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  1. In chapter 71 of TLM, Harmony gives Wayne "the faintest bit of lerasium", Preservation's godmetal that granted Allomantic access to all metals. Harmony said that Wax created it while trying to split harmonium with trellium. Then, later on, in Kelsier's Epilogue, he says that lerasium is all annihilated in the explosion between those two godmetals. Hence, the question: Why did Harmony lie to Kelsier? My theory on this: Harmony represents equilibrium and stillness, not change, right? Then telling Kelsier about this new discovery (harmonium can be split and lerasium can be created) would mean that he would soon be producing lerasium (even though just in little quantities, as Autonomy has retreated from Scadrial and the trellium (bavadinum) available is scarce), a fact that would bring obvious change to the world. Let me put this in other words: Harmony telling Kelsier about lerasium equals acting towards change, and that's why god didn't say a word about it. It's kind of a weak theory, too simple if you ask me, but it fits. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?
  2. I like this. I think Harmony is going to become Discord in Era 3. We'll see how that goes. I'd bet this "Discord" part wasn't changed by Ruin, because he didn't even understand it, so he should've left it intact.
  3. I think TLM finale's intent is to close much of what came with Era 2, while also opening new paths for Era 3. Assuming that Autonomy will come back in not even centuries, but probably decades, it's possible that Era 3 will take place 50-100 years from TLM, and maybe Wax's children will have some relevant roles there. Personally, I liked the ending. It settled a fine amount of questions and secrets, which I ADORE, and now I can't be more hyped for era 3!
  4. That could still be the case, but I'm inclined to think that his Spiritual aspect hasn't changed or been altered, neither by his death nor by anything else.
  5. I'd love to see a small character with this power, with Lift vibes, who basically jumps over people's backs like Max did in The Lost Metal, and gives them that burst of power. That'd be fun!
  6. So, this is my first theory in years, and I maybe did two before this; also, English is not my mother tongue. Furthermore, I just finished The Lost Metal, and haven't given the proper time to research and revise WoBs before I write this (anyone does?). Therefore, I apologize beforehand for whichever mistake I make. Now, let's get to it: In Kelsier's epilogue, he thinks about how Hemalurgy "had proven ineffective on what he'd become. It held his soul and body together, but no more", and he had hope, "hope he'd be able to touch the metals he could see in the world all around him". We're going to ignore the question that arises, if he can or can't physically touch metals, and instead understand his words as "Kelsier cannot use Allomancy in his current state". Does this mean that Kelsier has lost his prime Allomantic abilities? Did it happen when the Lord Ruler killed him? I think that's not the case, though there could be some WoB that say otherwise. I think that, when Kelsier died, the ability to access Allomancy was severed, but not extinguished. Much more like the link between his physical body and his congnitive shadow state were severed. We know that his eye's spike is made of steel, therefore it lacks something to link body to mind and soul. That brings us to the following theory:I think Kelsier had another spike before getting his eye's, this one made of aluminum. And here's why: Aluminum, according to the chart in TLM Ars Arcanum, has the Feruchemical power to store Identity. Also, as a Hemalurgic spike, it has the power to remove all powers. Hence, the core of my theory is that he used some kind of Aluminum medallion to store his Identity there (though I don't know if a cognitive shadow can access medallions, or if there's a WoB explaining it), then got someone to move it to the Physical Realm and stab his body with it, we don't know where. BUT, as he was Mistborn, the aluminum spike removed all his former powers and, potentially, his ability to use his steel one to touch metals around him. That would also could explain why Lerasium wouldn't work on him, as Sazed says, since the aluminum spike would automatically wipe out the new powers Lerasium brought. So, that's my theory for you guys. I hope I made it alright. Comments, opinions and insightful responses from someone who knows WAY more than I do would be appreciated. Thanks everybody for reading this far!!!
  7. 1. Everyone is commenting on Breeze's persuasiveness, but nobody said anything about Kelsier's! He ends up convincing everyone about the job, and without using Allomancy. 2. "I don't relate at all with Spook" girl you've never had your heart broken when you were a teenager? Because I really felt Vin's rejection as some that happened to me in my youth 3. I definitely see Tom Hiddleston as the perfect Breeze's actor. I mean, he has the same vibes as Loki -in fact, imagine the Nordic god being able to control emotions as well... Scary!
  8. I actually think that the trick that allows Seons to exist out of Sel is something in the lines of what was speculated on the Shardcast: it's more about the box than the Seon itself. My theory after listening to them is that the box is an advanced model of the box we saw on : it must consist on some sort of feruchemical device that allows the Seon to operate outside of Sel, maybe retaining its Connection to Sel (something similar to the southern language medallions or Dalinar's and Venli's hability to Connect to others, but working backwards) and also made of some aluminium foil to protect everything in the insides. I find this specially plausible with Thaidakar's knowledge. What do you think about this??
  9. I keep gawking at how you guys keep inferring this kind of stuff from every little piece of information Brandon gives us readers. In the State of the Sanderson 2020, he said what's on the quote below, so we probably won't be getting any new Warbreaker or Elantris books before 2025... But I hope he changes his mind because Warbreaker is also one of my favorite Cosmere books!
  10. I didn't mean the Recreance was not dramatic or a serious and important fact, I just think that the events before the First Desolation are more mysterious and, therefore, interesting to me as of now, probably because we don't know a thing about what happened back then. That is also something I'd like to keep in mind. It was not a genocide! They chose, and at this point it's difficult to tell if they're dead or not... I hope that Brando gives us the answers we need in Stormlight 5. Storms, I'm dying to know more of that!
  11. Am I the only one who is more excited about knowledge on what happened before the First Desolation than the Recreance? Like, yeah, 9/10 of the Knights Radiant broke their oaths and flew away from existence, but are you seriously comparing that to the Dawnsingers (presumably) giving up their spren bond in order to come to serve under Odium's wings?? What on the Almighty's storming name happened there???!?! Please tell me that I'm not alone here! Also I wanna know your theories on what happened both in the Recreance and before the True Desolstion. I can't wait to find some clues about that on book 5!!!!
  12. Thanks for both the welcome and the advice! I'll try to keep that on mind!!
  13. Hey! After reading Dawnshard and listening to what you said about Command and Intent, I've developed a theory I wanna share with all of you. The thing is, I don't know where should I post it, because it contains Dawnshard Spoilers, but it has implications that can be understood as RoW spoilers (specially when it comes to Stoneshaping and Soulcasting). I think I should post it on RoW Lore, Magic, and Cosmere Discussion, but I'm not 100% sure. Any advice here? Thanks!!
  14. I'd probably kill Taravangian. I'm too scared of him at this point to be honest...
  15. Lots of questions! I love it HAHAHA Favourite character? Maybe Adolin or Venli. Most hated character? I don't hate anyone, but I dislike Autonomy because of what she seems to be doing... I did the Knights Radiant test and I think I got Willshaper first and Windrunner second or vice versa, but with a difference of 1% between them. Allomantic power? Bronze for sure! I'd love to be ablo to see if anyone is using any Invested Art near me. Feruchemical power? If I was a Ferring, Duralumin; if I was a full Feruchemist, a combination of both Aluminium and Nicrosil! Twinborn? Probably a steel or tin compounder! I'd love to have breath or access to the Aon Dor like an Elantrian probably. My favourite book so far has been RoW, and I've not read anything out of Cosmere stuff yet! Aaaand I think I've answered everything! Ha, you didn't think I would, did you? That was fun!!!