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  1. Brandon has said that the Mistborn: Adventure Game is canon until he makes it otherwise.
  2. In the section of Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning's Ars Arcanum talking about the three Metallic Arts it says: Does anyone know what the other names for the Metallic Arts are?
  3. Welcome to the shard!
  4. Do we have any idea of what the spiritual realm looks like beyond "spiritwebs"? Because (I don't know why) but I always imagined the spiritual realm as having little gems or orbs for every thing in the cosmere, these little gems or orbs would contain the identity, fortune and intent of everything. The orbs would be surrounded by little threads wrapping around it (investiture) and then some going to wrap around other orbs (connection). I also believed that events that took place in the spiritual realm wrote the destiny of each orb. Obviously, much of this is completely false, I was simply sharing what I imagined the spiritual realm like and asking other people to share what they think it's like.
  5. Happy new year!!

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      Over here, it isn’t quite the new year, but happy new year!

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      I wish it was so here

  6. I wasn't sure whether I should post this on the warbreaker or mistborn forum, so here it is: If you gave a mistwraith enough breath for it to become sapient, would the result effectively be a kandra made without hemalurgy? If so, then Harmony would have no influence over it, but would Endowment?
  7. I was under the impression you only would'nt be able to use allomancy/feruchemy while actively storing nicrosil and after releasing it the ability comes back. As in, it isn't a permanent thing because no other feruchemical attribute is permanent after storage
  8. Or leech it with chromium, because if they (somehow) were to be struck with a lethal blow when their investiture was boosted, they would survive.
  9. no row spoilers

    This reminds of a theory I think I saw somewhere that I like. The theory goes that there are 3 allomantic alloys of atium+lerasium. If Lerasium > Atium then it would result in the burner becoming an atium misting. If Lerasium < Atium it would have some OP temporal/mental power. If Lerasium = Atium then it might have the effects of ettmetal (perhaps with some differences, perhaps completely different) without the explosiveness. All that being said, there is no evidence to back this up and is just a fun thought experiment, because a lerasium + atium alloy (talking if there was only 1 alloy) which makes atium mistings is kind of boring.
  10. There was a creative challenge that my friend told me and I wanted to share here (feel free to do it if you want to): Basically you are coming up with 2 (you can do more but best to go with an even number 2,4,6,8 etc...) new metals which are fully functioning for the metallic arts. Criteria is bullet pointed below: The metals and their alloys must exist in real life (no god metals) Metals can belong to any of the four quadrants (physical, mental/cognitive, temporal/hybrid or enhancement/spiritual) but both the pure metal and its alloy must belong to the same one. Same goes for external/internal. You cannot make up your own quadrants to categorize them in. The pure metal must be a "pull" metal and its alloy must be a "push" metal. The metals must have an allomantic, feruchemical and hemalurgic power which fit with their quadrants Their hemalurgic power cannot grant allomantic or feruchemical powers. i.e. must be a human attribute <optional> The metal has a kandra blessing with a name. i.e. Blessing of <insert name of blessing here> Come up with a misting and ferring name for each metal. For example, here is my own creation (hidden for those that don't really care and for length):
  11. Constant is the name given to A-bendalloy and F-gold twinborn in the Alloy of Law supplement of the Mistborn: Adventure Game. Link:, just realised how many there are.
  12. no row spoilers

    I wonder if that would have anything to do with Trell, like is Kelsier the reason for Trell's existence? I mean Autonomy seems the most likely shard for Kelsier to be attempting to get, but why? Why steal a shard with a vessel, when there is already shards without them? Is it harder to call vesselless shards than ones with a vessel (because for a vesselless shard it would really have to fit the intent in order to call it, but for a vessel shard you could just call the vessel, trick them maybe)?