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  1. @Oltux72 I would respond by saying that people could be ferucheming by habit. The sleeping one is a bit harder to explain. I believe Sazed himself offers the solution that their unconscious mind knows that pewter will help thus will burn it. Sort of how you can heal yourself even when sleeping.
  2. @Weltall, I fully acknowledge that this is the case, why would that matter to the question? Nobody plants soybeans then gets upset if it doesn't produce as many pounds/bushels as wheat or whatever the equivalent is for lavis grains. P.s. I meant to put this is Cosmere Q&A but clicked the wrong forum. How do I switch it?
  3. I have a question about the field around Hearthstone. It's mentioned that they aren't producing like they used to. How? They don't farm in soil but instead their plants sit upon rock. It seems like all of the nutrients would be drawn from the air and from the stormwater. What is changing to cause the field to produce less?
  4. @Dreamwa1ker take my storming upvote.
  5. Let me just add something I haven't seen before. We know that every one in the cosmere is invested a little bit and I believe there are WOB's saying that this causes diseases to be less of a problem. Like, people have asked why worldhoppers haven't caused mass outbreaks of disease and Brandon said that this effect would hamper most diseases. This would explain why they haven't looked into as much. Less people getting seriously ill results in less pressure to cure them which results in them being behind in microbiology and immunity.
  6. I'm pretty sure the plan was that Kaladin goes to Kharbranth, becomes a talented surgeon and goes to the top nahn. Then, he comes back and marries Laral.
  7. It is my hope that, when Stormlight 10 is released, Brandon releases a one-volume, leather-bound copy of the whole series and call it the Book of Endless Pages. So, no, they aren't too long for me.
  8. Plus, Lezian was a very well known Fused so him being defeated by Kal probably was a big morale hit to the Fused and killing him would send a widespread message that things are different now. Lezian was known to follow his passion even when it hurt the war effort and Todium has just made it very clear that he won't put up with that. I think it was mainly Odium's way of telling everyone that there is a new sheriff in town.
  9. To all of my economy geeks/nerds/fans, is the Hallandren economy stable? On the one hand, it's explicitly stated that the area is very fertile so the country should always have the option to grow food. On the other hand, it's also very clear that their dyes are the backbone of the economy which doesn't seem stable. That's inherently a piece of fashion and fashion has always seemed fickle to me. Like, what if for a handful of years the global fashion trends favor clothes with modest coloring? It seems like that would wreck the economy. Also, it's implied that Idris lasting long enough could wreck the economy. The Idrian don't have to win the war, they just have to hold out for a year or two to destroy a lot of the institutions. Does that seem right?
  10. Cool totally understand. Would you please ask them and get back to us? It's certainly an interesting theory and I'd like to hear their thoughts. Thank you!
  11. I have a question for you @Theldragor. Two of the lines really don't fit Dalinar well: First quote: Dalinar is unquestionably Alethi and is a king himself. How could a nation not claim him? Alternatively, if Dalinar becomes a fused, what would you call the government set up by the fused if it is not a nation? Second quote: the people would be referring to Fused or the Alethi. If the Fused, wouldn't the severing of his ties once he's on Scadrial argue against this point? If the Alethi, well, he doesn't do their wishes. They're a militaristic nation that is thoroughly Vorin. Dalinar is a heretic so can't be traditionally Vorin; has rejected conquering as a worthy goal and would be serving the enemy in this theory. So, he can't be fulfilling all of their wishes. Third, @Knight of Iron raises such a good point about how it fits squarely with Sazed.
  12. Unquestionably Dalinar. When I read the first chapter of his for the first time I was like "huh, interesting character" and now he's probably my favorite character in all of fiction. At the very least in my top three.
  13. We also have to keep in mind that the ManyWar probably caused a lot of breaths to go to the Scholars. The army might (for pragmatic reasons) force everyone to have the choice: give up your breath to make a Lifeless, die yourself or serve as a soldier. A bunch of people would probably make the first choice rather than go to war.
  14. I wonder if the process goes like this: someone picks up Nightblood and gets their desire and ability to kill greatly enhanced. If they murder someone next to them (which they usually do), they then have a very understandable reaction of "Wow, I'm a monster" that is enhanced because Nightblood deaths are more horrifying than typical deaths. That person views themselves as evil just long enough to suicide via Nightblood. So, basically anyone with any desire to kill to actually kill people and suicide via Nightblood which causes Nightblood to think most people are evil which colors his/her/their/its (no clue here) perception of people as mostly evil which causes most people to kill and suicide using Nightblood...
  15. Let me preface this by saying that I am asking a question related to how the magic works. I don't want to bring up the intensely hot morality debate around this subject. Could Stormlight positively or negatively affect the child in the womb of a pregnant woman? We know that the person's image of their body is important to healing (see the Reshi monarch and Rysn). It makes me wonder how it apply in that situation. Like, could a woman imagining her child as healthy fix a child's a cleft palate? Or could a woman terminate early by healing while not imagining herself pregnant?