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  1. I would probably say Gran-Gran, just so I could hear the stories about cytonics and maybe even learn how to use cytonic abilities.
  2. Noon voted, leaving the choice to the gods of Luck and Chance I am self-preservation voting Quinn
  3. Noon found First of the Bone swamped. Literally. The drinking water tanks seemed to have nuts loosed and the precious water was squirting out all over the hold. She left him to his work, walking back to the mess to the rest of the crew. She didn't like what was being said. Quinn, though the best they had, was not a good suspect. I retract my poke vote on Ashbringer . I will vote on someone else later if something of import comes up. I wrote this just after Ashbringer and am just going to post it. I don't have time right now to respond to Quinn's post but I will try before the cycle ends, if I can't, I will respond after turn over if I am not dead.
  4. Noon left the mess to find First of the Bone after notifying those there of her thoughts. Bone was her target because he had briefly asked clarifications of people's semantics and then left, offering no thoughts of Third of the Eclipse's death or description of what they were planning to do on the ship. He also would be distinctive enough to locate which was the important part, because when your prey didn't come to you, it was time to hunt. @Ashbringer Ashbringer. Have any thoughts on people?
  5. Noon stayed in the mess listening to the other's arguments. She figured that the best way she could make this ship safe was by figuring out who didn't belong. As people talked, pointing fingers at each other, she began to notice those who weren't there. First of the Bone, Fourth of the Dark, Second of Daybreak, Locke Tekial, and Dan, among others who had either never came to the announcement of the attack on Eclipse and Moon or quickly left. Where were they? Were they biding there time? Hiding in the shadows and hoping we wouldn't notice their lack of thoughts? Perhaps one of those in the mess was a Northerner, but as blame was tossed on almost all there, it made more and more sense that the rest of the saboteurs were elsewhere. This would take too long for me to type into an RP so I am breaking character for a bit. I think that there is only 1 saboteur maximum who has been talking lately. After the start of the cycle, a bunch of people made comments either about the elim kill or about previous round behavior. After, there was a lot of discussion from/between, Illwei, Matrim, Quinn, and Liranil (relatively speaking). I think that the votes on them right now are just based on how active they have been. (Ninja'd by Illwei so I added this) I agree with this.^
  6. Noon looked at the others, as eyes turned on her, asking her after her prayer to Patji. She had wanted more info that the Father could provide, his guidance on what her actions shall be. Her prayer had not been said correctly, in the matter of the homeland, instead being like those of The Ones Above. She had forgotten herself and her culture, surprising the others. It was not because she was a Northerner but because of her lover who was. Morning grew up with her but after she left their village for the city and work, she did not meet him until they ran into each other at the announcement of The Northern Wind. They had fallen in love over the past months, but she had been determined to come on this voyage. The different prayer had been in his style and, in pulling off her cloak of tradition, that protected and kept you warm, she tended to get wet once it was off. "I wished to make my plea to Patji clear," she eventually said, letting the others interpret her words. Sidenote: I honestly didn't really talk in MR47 until after I was accused, but I get why it is weird. I had meant to talk more, this game, but didn't have time (school).
  7. Noon smiled. "A sailing day surprise maybe. Let's go help the cook use all the fresh food we loaded on board. Wouldn't want it to spoil would we?" They went down to the mess hall and commandeered some of food. Sixteenth got up joking about a second helping. He joined the others in the mess in talking about the Northern saboteurs. Noon buried her head back into her food. The fruits were crisp and sweet while the vegetables were nutty and soft. She slowly ate her meal, eavesdropping on what the others said. She paid attention, you never knew when someone would slip. People seemed suspicious but past mistakes make one cautious. None of the candidates they discussed seemed that suspicious. She would wait to cast her vote until something more was said.
  8. Second of Noon smiled as she stood at the prow of the ship. It felt good to be back on a ship even though this one was different than the last. The view was exquisite, blue water reflecting the bright sun and fluffy clouds. Noon looked back to see the harbor shrinking in the horizon as they flew away. Squawk Noon looked up at First of the Bone. Why couldn't he manage to keep his Aviar under control? They had a holding area in the ship for a reason. She sighed and told herself to relax. Think of all the things we will see, she thought and all of the creatures. She grinned, annoyance gone. One little bird couldn't keep forever dampen an adventure. Feeling adventurous, she walked over to Sixteenth of the Night and asked, "Where are you from?" in the most confident tone she could manage. @TJ Shade
  9. I'll sign up to play as Second of Noon.
  10. I love this idea! Like with Leshwi letting him go and admiring him, it fits so perfectly. The other thing is that Leshwi also (kind of) has an honorspren friend with Riah. If she could find him/her and form a Nahel bond with Riah, they could both be Windrunners together.
  11. Can I join the Spectator Doc?
  12. Well, good game. Elims, you did very well. This was a very interesting game for my first, and I look forward to being more talkative next time. This was super fun, and made my Christmas break. I can't wait for next time!
  13. No, it was a nickname.