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  1. Farewell. You shall be missed
  2. This has become quite the war. I do not wish to participate! *waves the white flag*
  3. Whoop whoop! Hooray! I didn't even notice
  4. Nothing except the crust/bread-ish part of the pizza, the sauce, and cheese. That's it. Though I do prefer there to be at least 2-3 types of cheese on the pizza
  5. I had pizza last a few days ago. Actually more like a week ago, now that I think about it. I don't like anything on pizza other than cheese (and the sauce obviously)
  6. I'm doing pretty well, thanks
  7. Well, @Shard of Reading, if you post again then I will not respond for a while. (Though I can't promise anything about everyone else, they won't stand for it at all )
  8. It is, but I've mostly gotten used to it (unless I'm in a car or something--that is horrible)
  9. I feel awful for anyone who was in that room
  10. I would have to think pretty hard about that for a while, it's so long I'll get back to you on that
  11. I just finished reading Oathbringer for the first time a few days ago
  12. Let's see here, time to get to work on those questions (They are color-coded) Yes she can talk to plants, animals, anything that's alive really. Yes the communication goes both ways (and she can understand the animal body language too). That is correct. She can do that, but it's exhausting and it's possible (but still difficult) for whoever/whatever she's commanding to stop or change what they're doing. Don't know yet. It is not harder to influence them according to size, and usually it doesn't really matter how intelligent the creature is. But if the creature is really lazy, it will be hard to influence it because it won't really want to do much.
  13. I just updated it some
  14. Oh wow, I got a 2-day long win? I didn't even realize!
  15. The happy ninja that gets too excited and writes Dark Revengers rom-com comics and is confused foretells the unending future of the happy Radiant Sharders, it's my bloodthirsty flerkens.