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  1. That's the same day school starts for me... but this sounds really fun! I'll sign up as a pinch-hitter. My character'll be Irelyn, AKA "Mouse," because of her small stature (and slightly large ears).
  2. I'll sign up! I'll come up with a character later.
  3. Tbh you had me fooled for a bit. I would've been more convinced if you hadn't voted on Mat. Either you were voting an elim to cover your tracks, or you weren't the Tineye. Still, I didn't know for sure until you got voted off, so good job! XD I figured I needed to make sure it didn't look like I was sheeping you, and once you dropped the hint that Fifth was an elim, everything made a lot of sense. I definitely had fun, so big checkmark there!
  4. I will say I wasn't completely sure what to do with the Watchwoman role, especially since I wasn't able to be super active early on. Matrim definitely didn't get a lot of help from me. I know the inactivity for me was partially due to summer stuff, but I think the shorter cycles of a QF would suit this format pretty well.
  5. Oh thank goodness. I was the Watchman, so I knew Mat was the Tineye, and Elandera's vote on Mat had me very worried. XD Good game, everyone! That was super fun!
  6. [Insert trolling last-minute post here]
  7. Ohhh yes, I did see that post! I just forgot about it. XD Your logic makes sense in that post, except I disagree that her lack of activity is contrary to the elim wincon. The eims would want to have people of varying participation to diversify their opportunities for election. Plus I think Bip is GMing (or co-GMing) the LG or something? I could definitely be remembrring that wrong, but if that's right, I'm guessing that's pretty time-consuming. As for what you're saying about everyone hopping to you/Bip e/e and not giving a v/e option, that's what I was trying to say with my first point. I said I might trust you, but not your read on Bip, which meant that you could be vil and she could be elim. You say it's incongruous to trust you but not your votes, but the whole point of this game is that we (the village) don't know who's who, so while we might both be village, we can easily come to different conclusions based on the information we've gathered here. I think it's perfectly valid to disagree. Someone can be village and still be wrong in their reasoning. For me, it comes down to which of the two on the chopping block I read more village, and that's Alvron. He's a null read for me, which is better than my mild-elim read of Bip (which, I'll admit, is mostly gut and based on a distrust of the train on her). (I don't think you sound snappish, you're just defending your vote, which is perfectly reasonable.)
  8. I can at least clarify my own change of heart on that topic. First, just because I trust you, doesn't mean I trust your reasoning behind Bip. Second, no one's actually explained the reasoning on Bip this round, even though I specifically asked. Third, the closer I looked at the Bip thing, it looks like a setup: one elim purposefully staying kinda quiet and inactive to allay suspicion (Bip), another elim not voting on her to seemingly clear her (Striker), and a third elim pointing out that fact to get us to vote for Bip (Fifth). I did trust you at the beginning of the round, Fifth, but the more I looked at things, the fishier they looked. It's not that I trust Alvron more than you now, though, it's that I trust Alvron more than Bip.
  9. Lol I didn't look at your analysis. But at least we agree on that! Have we been playing the same game? Either you're a very mislead villager, or you're an elim the only person I agree with on your list is Lotus, maybe Mat. Knowing that I'm village, I guess it makes sense to trust people who are willing to vote for me? I'm still a little wary of that, but I don't see elims voting on villagers at this point. (Unless that's what they want me to think...)
  10. I'm calling it now. Biplet is evil and the train on her came about through clever storytelling by Fifth and their fellow elims.
  11. Jsyk, I'm a she I'm honestly really confused for all the support for Biplet. There doesn't seem to be much analysis of her own actions and eveything seems to be based off of "Striker didn't switch to vote her when he could have." He could have easily wanted to gain people's trust by switching to elect a villager so that we would elect him without throwing sus on any of his teammates or revealing himself (which is exactly what happened). Idk, am I missing something? For now, Alvron.
  12. Your color tag didn't go through. You don't need a slash in the first set of brackets. Out of everybody here right now, I think I most trust Fifth, maybe Alvron. But I also know I'm village, so I'll probably hold off on voting unless someone I don't trust starts to take off.
  13. I'm gonna make a prediction. Everyone who's forgotten that Illwei isn't in the game anymore is an elim.
  14. Illwei switched out for Mist, remember? Also I'm out of town right now, so this is a bad time for me to be WL not that it's necessary, since I'm voting Archer. I think your list is pretty accurate, but I also want to add Lotus to the sus list. They said they didn't like the Striker vote but didn't switch to Archer. It could be nothing, but it seems like distancing to me. Can confirm, I am indeed a she.