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  1. Is everyone else as confused as I am about the 17th shard and where the crap it mentions it. The only book that mentions the 17th shard is Mistborn Secret History, but some how there are members of it in a lot of books that I only learned about from The Coppermind. If someone could explain everything that would be great.
  2. I think it is a valid theory. We just need more books to confirm it. I had a theroy just like it, but had less research.
  3. I don't remember what chapter it was but when Shallan and Kaladin were in the chasms in the highstorm they saw dark figures with red eyes moving in the storm. Also before that Venli mentioned that the stromform grated them the power to move through highstorms.
  4. My theory: When it describes stormforms in WoR it said that they had hair covering their armor stuff (I forgot what its called). I think that that hair is water resistant like a birds feathers. It lets the water slide off and keeps the stromforms dry. But if they get soaked in water the water can bypass the hairs and messes with their powers.
  5. It It said in the book that the stormforms were able to travel through the Highstorm easily.
  6. OK. Thank you a lot.
  7. OK. So the stormforms lighting works in the Everstorm but not in water?
  8. In WoR page 1182 it does say that "They'd sometimes flash backward or would follow strange paths." Maybe the stormforms in the tower were trying to be exact and in water the lightning goes random?
  9. I was rereading the Stormlight Archives and i found something confusing. In RoW Page 527 it said, "Before beginning their assault. the humans had poured barrels of water into the breach here- and it had rained on the stormform Regals below. Their powers reacted poorly around water, something Venli had always found somewhat ironic." Then in WoR Page 1183 during the Everstorm It said "Nearby, another crash of lighting left a small group of Parshendi." and it was raining during that time. Do their powers work in rain but not covered in water? I thought that the form was for moving through storms.
  10. I play D&D too. It is really fun
  11. yes *smiles evilly
  12. Hello
  13. Has anyone noticed that Shardblad can be rearranged into Balderdash?