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  1. I think the question is how the Stormfather would have found out. We know he can see everything in his storm, that he has a confused set of memories and that he talks to the other spren like the Honor spren sometimes. I'm not aware of him gathering info any other way. 1. He couldn't have gotten the information the first way because there's no reason given to suggest Shallan's mother died in a storm. 2. There's no reason why he would know that Shallan's mother would die from his memories 3.There's no reason to believe any sapient, non-deadeyed spren saw Shallan's mother dying. 4. We also know that the Herald's can hide that they are Heralds from regular people and even the secret societies. That means, even if the Stormfather heard about her death, he could have heard something about a woman in the secret societies dying. 5. We also have solid evidence to suggest none of the Herald's would have found out via the Oathpact (assuming Shallan's mother is Chanarach) and there's no statement suggesting the Stormfather is more connected to any of the Heralds than the other Heralds are. 6. We know the Stormfather isn't Honor so he can't know things and be everywhere like a Shard can. So... unless I'm missing something there's no good reason why the Stormfather would know that Chanarach died if she did in fact do so.
  2. I love Tyranny being the combo of Honor and Odium especially if it was done by the wrong person. For C+H, I was thinking Civilization, Refinement or Perfection being the positive version of growth within rules. C+O could be something like Colonization, Revolution or Debate. "War" is a narrow name for a combo of 2 shards. Odium kind of covers Conflict though. Sja-Anat thinks to herself that the power Odium loves conflict and being argued with, while Rayse did not. War is a conflict with a wider scope and more "rules" that may or may not actually be followed. I don't like it for a the Shard name though. I like Justice. You follow the rules, you're fine, you break the rules you get God's righteous anger. Basically Honor, but he'll wreck you if you break your word, the rules, the law etc. The reason I like War so much is that it requires passion bound to rules. Not like the Geneva Convention rules but military discipline. Dalinar at some points in his life fits this perfectly. I don't have the passage on me but when he talks about how he gets the reward of the Thrill after bunches of logistical planning? That's what I'm thinking of when I was saying War = Honor + Odium.
  3. @Ba-Ado-Fisherman regarding the Sixth of the Dusk sequel, yes I have read it but I don't believe that that necessarily proves the point.
  4. Another weak part of theory is that the Stormfather would leave Roshar. It's my understanding that Stormfather = Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow + a super spren. I don't see how either of the SF's parts can leave as we know that Kelsier can't leave Scadrial and other spren can't leave the Rosharan system.
  5. Oooh, I like this theory. It would be interesting if Brandon accidentally Leibnitzed this story arc.
  6. @Quick Ben I totally see how Odium + Honor = Zealotry as zealots are characterized by their passion/hatred plus their strictness to their code. I don't see the Synergy one though. Could you provide your thought process there?
  7. Ok, so we have some ideas about what the name of the shard Odium + Honor could potentially be if Brandon goes down that path. What do we think the names of the other combinations? Meaning what would the following combinations be? Honor + Cultivation = ?? (Sorry but I just don't think "Tower" is a good name here) Cultivation + Odium = Mercurial/Volatility (Basically just ever-changing passions) Honor + Cultivation + Odium = Zealotry/Intensity (I was trying to think of someone who has lots of changing emotions that is dedicated to one cause and came up with religious zealots.) Grammar edits in this color
  8. OP, I would imagine that Testament would look radically different to Pattern if those two were really Pattern and Testament.
  9. theory

    @RedBlueIt is my personal belief that the spren bonded to Szeth now isn't the one he was bonding/did bond then (if he was indeed on the process to become a Knight's radiant). My reason for this is that he has MASSIVELY changed as a person since then. Specifically the shenanigans he did as Truthless made him the sort of person that works with a highspren because he was forced to do things he wouldn't normally find okay to obey his oaths. That seems to fit how the Skybreakers operate now with Nale as their head. The real question is what order he would have fit and when it happened. If so, he's one of the first three people we know were communicating with Radiant spren (Jasnah and Shallan being the other two). That suggests he's a perfect fit for whatever order it is.
  10. If other, please tell who you think it will be so that we can discuss.
  11. @vonnegut more powers in the long run. However, I fully acknowledge that that plotline might be too dark for our BDFL Brandon.
  12. @Zanarkand What if the reason why the Sibling was so hurt by humans was because he/she/it/they/tower(really no idea what to use here) was deceived by Ishar? The rough timeline would be: 1. Ishar wants to trap BAM but realizes Bondsmith powers are required and for whatever reason didn't want the Radiants to know he was doing it. 2. Radiants are guarding his blade well enough that he would have to openly fight his way in. He decides to sneakily get Bondsmith powers. 3. He goes to Urithiru as Melishi and tricks the Sibling into bonding. He chooses the Sibling because he had the least experience with the Sibling. Plus, control of Urithiru gives him a bunch of control over Radiants if he feels like holding all ten order hostage. 4. While he's figuring out how to trap BAM, the Sibling thinks "Hey, this dude knows more than me about Bondsmithing. The only human who knows more than me is Ishar. I wonder..." and then confronts him. Ishar somehow keeps the bond forcibly which emotional hurts the Sibling. 5. The betrayal hurts the Sibling terribly. Maybe the Sibling loved Ishar previously as he's the herald of Bondsmith so it was a double betrayal. 6. Ishar threatens to break his oath to the Sibling so the Sibling doesn't tell anyone. Then, he goes to trap BAM and takes all of the Radiants the Sibling trusts with him. 7. Traps BAM then tells everyone that Melishi is retiring. 8. Ishar cuts connection to Sibling then goes back to where he came from.
  13. - @Ciridae instantly a favorite head-canon
  14. Is there an official thread for prediction of the Lost Metal? My favorite prediction (from a reddit thread I don't remember) is that the Set is using the women they abduct as baby factories for their Hemalurgy.
  15. The title was weirdest ship so I present to you: Syl x Ishar in a Beauty and the Beast type thing aka Sylishar.