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  1. I picked up the second mistborn book because it was near Jim Butcher's stuff in my library and the cover looked cool. I hated and was very confused for the first 80 pages before I realized it was the second book. I started again with Elantris because it was his first book and definitely didn't have any other books I needed to read first. I loved it.
  2. @Spren of Kindness That is absolutely what I mean. I want Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth to do that scene. It would be fantastic from a Doylist and Watsonian perspective. I'd probably cast Chris Hemsworth as Lightsong because I think he would kill at that role.
  3. I'm not sure if the artist intended it to look like a rainbow version of the Angel of Death from the Prince of Egypt with some mildly rapey vibes going on with Vivenna's but I really approve. @Argent, are we able to ask these artists questions about what they were thinking on the forums or is that a Patreon only thing? I'd really love to hear their answers.
  4. I love this idea. I especially want some of the Chris's to be the gods in the game of tarachin with Lightsong.
  5. I say that we have Hoid be the seeker. He has enough experience with most magic systems to be able to intuit what the other players could do but he also isn't a shard so he doesn't have omnipotence. Plus, he has my vote on winning if he's hiding by a long shot so I think the game is more fun with him as a seeker.
  6. Dalinar with his Radiant Plate, Stormlight, and Bondsmith powers vs Szeth with the Jezrien blade or with his Radiant powers would be a dope fight and probably a close one. Szeth with Nightblood would probably win if the fight was less than a minute but, if Dalinar lasts longer than that, I would start to bet that Nightblood killing Szeth is as likely as Dalinar doing it.
  7. @Rg2045 that's certainly a good idea. If it is possible to do that, I bet Ishar would know how to do it.
  8. My personal theory is that it is because they are in a religious cult. We've heard from Brandon that people who are in the know can intuit important things about you from how you look in Shadesmar (can't find the WOB, sorry). My speculation is that being in the cult has overridden enough of their personality to make them look shadowy.
  9. This is why I think Brandon might have Mercy be one of the shards that could smite people with lightning but have it have an interesting limitation. I.e. Mercy can kill anyone if they're already dying or in great pain.
  10. I was thinking about kandra spikes and how we don’t know how they are made. I have a pretty disturbing idea about how they are made but first want to assemble the facts we know about them: 1. They come in pairs. 2. They are small. 3. There are a few basic options for the Blessings: Presence, Potency, and two others. 4. Only the Lord Ruler knew how to make them and the kandra have an “inkling”. What we don’t know: 1. Why have the kandra pursued how to kill themselves and not how make more of them? 2. What attributes did the Blessing take from the humans? 3. Why are they small? 4. Why do they come in pairs? 5. Why is every other hemalurgy creation is fixed in shape but kandra are inherently fluid? I have a theory that solves all of this: Kandra blessings come from killing infants who would have become allomancers. My main pieces of evidence are: It’s foreshadowed by the fact that they’re smaller than the others. Infants don’t have a set identity and can theoretically become anyone. Kandra can literally become anyone. The attribute that kandra spikes take is their fluid destiny/identity. They come in pairs because infants don’t have enough of a spirit web to make a full “adult” being. So, the Lord Ruler used two. Kandra would be disturbed by killing any human to make more kandra. If they could use adults, they could maybe ethically get around this by killing murderers, serial rapists or something. They do not (to me) seem capable of killing infants due to their species wide identification with Preservation. It would explain what the Set were doing with the women they captured. They were literally making their own Faceless Immortals. Different powers cause different Blessings. We know there 16 main allomancy powers split into 4 quadrants. The physical powers become the Blessing of Potency and similar.
  11. Wit is now a Lightweaver and we have a pretty decent idea of his limits with harming other people/animals. He can't really eat meat or hurt/kill living people or animals. So, does that apply to spren? Could he potentially break his oaths and make Design a deadeyed spren? I think yes because he can beat up Kelsier, a Cognitive Shadow, in Mistborn Secret History. However, we know that spren and Cognitive Shadows are not identical so maybe he can't do it.
  12. He shoots someone with a bow. Oathbringer spoilers:
  13. Honor or Dominion are definitely the ones for me. Mostly because if I hear someone break their word for any reason (even good ones), I immediately assume that they were in the wrong to break their word. I have virtually no forgiveness for it as a reader. I also really appreciate an ordered civilization that stays stable.
  14. My biggest issue is that they disagree on a fundamental level and it can't be a casual thing because of Jasnah's personalities and sexuality. We know that Hoid would let Roshar be destroyed while Jasnah absolutely would not. That kind of disagreement can't really be compromised nor could of them just go along with the other's preferences. Plus, I think Brandon intentionally wrote the Jasnah POV scene to feel off because he's foreshadowing that they will break off resulting in Hoid taking over the hole filled by T's crew.
  15. I think you should change the name of the topic. I believe that Brandon has asked all info about the project be kept from people who don't want to know it and technically the planet's name counts and I saw the planet's name from the general page listing all of the forums.