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  1. That makes sense i thought that the everstorm only really worked because taln eventually broke. The everstorm was sitting there making people uncomfortable for a long time until gavilar's people started going into shadesmar and pulled ulim through using a gem which raises some other questions. But ulim was able to set in motion the rest after taln was back on Roshar. Now that it's laid out I wouldn't be surprised if the way a cognitive shadow gets off world has something to do with the investiture that they are connected to. So ire use the dor lines Zahel may have used a rock, the void spren had the everstorm, so I wouldn't be surprised if kelsier has to use feruchemy since he's a sliver of preservation. However the one wrench I'm seeing is that at the same time the ire answer the question. They mention shades from threnody. Which threw me for a loop because they are literally cognitive shadows but trying to piece details together from their one and only short story is rough and I have no clue how or why there would be one all the way at the edge of the Scadrial system by itself. Or for there to be enough for the ire to be unconcerned.
  2. Here's a WoB which I think validates my point about Zahel having to have a specific method to get off of Nalthis. Questioner Have we seen cameos of Heralds on other Shardworlds? Brandon Sanderson The Heralds are tied to the system by the magic that permeates them. They could not leave. Questioner I thought I saw someone but I guess not. Brandon Sanderson It’s part of the magic. Some would call them Cognitive Shadows, right? Whether they are or not. "Cognitive Shadow" is a very ambiguous term in the cosmere. It means, basically your soul-- It's the same thing with petrification, right? Investiture replaced your soul, and permeated your soul, and your soul continues to exist, but... you are usually Invested with something, that's tied, and you're basically like pure Investiture then. You're tied to the thing you're Connected to. Most of the things that you're gonna see with that, travelling is going to be very difficult, unless you know how to do it. You have seen people do it. Questioner Who? Brandon Sanderson Vasher Brandon Sanderson Vasher... You have seen people do it. But anyone who's got-- yeah. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/36/#e1537 So yes the breath of life is canonically not connected to Nalthis and that's why we see lots of people using it around Roshar. But because the returned are "petrified" it should be difficult for them to leave the system. So I think the idea that the GB know he's not going to spill the beans is valid. But I have a hard time believing they don't have a close eye on him.
  3. I feel like that the WoB could be interpreted to mean that the rest of the returned would have a difficult time leaving Nalthis? If they didn't have vashers method? I think this may be valid and vasher would probably have the breaths to pull it off. However I also think that it's too ambiguous of a command. It seems like there's too much wiggle room that either he would need to be spot on with the intent or he would need a more refined command. Part of me also feels like if it was something like that he would have tossed in a hint to it like a specific pair of sandals he always wears or something and I don't think there's been anything like that.
  4. From the wiki "Nightblood was originally made of steel before being Awakened."
  5. Who has it stabbed that has hemalurgy?
  6. True I wonder if there will be evidence of them or maybe even their origins hinted at? Has he said anything about a second secret history? Do you think we might get one to hold us over before era 3?
  7. This. This makes a lot of sense. We'll have to see, in the next Wax and Wayne, more of what he's been doing I wonder if there was more in that coppermind than what was in the final scene of tBoM. But it would make sense for him to bring those people back and then have them work together with the group in the basin. I imagine the GB have goals in the local politics like the set. So the next book could have something to do with the secret war between them, who knows. I don't know about the long term goals for sazed though. It's really a question of whether or not kel knows how the shards change the vessel. I think maybe if that was the goal sazed could try to go get the shard of devotion. I think that would change him the least. But if dominion is gone that leaves sel with no shards and I don't know what that would do to the system.
  8. That makes way more sense thank you. I don't know but it also doesn't seem like they are. I have a very hard time believing that they don't based on how connected they are in general.
  9. There's a lot to unpack there. It makes a lot of sense on one hand from what you've laid out above. However there's also the theory of trell being autonomy based off of paalms actions with Wax. Could trell possibly have gathered both the shard of dominion and autonomy? What would that hybrid become? It seems like they're kind of opposite each other. But there's also the fact that worshipping trell on Scadrial is far from new. Sanderson has said that "trell has been many things over the eons" so I wouldn't be surprised if he started out as autonomy and was worshipped on Scadrial as such. Then at some point collected the shard of dominion and is back on Scadrial. The wiki says trell is in direct opposition to harmony so the two powers working against each other to create a new shard like discord would be against harmony I guess. As to the dawnshard question I don't know. There has been speculation about kelsier having it. But I don't really buy it kelsier didn't have the extra supernatural abilities from having a dawnshard I feel he would have but maybe becoming mistborn was enough. Either way he probably still would have it if he does. I wonder if maybe trell does have autonomy and dominion the powers fight enough to throw us all off pretty bad while trying to destroy harmony since he's the newest shard and could possibly be easy to destroy. I kinda doubt trell is connected to the man on taldain though unless that guy has a wild character arc It's an interesting idea maybe get some concise questions down and try to ask on new years...
