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  1. Cara cocked her head slightly when she saw Ni giving Orpheus a plate. Cara let Orpheus pass. Sighing, she walked back into the room to clean up the mess. All of those sharp edges were dangerous to just leave there. She found a broom and dustpan and started sweeping up the shattered pieces.
  2. Cara sighed, "Minuet is leaving because she thinks that we don't need her anymore. Ara is going with her to make sure that she is okay. They're leaving soon with Xeus." Cara turned to leave again.
  3. Cara took a couple of deep breaths, barely restraining from crying. When she composed herself somewhat, she said, "Upstairs, near the library."
  4. "Oh, you want to know about that. Well, Minuet and Ara are leaving me— I mean— our group forever." Cara said bitterly, eyes starting to well with tears at the thought.
  5. "I was just in the kitchen with Ni."
  6. "Up where?"
  7. Trying not show how much his coldness towards her hurt, Cara said, "Well, Ni and I were just investigating the loud noise. Now that we know what it is we'll be on our way. Come on, Ni." Cara started heading back towards the door.
  8. "You can, but you won't." Of course he wouldn't tell me. We're not even friends.
  9. "Why should I steer clear from Warbreaker?" "If Mistborn is the next best, can we start reading that now?"
  10. "Jinn, can you make Lilliana's book appear? And what is this other series?" @Channelknight Fadran
  11. "Why did you join in the first place?"
  12. Daisy flew around, full of energy. "That was the best book I have ever read! Is there another book? Is there?"
  13. Daisy was reading intently, hanging on every word. Completely oblivious to everything and everyone around her.
  14. Cara grinned at Ni. "Nice pose. Maybe we can scare someone else with it." Cara turned back to Orpheus. "Why were you smashing everything?"
  15. "Thanks" Daisy started reading the beginning, tapping Lilliana's shoulder as necessary.