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  1. "It is impossible to be truly ready for such a thing. It is horrific that we would even consider the option, but such is the world that we live in. Know this, though; I will die a thousand times over before I let harm come to them." He pulled on the disparate threads of his Veil, wrapping them around Vespyr and pulling the two of them together.
  2. Brother Sparrow sprang into motion, leaping up after Vespyr as he opened the front of his Veil.
  3. Brother Sparrow ignored the sand, moving faster towards Vespyr. A strange, threatening smile began to spread across his face.
  4. Brother Sparrow remained unfazed, rolling with the movement of the sand as he methodically approached Vespyr.
  5. Brother Sparrow breathed in deeply as he allowed his Veil to extend around him. "Come, then, Vespyr. Perform."
  6. "You mock me, boy, but you understand less than you think. Now, come. Face me."
  7. Brother Sparrow turned to Vespyr again once the spirit had left. "You keep rather strange company, myself included. I apologize if I appeared arrogant earlier; I simply sought to find a way to make things fair. Engage me without any such provisions, then, for perhaps I have misjudged your skill."
  8. Sirrug grinned, baring too-sharp teeth. "Understatements are my specialty, miss, among a great many other things. I'm Sirrug, as though you didn't know that already." He performed a sweeping bow, his clothing changing as he rose back up from a modest gray coat to an immaculately tailored suit.
  9. Sirrug glanced at Rawiya, raising an eyebrow. "I apologize for that unpleasantness earlier. I don't believe I had the pleasure of learning your name?"
  10. Jasper didn't look back, keeping his pace as he wound through the palace halls.
  11. "Generally, but not at the moment."
  12. "Well, that was a disappointment. What are we up to?" Sirrug appeared next to Brute.
  13. "What do you require from us, exactly?"
  14. I am tentatively on board for this.
  15. As he heard the clanking of metal in front of him, Jasper began full-on sprinting. When the guards ahead of him came into view, he ran a few steps up the wall at a slant, then bounded off, leaping over their heads. He hit the ground running.
  16. "Should I know who you are, spectre?"
  17. "...What do you propose to do about the bout?"
  18. "Ah, you're learning already. What do you propose, then?"
  19. "I won't use my Aspect, I won't strike you except in retaliation, and I won't move my legs."
  20. "Let's have a few provisions to make things fair, then."
  21. "Indeed I would. Does a five-minute bout work for you?"
  22. "Whenever you're ready." A change seemed to have overcome Brother Sparrow, his typical serenity replaced with a strange anticipation.
  23. "Oh, I won't be the one learning, Vespyr," Brother Sparrow said. A grim smile spread across his face.