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  1. I didn't read it or check the math, but I appreciate the ridiculous amount of effort that you put in.
  2. Oh, I'm such a spaz, thanks.
  3. I two, am a Studio C fan, the O.G.s (original gangsters) only of course.
  4. Honestly, I want Rithmatist 2 first. Yes, there is more to the Elantris magic system that needs to be explained, and yes, Elantris 2 has been longer waited for, but Rithmatist needs a conclusion to its story, Elantris had a viable ending already.
  5. I agree, Starsight had hardly any action and way too much politics. I can't believe the next Brandon book is Skyward three, that pushes off all the Cosmere books till forever(or like, three years or something). Actually, when does the next Cosmere coming, and what book?
  6. Ya, wasn't around. My fav book is The Way of Kings. Forgery takes a higher level of intelligence to use, plus it takes years of study to be able to do well. In other words, not just anyone can use it.
  7. Well he's just trying to act like a king, just like what's her name said he should.
  8. Ya, well everyone hates Moash, end of story.
  9. Fav character- Wax Most hated- Moash(same as everyone) Radiant Order- Wndrunner(I took the quiz) Allomantic power-Pewter Feruchemical-Steel Twinborn-Steel Cosmere power-Forging Fav book-asking me to pick one is like asking, what your favorite food? I don't really know, but I know that Stormlihgt is my fav seories(I sorry, I'm really bad at spelling). As foryour last question-unless I missed one, allof them.
  10. I couldn't tell ya. There all just so fantastic!
  11. What I mean is, how's the Cosmere doing! I feel obligated to stay in character, so anybody need a ride?
  12. What's good my fellow nerds!
  13. Hey everyone! It would be really cool if you guys could just spew some Cosmere awesomeness to get me into the groove. I haven't finished ROW so no spoilers. Thanks!

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      Hoid the Drifter

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      You told me.