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  1. Honestly, I think there's a couple of other possibilities. First, the better stones could just be in Shadesmar like you suggested @Kingsdaughter613. For a long time, gemstones just had to be good enough to keep light for 10 days or so to work in the Physical Realm. Any that could last longer would thus be inherently more valuable in Shadesmar so it seems reasonable that the gemstones that last longer would just be traded to Shadesmar. Second, the stones are used as currency so it makes that they would be uniform in size and cut to begin with. Since we know those factors affect Stormlight capacity and rate of loss to the environment, there are innocent, in-world reasons explain why a broam is a broam is a broam. Moreover, looking to IRL examples, we know that making stuff at scale only works with standardized stuff.
  2. I just read the following passage in Rhythm of War during my first reread. It is from Adolin’s perspective during their journey in part 2. This is probably the Ghostbloods, right? Is there a thread that accumulates possible hints at their activities? In the interest of fairness, maybe it’s just a volume thing. As in, larger gemstones are inherently better at storing Investiture.
  3. I personally like the idea that Kaladin's oath will lean into his history as a surgeon and that he's interested in helping the mentally ill now. Plus, he's going to be hanging out with Szeth next book and has to finish his struggle with Moash. Both of them have some mental illness struggles (citation needed) and it makes sense that his oath would deal with that. I would suggest an oath like: I will protect everyone I can, even after the battle has been fought. This has a few strengths to me: 1. It has the benefit of something he has been doing since book 1 (taking care of Dabbid) and was intentionally brought up in Book 4. 2. It has real world examples that Brandon could follow in Chris Kyle. I don't if anyone hear has read his biography or seen the movie American Sniper but Chris was a phenomenal Navy Seal sniper who struggled mightily with PTSD after retirement from the military. He found peace in helping other wounded veterans cope with their PTSD and died doing that. 3. Kaladin's arc and the Windrunners in general aren't about leadership to me. They're both about protection. 4. It would be a good contrast with Nale's super arrogant oath of "I am the law.". It's my personal opinion that Nale's fifth oath will become a point of critique and that Kaladin's fifth oath will be a much more well-rounded oath. 5. It fits thematically because SA has a big theme of mental illness. A mentally ill main character swearing an oath about helping other mentally ill people makes sense.
  4. I wonder if it's that she will always retain a certain childish personality or quality. Make she never loses a feeling of innocence about her? Something meta like that.
  5. I skimmed this thread and didn't see the obvious answer to question of the color of Shallan's mother eyes: the painter got it wrong. My understanding is that the painting do actually exist in world and thus have a Rosharan painter. I know that Brandon has said that the paintings are the equivalent to Sistine Chapel paintings and those painters of the portraits didn't see the prophets and apostles so probably got a few details like nose size, eye color or whether ear lobes are attached wrong. Thus, the Rosharan painter heard about her appearance including her outfit and eye color and the history just got a few details wrong but was mostly right. Edit: obvious answer to me. I don't want to accidentally insult anyone or come across as condescending. Apologies to anyone if I did.
  6. Ok, I was thinking of the best picks for the gods in the book Warbreaker. The only definite decision I’ve made is Chris Hemsworth for Lightsong. I think he can pull it off after seeing his later MCU stuff. Plus, if he is, they could theoretically have Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Pine he the three gods he plays Tara him with. I think that would be hilarious. P.s. if this thread was unnecessary, please point me to the right one.
  7. I was listening to the most recent podcast with the BDFL of the cosmere, Brandon, when I heard something I had never heard of before. I tried looking it up in the coppermind but I have no clue how to spell it and couldn't figure out what world it relates to. I think it's called takenaks? tookanats? (I have no clue). I came across the world while Brandon was talking about the seon box Shallan has to communicate with Mraize. He said in the first draft it was a seon then it was a talkanack before he finalized on a seon. What in the Shardworld is a takenax? Can somebody please tell me what it is?
  8. I just read Emperor's Soul for the second time and it was just as good on the reread even though the first happened a few months ago. It might be my favorite of his short stories (except for Shadows of Silence or Sixth of the Dusk or...). I have a couple of questions about how Forging relates to Hemalurgy. I'm guessing based on the Kriss essay on Hemalurgy that Forging ability could be stolen from a person. Could I steal some one's stamp? For instance, I could put Shai in a situation where she uses her warrior stamp then take it? Also, could Forging allow someone to switch/gain magical abilities? Like, could I reforge someone into being an Elantrian? P.s. I'm relatively new to the discussion boards so please forgive me if I missed some earlier conversations.
  9. @XaviGzz I guess that could count and would be the only place we could look for answers to my question. I don't know the specific wording of the oath so I can't say for sure. I personally read it as a loophole that always existed but that Rayse didn't think of it because of his animosity toward Hoid. Taravangian not having the same grudge lets him see it. Really, the question is whether loopholes exist for Taravangian that don't exist for Rayse. @teknopathetic Yes, you are totally right. If the top of Urithiru is large enough, Taravangian could grab a talented archer with Shardplate to just snipe him.
  10. I have a further question about this. Let's assume there is some promise made by Rayse. Rayse specifically said he keeps the spirit as well as the letter of the agreement. Is Taravagian required to do that? Also, let's assume he is. What if some action was considered by Rayse to be violating the spirit but Taravagian doesn't think so? Would Taravagian be allowed to perform that action? Which is to say, what determines the allowable actions of a shard? The current vessel's interpretation or the swearing vessel's interpretation?
  11. This really brings up the idea that certain people from Nalthis would be epic at stopping Radiants. They could just sing the anti-Stormlight and stop an army. As a funny side note, could a choir shutdown a perpendicularity? Could a Bollywood dance number by everyone on Roshar singing anti-Voidlight kick Odium off Roshar? There are so many possibilities...
  12. I was thinking about Maya and Adolin when I realized that Adolin almost certainly doesn't have the suit that matches her. What I mean is that Maya's wielder on the day Recreance probably had Shardplate and Adolin almost certainly does not have that plate. My question is whether or not that having the plate would give Adolin any sort of advantage in fighting or restoring her. Like, could he restore her more/faster if he found it? Or, pre-restoration, could he swing Maya faster or throw harder or something? Does anyone know if there's a WOB on this or something similar?