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  1. Warning, Elantris spoilers I was thinking about tying Elantris into the cosmere a remembered how in the last few chapters of the book they talk about multiple ways to access to door like there are multiple ways to use stormlight. They also mention see a faint glow from non elantrians who where fighting the monks of dakhor. Any ideas of how Sanderson might inccorperate this into Elentris 2?
  2. Hey, does anyone know if there is a place where you can find all of the stories Wit tells in all of the Stromlight Archive?
  3. mistborn

    EVERYBODY NEEDS TO READ MISTBORN SECRET HISTORY. I just started reading it and it has explained so mush about anything from Hoid to Thaidakar.
  4. windrunners

    and so does lift. is anyone else mad that lift doesent call her spren voidbringer anymore?
  5. Wow he really does write fast
  6. windrunners

    Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination Windrunners rule! Do you accept these words?
  7. Number 1
  8. Does anyone know when Skyward 3 is predicted to come out?
  9. yall heard about the third mistborn book right? Can't wait!
  10. Does anyone else envision Talenel as Terry Crews?
  11. Hey, guys sorry about the spoilers, I just posted it in the wrong section
  12. Does anyone know who Thaidakar's master is? In RoW Mraiz talks about how his master is Thaidakar but he also has a master. Thaidakar being a cognitive shadow really the only higher rank would be godhood. Which would also mean that the ghostbloods are ruled by a god. Any thoughts?