  10. I think that this is an interesting idea first off. I just see a few problems... 1. Kelsier is trapped on Scadrial. Sure he has a lot of well placed minions but it seems like that's basically what he has them focused on or at least from what we can see. 2. What would the con be? What is the long term goal? Just to mess up hoids plans?
  11. I really have a hard time believing that helaran was a GB him being a skybreaker makes way more sense in my mind. We're pretty confident that his father Lin was a GB and helaran hated him for it and what it was doing to their whole family. So he went to the skybreakers to seek justice for his mother, which at the time everyone thought had been killed by Lin. I think that the skybreakers definitely have shards laying around for the purpose of bringing in potential squires. I feel like highspren likely hate them as much as the other types of sentient spren so who knows. The skybreakers I do think had a beef with the SoH. In RoW it venli learns about it. And since by the time helaran came for amaram, gavilar was dead so it stands to reason that they would still be trying to knock him off since he was higher up and knew more about gavilar's plans. But to the original question I think it has to deal with Ba-Ado-Mishram. Brandon has basically said they are going through something similar to the shaod. And when they talk about BAM's imprisonment they say it effected all of Roshar. I've also seen a theory floating around that they didn't create deadeyes because the bond smith would facilitate the severing. I doubt that since there where times with no bond smiths and I don't think honor would have allowed them that kind of power.
  12. How did Zahel break his connection with Nalthis? And why are the ghostbloods uninterested in him? I feel like he would be WAY more useful as someone who as pulled it off as opposed to someone who is equally stuck in one system.
  13. So hemalurgy has always fascinated me. Especially since mistborn era 2-3 where they go into a little more depth with the implications of what it means and can do. That being said I want to know A. What would happen if you used shattered shard plate to make a spike. And B. Have we already seen hemalurgy used off of Scadrial. That being said there are some different implications that I haven't been able to wrap my head around. We know kelsier has a physical body from tBoM and RoW now (kinda). We know that he used hemalurgy to get said body but we don't know how specifically. And we know he has a similar problem that the heralds do. So hemalurgy. If the wiki is accurate to Sanderson's plans on this front which I kinda assume it would be. Duralumin steels connection and identity. So it's likely that's what his spike is made from that you see in the coin from tBoM. But hemalurgy doesn't effect the cognitive realm the spike tears a hold directly from physical to spiritual. My guess is that maybe some how marsh and spook could have possibly found the right feruchemist, and tried the ritual, or what ever it should be called, inside the perpendicularity so that the intent could effect the cognitive shadow that is kelsier. I think there are still problems with connection and identity between the bodies that don't work quite right for that to be what happened I wish I knew if someone has tried to ask without getting RAFOed As to the problem that he has that he wanted kalak for. I think he also wants to leave Scadrial, but I'm also shakey on this too. I'm not sure that he hasn't already left at least once before. But shalan was told that he basically doesn't show up to talk to people in person and that he's not from Roshar. We know the heralds are cognitive shadows that where tied to all three realms by the Oathpact. Which gives them the connection to the Roshar system forcing them to stay like all other forms of investiture. Kalak wanted off and the ghostbloods obviously wanted what he had found out. Kelsier doesn't have the same connections that the heralds do but it obviously comes with the same boundaries. Long story short I think kelsier is trying to sever his connection with Scadrial somehow or another to leave the planet. I wouldn't be surprised if the easiest way is to get someone that really knows how to use Ishar's honor blade to do it. However I think the easiest way would be to look no farther tham Zahel. He flat out says he's a cognitive shadow. I don't know if the return operate on different rules but it seems like he keeps most things consistent unless I'm just missing a lot. Sorry if that's hard to follow and spoils a ton...
  14. Hi

    I have no clue warbreaker is fantastic but I think I like the bands of mourning the most.