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  1. I never meant to say that he would stop writing in response to criticism but rather a purely hypothetical scenario where he stops writing (for whatever reason, like a mental breakdown - à la Rothfuss). Or if it started taking him 10+ years to release a single book... All I'm saying is that how much and how well he writes (as a whole), and especially how reliable he's been for the past 15 years, shouldn't be a reason to pull your punches, but at the very least not try to go for the knockout each time... Keep in mind that I'm addressing the fans that generally agree that RoW was a very good book (despite its flaws). If you truly hated the book (not you specifically), or have mostly a negative opinion of it, then of course you're entitled to said opinion
  2. Not specific for this book but I'm a huge fan of Pattern and Cryptics in general. So awkward (ha ha) and their love of lies is borderline inappropriate (Mmm...). Loved this line "Irony tastes good. Like sausage" There was another part in Shadesmar when the Cryptics were all gathered together and getting excited about something Shallan was doing (that they were perceiving as a lie - don't remember what exactly). Too good
  3. First time poster here as well. I think those very examples should always be on our minds to put things in perspective before saying anything too harsh By no means am I saying not to criticize or not be allowed to be disappointed, but maybe dial it down just a smidgen? He's 100% right that BS has absolutely spoiled us from the very beginning. Can you imagine if he just walked away from the whole thing? (scarier thought than Taravangiodium) Oh, and I liked the book. Pretty sure Kaladin is going to end up with Syl (romantically that is)