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  1. “Don’t you think you’re a bit hypocritical? You can literally burst into flames.”
  2. CoCo looks amazing! You’re so talented. Great job! (I’m Knight’s sister btw)
  3. “Yes! Of course we should let him in. He’s so cute and precious.”
  4. “Names? And where’re you going?”
  5. Daisy’s eyes lit up. “Oh! You want in? Don’t you?”
  6. “I’m Emily. Who are you and how long are you staying?”
  7. Denise replied. “We split up the town. You can only stay in your designated area of the town and same with me. That way we don’t have to see each other.”
  8. fellowship of the thing

    Izzy shrugged. “I guess not. See y’all later.” She walked out the door.
  9. “Um, you didn’t get bit?”
  10. Daisy flew up to the falcon. “Aww…you’re so cute. And…um…maybe you could act out what you’re trying to say?”
  11. Cara walked outside and whistled for Felicity. Felicity galloped toward her. Cara grabbed the reins and slowly led Felicity to the library. In the hallway Cara asked Ni, “Are you going to come with us on the quest?”
  12. So…I may or may not disappear from the shard for a few weeks. I’m going to be very busy with real life stuff, but who knows? I might have time to RP. It depends.

    Just so you know. 

  13. fellowship of the thing

    Izzy just watched it all with her monkey on her shoulder. This place sure is weird. She thought. “Um, I’m going on a quest to find new candy. Anyone want to come?” She asked, addressing everyone in the shop.
  14. “I’m not risking everything on a single duel. I’m not an idiot.” “we can’t just ignore each other. It just doesn’t work.”