's spiritweb to give them that stolen ability. But an allomancer who got their power from hemalurgy burns a metal, do they draw from Ruin, or Preservation? In addition, is the investiture inside the spike Preservation's investiture forced to work for that person, or is it a copy of the same ability, but made of Ruin's power?
  2. Nightblood works by absorbing and corrupting investiture, effectively turning it into more of itself. But it also has a maximum amount of investiture that it can hold, so much of this changed investiture leaks away. My question is, does this investiture stay a part of Nightblood's essence, retaining traits from it rather than the shard it originated from? And if this Nightblood investiture returns to the spiritual realm to pool together, will it eventually form a magic system?
  3. Sorry, what I meant was, a spike doesn't normally loose it's hemalurgic charge as long as it's in a body, but "leaky" investiture normally does this anyway. So if the "leaky" investiture is contained within a spike (specifically nicrocil) that is piercing someone, will the investiture still leak, or will it stay trapped within the spike?
  4. Would a forgery that was stolen and then granted by a hemalurgic spike be more permanent so long as it isn't allowed to decay? What's more, can forgeries held in spikes be granted to people other than those it was specifically made for, since hemalurgic spikes normally hold the Identity of those they were made from, and that doesn't seem to hinder their usefulness to others who don't share the Identity of the spike?
  5. It has been confirmed by Brandon Sanderson (can't remember the exact quote, but if really needed I can find it for you guys later), that Forgeries made to the spiritweb of an individual can be taken by a hemalurgic spike. If someone could then allomantically burn that spike, could that then permanently splice it to their spiritweb?
  6. We seen in Warbreaker (SPOILERS), that Vasher was able to teach a little girl how to remove some of here own memories in order to "heal" the trauma that she had experienced. Could Forgery be used in a similar manner, changing the spiritwebs of the Heralds (and Fused, for that matter), so that their memories of traumatic events no longer caused them to be insane?
  7. Forgery can manipulate your spiritweb into believing that your past was something other than what it was, allowing you to make changes to your present self. But, could you change certain "random" elements of your conception? For instance, could you make yourself taller, or have a slightly different facial structure, or be healed of physical defects?
  8. Hemalurgic spikes cannot directly steal breaths from a donor since they are too much within the physical realm, and not enough in the spiritual realm, where pretty much all of their ability to manipulate resides. However, all you need to do to get the breaths of a person is for them to willingly grant them to you. So, if you were to grant them spikes instead of trying to make a spike from them, and then you used emotional allomancy or some other method of mind controlling them, you should be able to force them to give you their breaths. Does this seem plausible?
  9. Some types of investiture, when not used immediately by whoever is holding it, begin to leak from the individual (such as with radiants), and the investiture is lost. Other types of investiture, such as bio-chromatic breaths, stick better, and are not lost. So my question is, if a hemalurgic spike is kept from decaying outside of a body, and it's power contains a "leaky" investiture type, will the investiture still leak, or will it be stuck within the spike?
  10. So, if someone could use an anti Rhythm to push the investiture inside a hemalurgic spike to the back end (I think that's something anti-Rhythms do right? They push investiture away?), leaving the front uninvested, could they then fill the front part again, rinsing and repeating to continue filling the spike?
  11. I would imagine that it's Adonalsium's pure essence. Which also sounds like what's happening with First of the Sun.
  12. I think that this theory has a sound reasoning to it. It also would make sense in that bio-chromatic breaths help you heal faster, and if they do work by pulling you towards your spiritual ideal, things would make a lot more sense.
  13. My guess as to who these "off worlders" are? Rosharans.
  14. Just thought of this; could you use the same metalmind as the one you're tapping, just store in a different part of the same metal?
  15. I actually had an idea recently (go figure, thought it would never happen); what if you could get ahold of some breaths, then give those breaths to someone else who was deathly sick, allowing them to heal from that sickness, but in return, they'd have to return them to you, plus their own breath once they'd been healed. It might not exactly be "fast", and you would have to be careful not to allow anyone to con you permanently out of your breath, but it might work.