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  1. "Perhaps, but I ask for what I believe is important."
  2. No idea what happened to the discord, it's disappeared from my list of servers. It's possible it got deleted.
  3. Stopwatch walked out of the building she'd been sleeping in, clutching her jacket tightly. There was apparently a new Epic in town, and she wanted to get a sense of them before she made any moves. She checked her watch, as always. I'm in no particular hurry. Quarter speed should be plenty. The world around her slowed to a crawl as Stopwatch began a leisurely walk towards the remains of the park.
  4. "That is all I can ask for, I suppose."
  5. Should I drop Stopwatch from being associated with Barricade? It seems kind of pointless if they aren't going to be active.
  6. Brother Sparrow sighed. "You are not a murderer, Vespyr. You are not a tool, and you are not a monster. You are a person; a flawed one, to be sure, but no more so than myself. I will not force your hand, but the very least I can do is try to make you aware of other choices. I hope that eventually you will aspire to something other than destruction, but I will make no further attempts if they are unwelcome."
  7. Night's Blossom walked along a worn dirt path, clutching the hilt of her belt knife for all the good it might do her. Leaving the Realm of Silence had been a rash, stupid decision, but she couldn't just return, even if she'd wanted to. Besides, she had a job to do, even if she didn't have the faintest idea how.to get it done. As long as I don't run into any Narrators, it should be fine. Just find what I came here for, and then.... Well, and then I'll figure out what comes next.
  8. "I meant foe only in the sense that I am your current opponent. And as for defeating the Queen, what do you mean by that, precisely? Could you bear to leave her alive? What of those who serve her? You may not care for my beliefs, but what made you decide to fight in the first place?"
  9. "The lofty words of a tyrant, convinced by power of his right to rule and judge. Suppose that you succeed, that this Queen is defeated and the looming threat eradicated. Your responsibility does not end there; I shall hold you to it in the same manner that I hold that you shall live and be well. For now, however, you must prepare yourself to fight, for it would appear that you have so committed yourself. Face me, then. Until you defeat me, I am your only foe."
  10. "Their control was not... agreed upon, originally. There was a great deal of fighting before the nations resigned themselves to their current lands. This is not terribly relevant, save for the abominations that many unleashed. Horrible things, fit only to slaughter and destroy. To this day, I struggle not to count myself among them. Do you truly believe you can measure up?" Brother Sparrow stopped suddenly, staring at Vespyr searchingly. "Do you desire to?"
  11. "Are you familiar with the history of these islands?" Brother Sparrow pulled back, lashing out with his Veil in order to clear space.
  12. Brother Sparrow twisted away, beginning to fall back down to the sands. "Your power is immense, but you lack creativity."
  13. Brother Sparrow made no reply, striking out at Vespyr's neck with the edge of his hand. He could feel a tingling going through him, that hated, joyous feeling returning after a seeming eternity.
  14. "It is impossible to be truly ready for such a thing. It is horrific that we would even consider the option, but such is the world that we live in. Know this, though; I will die a thousand times over before I let harm come to them." He pulled on the disparate threads of his Veil, wrapping them around Vespyr and pulling the two of them together.
  15. Brother Sparrow sprang into motion, leaping up after Vespyr as he opened the front of his Veil.