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  1. That doesn't seem all that safe to me But what do you guys think we should do? @The Known Novel @Channelknight Fadran
  2. "Wow. This is worse than I originally assumed."
  3. "Hey!" She said, obviously annoyed. "What's happening?"
  4. "A serial killer is a crazy person that enjoys killing their carefully chosen victims. Often, they do it in twisted, painful ways." I shudder, pulling out a torch so that I could attempt to light it.
  5. Yes. I would very much like to do that.
  6. "Mhm. Yep. We're all going to die." I say, beginning to internally panic.
  7. 21! That's more like it!
  8. Marcella finally caught up, a bit out of breath. She seemed extremely determined. And also a bit pissed off.
  9. "...I don't think that's a rat. Do you think the innkeeper is a serial killer? I've heard stories about serial killers during my travels, and this seems pretty serial killer-y." I say, beginning to ramble nervously.
  10. Crap. I don't like being dead. That's annoying. As I am now very, very dead, I would like to confirm that I am, indeed, a villager. Anyway, if I was trolled, Steeldancer is village. If not, Steeldancer is an elim. Also, I'm flipping off whoever killed me. (Just kidding. I'm not mad.)
  11. Yes. But I can only do it once. And I am also immune to vote manipulation.
  12. I read it again, and it probably wouldn't be me. It would be a random person.
  13. Thanks. Let me know if you are trolled, please.