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  1. Hi mate! I hope you have a good time on the 17th shard!
  2. Welcome Back To The Shard! I hope you have fun!
  3. Welcome to the 17th Shard! Have Fun!
  4. Welcome to the 17th Shard! Have Fun!
  5. Welcome! Even if you were shamed into doing this you can still have fun! Welcome to the 17th shard! Have Fun!
  6. . Love the joke. Welcome to the shard! Have Fun!
  7. Yes. I love existing too. Well, welcome to the shard "A Human Who Exists."Are you really human or are you an alien of some sort?
  8. Hi and Welcome to the shard!
  9. Hi HeyFriend! Welcome to the Shard. Just wanted to forwarn you about double and triple Posting the same things. Well, have fun!
  10. Welcome To the shard!
  11. Hi there! Welcome to the Shard! I hope you have fun on the shard! Please accept a cookie! Join the craziness in the Forum Games!
  12. Welcome to the Shard! What is Your Favorite Sanderson book so far? Please accept a cookie! Join the craziness in the Forum Games!
  13. Well, Welcome LoraSanchez to the shard too!
  14. Elantrians Power
  15. Welcome Back to The Shard!
  16. Welcome to the shard! I hope you enjoy yourself Please accept a cookie! Join the craziness in the Forum Games!
  17. Howdy ConnorSlayer! Welcome to the shard and I hope you enjoy it. Want a cookie?
  18. Okay Thanks I sure will
  19. I want to help spread the cookies, but who do I set that up when I talk?
  20. Well Hello! I'm also new to this Fansite, but what was your favorite book out of the ones you have read?
  21. I was recently introduced to the Cosmere by my brother and I started reading Mistborn. Right now I am reading the Well of Ascension, and something doesn't make sense. Vin and Elend can't find the atium stash anywhere in the city, but it has to be nearby, right? I just got to the part where Dockson tells Vin that kandra are expensive, the only payment they accept is atium. Do the kandra have all the atium? Everyone wants kandra as servants, so if everyone was paying them atium but no more atium was being created, then they would have it all. Am I crazy?
  22. Hey, I am New To This But, Hi!
  23. So my brother has been wanting me to read these books for a while and I just start. I have finished Elantris, and the emperor soul for the cosmere and am now on Mistborn book 1. I have also read FireFight, The rithmatist, Skyward, Starsight, and most of the non-cosmere books. Overall I think I have liked Skyward and Starsight the most. IS there a point of wiew or way I should read it again to make me understand the book more? I still have a few questions every now and then.