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  1. Welcome back, fellow Wheel of Time and Cosmere fan!
  2. Going to get all wrapped up in this introduction business now Just pretend I said that too. Nice to meet you! Mistborn is great, isn't it? I also have a special place in my heart for dragons! They're just so... awesome!
  3. Why didn't you tell me earlier? The first time I read one of the Cosmere books was after I read the Reckoners series. Warbreaker.
  4. Lights, camera, action! Hello fellow people! (I assume you are a person) I'm here. That's all I have to say, see ya out there...
  5. All of them. Er, probably Hoid cause it sounds fun like it would break everything. I will revise my earlier statement: Fellow people and carrots. I have a Cosmere addiction unfortunately, so this might not be the best place... I first got into the Cosmere by- Wait is that supposed to be reading or actually going to the Cosmere? I haven't been there yet.