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  1. Odium's Champion could be Gavilar. Book 5 starts with his viewpoint on the day Szeth 'killed' him. We know that Gavilar was Cosmere aware to a certain extent, and possessed anti-voidlight. There is more to his story than shown up until now. Gavilar being champion would fit the following Death Rattle as well: Disclaimer: This theory has been gaining traction recently, and is NOT an Original Thought of mine.
  2. Brandon casually dropping tidbits about Harmony. Love to see it Good catches by you!
  3. Chapter 89: Voice of Lights Just a cheeky inclusion of Harmony I spotted in the main text outside the Epigraphs.
  4. Yeah not canon. He holds the power to retcon and has stated that he will retcon WoB if required for story telling purposes: I am pretty sure there's one more instance where Brandon has stated he would retcon if needed, I can't find it at the moment.
  5. If the choice were up to me, I wouldn't want him to take up the shard of Honor either. But in Words of Radiance, Kaladin mentions this after he gets out of prison post the duel: It would be twisted if Kaladin was forced by Honor to take up the Shard for betterment of Roshar. Bound forever.
  6. Kal as an Avatar of Honor is the simplest explanation that I have seen so far on this Forum. Much like in the same way Vyre mentioned some of the Fused believed Moash was becoming an Avatar of Odium.
  7. Pretty sure this particular Rattle is linked to the suckling child one: The choice of Honor would be to spare the child, and in doing so the Night (Odium?) will reign.
  8. The community has accepted that this Death Rattle fits for Kal's Fourth Oath.
  9. 'Adolin protected by plot armor.' When I saw this, I pictured Adolin losing the trial - getting sentenced to execution and being run through with a sword - Maya recovering and helping Adolin become a Radiant. This could have occurred at the same time Sibling bonded Navani, to circumvent the BAM plot in some manner. Sounds so cheesy that I think I'll leave Brandon to the writing xD
  10. I agree with this. And I think the reason why RoW felt like a 'prologue to Book 5' is because Brandon outlined Books 4 and 5 together. (Posted when Progress Bar on Sandersons Website was updated:) I think we can expect major upheavals occurring in Book 5. Even though it is a Szeth Viewpoint book, I think this is going to be Dalinar centric as well, in the same way Venli-Navani existed for RoW.
  11. I gotchu -fistbump- Seriously though, Design is winning over Pattern, and we barely had two interactions with Design so far.
  12. I definitely wanted to see more Edgedancer/Dustbringer powers in action. Heck, this was Venlis book and we barely got to know anything about Willshapers.
  13. Yep. TaraOdium admits that he did not need to focus on saving Roshar, since the deal made between Dalinar-Rayse already guaranteed it. He has turned his focus on saving the Cosmere, which is being ruled by broken gods. The loophole that he has found is probably relating to him managing to break free of Roshar in some manner. Brandon RAFO'd whether Taravangians boon/bane would apply to TaraOdium. It's hard to judge what her Endgame is. She has been far more subtle, and Brandon hasn't revealed enough for us to guess
  14. The two references hinting at Cultivation being a Dragon, from RoW: Exhibit A: Exhibit B:
  15. Syl didn't become a deadeye because her previous Radiant died. He didn't break his oaths. It's the same reason why in RoW Vratim's honorspren Yunfah is still alive and not a deadeye. Vratim died, and didn't break his Oaths. (Yunfah is the honor spren that Kaladin orders to attempt a bond with Rlain.)