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  1. do you mean switching between optimistic and depressed, because those two are kinda antonyms? i don't really get how some-one could be both at once.
  2. dabbid needs a spren. simple as that, because he deserves one so much. honestly, i could see dabbid becoming a edgedancer, looking out for those who were like him, and were ignored by the public.
  3. both moash and gavilar seem likely, you know, both the most hated characters in the book (possibly cosmere, but i'll wait on this till i've finished reading them), and they would be very intriguing, i mean, i can see moash kinda mirroring venli's arc in in RoW, but if it were gavilar, i don't know what to expect, i mean, this guy is cosmere aware, or rather, cosmere active, as in working in the cosmere, with all the possible resources he can, and he's among the most selfish characters we've seen, but he would be new, and it would be hard to give him a nice mini-arc in the interludes, because he's to new for an arc.
  4. kaladin looks at the spear stuck in him "fine" he says, "i won't die fighting some stupid immortal. but we were equal matched!"
  5. just gonna say, not exactly a repeat. 1) gavilar would have been preparing 2) gavilar is evil, kelsier was much more morally light-grey 3) gavilar hasn't been seen in anything other than flashbacks and prologues
  6. last i checked, though i don't have access to oathbringer right now, that was more just confirming that the visions were not fake, and that he was not insane, rather than a meeting
  7. it's pushing and pulling. doing opposite things for the same effects, yes, but she would be aware of which she's doing. if you pull something one way, and then go to the other side and push the same direction, it will have the same result, but use different muscles, so you would know which you're doing. this is the same with rioting and soothing, you can produce similar effects, but what you do is opposite from the other. also, vin specifically was thinking about making people less angry and suspicious towards them.
  8. @BenduLuke said that vin was using brass, pewter and zinc subconsciously, but when kelsier told her to try and inflame his emotions, she thought it wasn't possible because she had never been able to before, because she hadn't had access to zinc before.
  9. vin only used pewter and brass subconsciously, because she never was able to riot emotions before kelsier tested her
  10. the way i see the transportation and transformation surges is that transportation is the surge that represents movement, and transformation is the surge that represents things changing, such as a stone melting, and cooling, and it's a different type of rock, or how water can freeze, or evaporate. it's just the material changing. but these 2 surges are applied in the cognitive realm rather than the physical.
  11. those would be very good uses of the visions. especially because of the time dilation, so it would be safe, and less time consuming.
  12. i feel that's not a fair comparison, because first, kelsier was an incredible thief before, and so the moment he got mistborn abilities, he probably could figure them out fast. also, as mentioned, atium. second, the oaths aren't just practicing abilities, they're also getting more powers.
  13. i think it was pretty obvious that Raboniel's joy was authentic. just because she's a fused doesn't mean she's heartless, and she is one of the more sane fused, so of course she would be happy for her daughters death, because she finally is free from the madness, and immortality. i think lots of villains are thought of as heartless, but some of the best ones are the ones with depth, who have visible emotions, that are realistic.
  14. maybe the pursuer didn't say storm because the heralds and fused and voidspren, don't want to "give to much power" to the stormfather, or like don't want to make them seem powerful by swearing by them, like how kelsier tells vin not to use the lord rulers name as a swear, because that "gives him power".
  15. that's fair.