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  1. Hi

    Fav book is words of radiance, fav series, mistborn second era. I know not the best of his work. Still love them to death. I think Lupin is Wayne Reincarnated, and Wax is Caladin.
  2. Hi

    Thank guys. Much appreciate.
  3. Hi

    Most Disney villains Don’t need a surge. That said, evil queen from Snow White light weaving.
  4. I was thinking about this recently. Testament was a retcon. Until WOR Shallan thought pattern was her old blade but so did pattern. Or at least it was indicated. I do have a question about how many truths she told before pattern. And does she need three truth before she gets her armor? And one truth to get the blade? that said I think Pattern killed tyn. Her bond was broken with Testament. And she summons the blade faster than ten seconds.
  5. Hi

    I’m new here and I want to talk to someone about stormlight. Currently don’t know anyone who reads these books. I got so much to say and I want to hear more. thanks