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  1. introduction

    Sounds like a nerd.
  2. @Ghanderflaffle I appologize for being off. I had email trouble and some personal problems. Is there any way I could do a makeup battle?
  3. Shoot... My email didn't send me the notification for several weeks. Why technology!!! Whyyyyyyyy!?!?
  4. Is 4 on 4 not enough? Is there a reason we're still waiting?
  5. I mean, Nightblood is not technically Roshar... I don't think we even know where in the Cosmere warbreaker takes place.
  6. Wow. Excellent job to both of you. I especially liked the "play with Vyre" line @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine .
  7. So sorry. Baruch dayan haemes.
  8. What's everyone's favorite bar here? Any you want me to break down? Let me know. I want feedback.
  9. Ey! Sounds cool. Is Adolin taken? If not, I would love to get in as him on the next bracket.
  10. Hey all! @Kingsdaughter613 invited me here. I don't have time to go through this whole forum, so can someone give me a rundown of how this works?
  11. We got Cosmere Rap Battles?!? I need to swing by. I've been sitting on this one for a while though and been busy recently. I only released this today because I have been trying to get my vocal recording software to work for the past few months. I'll definitely swing by when I get the chance. Just need to find it... although, if you have a link or s/t, drop it here.
  12. So I make music and rap, and wrote this a while back (around when Oathbringer first came out). I know my mixing skills aren't that great, but I wanted to make a tribute to my personal hero and writing idol. How many bars can you catch? Also, I'm aware that some of the names in the fandom are usually pronounced differently, but as Brandon says: you are free to pronounce the names he makes up however you want! xD Lyrics: (Intro)Brandon Sanderson Yeshevishman This the nerdiest stuff I've ever done! Yo! These days most Rappers are trying to stay topical It's hard to be lighthearted and keep it comical Yet I could act polite, like top hat and monocle And still write raps longer than the Stormlight chronicles! So stay back and stay wack I pull guns and play Wax Switch my flow up more than Brandon Changes Wayne's hats! Yo, like this guy I'm disguised Burning metal gets you this high! Got more personality than Wit, need Steris to list my- Atributes, yet I got attitude like Bastille I'll turn into any weapon you want like I'm Syl But stop reprimanding me there's no real damage done 'Cause I'm killing with a pen: that's Brandon Sanderson! Son, you saying I am famous? Stab the eye like you're Sadeas Even look like Adolin, 'cause I'm dressed like a playah! Don't want me at your party, I'm an unwanted visitor Don't spike the punch, I spike your heart; make you an Inquisitor I burn MCs like Metals so call me a Mistborn Got more fight than Bridge Four More stormlight than six storms And you're tripping like you're Sing, or Teft on opium Step to me? Your career is unmade - your new name is Odium! Got talent! You a Smedry, 'cause I think that yours is broken I'm half royal, ruling grammar, call me semi-Kholin Could rewrite the whole Wheel of Time - MC Jordan No girls folding their arms beneath their breasts when I'm recording! I could write like other rappers: "Took an enchantress from Elantress Bragging how the answer is always to romance her." Although that wine's decanted I'm still bringing witty banter Harder than Horneater White while your stuffs the softest amber! Every rhyme aluminum, every line a shardblade 'Cause when I run you through with one, I give you heartache Worse than the one that Szeth gave Gavilar Leave you more depressed than Evi's death made Dalinar! I'm a chef, you're a cook, and your rhymes are thick as mist Plus your bars are always falling flat like the Rythmatist. (I'm playing) But I'm so raw I'll leave your throat parched and Leave you feeling less than a dark eyes: like a Parshman! (That's harsh man!) I'm not racist: Joyner of the Cosmere Joining with the Cosmere to be the storming boss here! Forming a new order like Reckoners meets Radiants Drawing a line in the White Sand between you and my braininess Making you hate this more than an Ardent hates an atheist 'Cause I write like I'm Jasnah! You thinking this is alien? I came to win! The rap Kaladin I'm that paladin Leaving your brains addled, riding the wind when I saddle it. Better step out the ring if it's me that you're battling 'Cause I win every duel: MC Young Adolin! B.S. his initials; my lyrics? no way! Swear to travel with swagger - call that my Oathgate!
  13. Lol. Most people just call me Yesh. I live in New England, so we get plenty of snow. Lol
  14. Lightweaver all the way!