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  1. Katie gave Anmil a look that said something like you know this boy and you never told me? “And I’m Katie. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Joel.” Kat waved with a paw. ”and this is Kat.” Katie said, gesturing to her dragon on her shoulder.
  2. Katie walked up to Anmil and the other person they were talking to with Kat on her shoulder. She wasn’t sure if they were supposed to bring their pets or not, but it would be helpful for Kat to know her way around as well. “Hi, Anmil, who’s this?” Katie asked, waiting for Anmil to introduce her to the person they were talking to. @NerdyAarakocra

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  5. “Okay, thanks!” Katie replied. “Oh, hey, let’s play Never Have I Ever to get to know each other a little bit better. Anmil, do you want to go first?”
  6. “If you learn how to do that, can you tell my dead gerbil, Parker, that I say hi? He was quite the pet. His fur was tan and he had a white dot on his head.” Katie asked curiously.
  7. “Hi, Jared! Nice to meet you too.” Katie said. “Do you want to bring the dead back to life too? Is this the dead people gang?” Katie’s eyes widened. “Are you guys part of a secret cult whose goal in life is to bring all the dead back to life and have them overrule the living?”
  8. “Katie. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance.” Katie nodded politely since handshakes would be too awkward across the table. Ugh! Your choice of wording was way too formal. What are you a princess? Katie thought angry with herself for not being normal. Katie took a deep breath. Relax, Katie, just be normal. There is no reason to be weird. “So what made you so interested in dead…things?” Katie asked, struggling a bit to find the right words.
  9. Unable to physically keep quiet for too long, Katie piped up. “You wanna work with dead people?”
  10. Katie nervously sat down next to Anmil. She couldn’t believe Anmil chose to sit at the table with the cute boy. One doesn’t simply sit down and chat with an attractive human being of the opposite sex. You were supposed to avoid them like the plague. Katie quietly ate her food. She inwardly scolded herself. Of course, she put watermelon on her plate. She tried to eat it as gracefully as possible, but inevitably juice dripped down her face. She wiped it with a napkin and kept her eyes on her food.
  11. “Ok”
  12. Katie got her food and stood at the end of the line, waiting for Anmil. Katie scanned the cafeteria. There was an empty table they could sit at or…there was a table with two boys sitting and talking. Katie’s heart fluttered. One of the boys caught her attention. He was probably one of the cutest boys she had ever seen. Katie shook herself from her trance and looked towards Anmil. ”Where do you want to sit?”
  13. Katie beamed and her rabbit ears perked up if that was even possible. “Great” Katie said while proceeding to get her shoes, grab her bag, and put her baseball hat on that says I love bunnies that had holes for her ears. “Ready!” Katie raised her heels up and down, impatiently waiting for Anmil.
  14. “Yay” Katie jumped up and hugged Anmil. “We are gonna be the best of friends! And our dragons will be best friends too!” Kat yawned and went back to sleep. ”See? Kat is so excited to hang with Camie. Once you are done do you want to head to the cafeteria? Do you need help unpacking? I just got done unpacking my stuff.”