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  1. Jasper made no response, instead slipping between the spear points as he engaged the guards at a closer range.
  2. "Even if what you say is true, you will be neither the first nor the heaviest. I said that I would do what I can to aid you, and I shall."
  3. "I cannot. I suppose you're going to settle this by way of trial by combat? So be it." Jasper takes a deep breath, steps back from the door, and settles into a defensive stance.
  4. Liam hangs back. He can't really do much in a situation like this.
  5. "I'd be careful with those if I were you. The limbs are misaligned. I wouldn't bet on hitting a target at all, let alone a moving one."
  6. Liam followed behind Michial and the others as best he could, clicking constantly to stay aware of his surroundings.
  7. "Oh, don't be so uptight. I'd probably be laughing too if I could see what it looked like."
  8. "I'd be willing to bet they have more pressing concerns at the moment, but I'd prefer not to take that chance." Liam made a sharp clicking noise, letting it bounce off the walls as he oriented himself to the wider area.
  9. Liam latches on to the new electrical signals, turns off the pressure and temperature safeties in the weapons, then locks the internal release valves closed.
  10. "The only thing I can connect to right now is that Slavic guy's hand. Maybe if I move around, I could pick up something else, but I need to get outta here first."