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  1. i see and how do i get my request to their eyes? was posting here sufficient?
  2. which collects all the art(both official and fanart) in the scenes subsections from other gallery(such as character galleries) and places them chronologically for that book?
  3. You bring up some good points. But you also fail to put it into context of information exchange. Ofcourse we know bout minorites. We have the internet. The alethi at most have spanreeds and half the population doesn't read. Even more aren't even educated. Our historical information when put into context also comes from the upper parts of society, scholars. Peasents from random towns aren't likely to be aware. The negative and positive depections in themselves are largely influential. We don't know the true size of our same sex attracted population because of social and cultural influence. And roshar seems to itself be basing itself based on our negative influence modern world. Going back to kal. A dark eyed man in a random village who was forced into the army at a young age. I suppose the best place where he could have been exposed to same sex relationships would be in the army but alas, we don't really see much of it. Though you have shifted my perspective on this, thank you
  4. sorry no that doesn't pan out. Roshar doesn't have internet. its fastest mode of communication is spanreeds. LGBT population has to have much higher than it is in our world for someone like kaladin to not be developing shock, bias and stigma against them because of limited exposure. if its part of their religious text, they must have made up a significant population to be visible and recognized.
  5. wouldn't preservation also oppose cultivation. the way i saw it was more ruin - "negative" change (towards entropy or chaotic change) culti - "positive" change (away from entropy or controlled/directed/specific change) preservation - no change the shards change themselves in the context of other shards. preservation would preserve things to not be destroyed in the context of Ruin. with Cultivation it would want to preserve the original state or Identity.
  6. uh they dont really seem offended though...
  7. well said there @Stormtide_Leviathan, you echoed and expanded my sentiments perfectly! YES! i share this sentiment as well. especially since its a world where being queer is not out of the norm as it seems to be with Kal's reaction
  8. im new and late here. so excuse me if it's already been discussed but i think i had to weigh in after seeing this idea of percentages and ratios popping up. which seemingly only ever pop up in conversations regarding lgbt characters. firstly, the ratios we are aware of are not accurate. 5% or wtv @king of nowhere mentioned. where are we getting this from? our world? where lgbt populations are still stigmatized? where people are still coming out in their 50s? how can surveys possibly account for people who are in the closet? who are in denial? who are unaware of their own identities? Vorinism is a massive empire, devoid of any stigma our world holds. even though sigzil had problems with documentation and biased cultural perspectives its clear even the Azir empire dont stigmatize it. we have people calculating and theorizing the time difference of how cultures formed in this complete fictional world which spans multiple cultures, religions, fauna, flora, magic, etc etc. yet still have myopic takes on lgbt populations? a world that doesn't stigmatize the gay populations is NOT going to have the same ratios and populations as our world. the most unbelievable thing about the whole drehy chapter was that kaladin WASNT shocked. considering how we never see any other gay character, and there is no mass media or internet, kaladin must have had substantial interaction with gay folk over his 20ish years to be aware of them and avoid biases and stereotypes from building up. yet we dont see any of that casually in the backgrounds? lets go further. why even 5 or 10%? why in a world where we have blue golden and carapaced people do we need to adhere to our ratios even? why is this even coming up as a talking point? what about a planet full of epicanthic folds is statistically *right*? why is a, say, 50% gay population on a fictional planet statistically "weird" or lacking of realism to you? I TRULY TRULY love Brandon Sanderson, i've read it all, and i'm going to be reading it when i'm in my 60s and beyond(im in 20s now). so this isn't a slight at him or anything. i understand as someone who came from a fundamentalist islamic upbringing in saudi about his feelings on the Gay. i believe he will eventually do it justice. i dont want to wait, but i am willing. my problems here are with people praising the drehy stuff for being casual even though it was pretty forced even while being tertiary. with people who think this is enough or even one or 2 more major viewpoints would be enough for a broad enough representation and to avoid stereotyping. or people just arguing against the reality of cosmere being very heteronormative. im left handed, and lefties are not a stigmatized, and yet i'm still reminded of my handedness often. i have a hard time believing drehy and the people around drehy would function and react the way they do in a 5% gay world. in a world where they aren't even casually sprinkled into the background. i guess there's 6 books to course correct the realistic implications of Vorinism. edit: @Ookla the Disproportionate