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  1. Eeeek I'm so excited for this game! I have a big presentation in my class tonight so I'll be devoting more time to this after that. Until then, hello! I exist! I think 3-4 elims and prefer to overestimate.
  2. As a side note, I'm still looking over the Striker mentions in previous threads, and Quinn was pushing for us to leave him and Archer to be NK'd (which did happen to Striker), so her pushing that strategy wasn't Mat-specific.
  3. I didn't think you'd miss that, I thought that you could be lying about Striker trying to redirect you. Mooood
  4. @TJ Shade Can you confirm whether it's possible to redirect the NK? Or is that PAFO? Maybe Striker did do that. But also, the rules say that if someone is chosen to submit the NK, their actions for that cycle are cancelled. So if Matrim was chosen for the NK, and Striker failed to redirect him, then his actions wouldn't go through. Which could be why he was lying about things? But idk, my brain hurts. I kinda want to hold off on theorizing anything with Mat until we get more information next cycle. Just cuz he says that doesn't mean it's true. If she's a Straff or a villager, then they have to kill her at some point if they want to win. If they don't, she's Cett, which I highly doubt (tinfoil: Mat is a Cett Thug or was someone who was Lurched and Illwei is the Cett Mistborn and this was all an elaborate distancing ploy).
  5. An accidental signal is still a signal Edit: But I still think you could be a Thug/not Mistborn which would make signals moot.
  6. You might not have purposefully signaled your team, but since they knew you were their Mistborn, they probably looked pretty closely at your posts, so it's possible that you accidentally signaled them. (Not that that helps us a lot unless they responded somehow)
  7. So I still haven't finished going through the previous thread (Still have to finish a paper that's due at midnight aaaaah why am I still on here????) but I will say that while I was reading through the C1 thread looking at Striker stuff, I noticed that Matrim theorized elim!Archer with elim!Mistborn!Striker in strikethrough text. And that's the round that Matrim's team attacked Striker... So anyway I'm gonna take a real close look at what Matrim said in strikethrough text. Cuz it's definitely not him using that as an signal to his team...
  8. So I know you probably won't elaborate, but I am immensely curious about what was true and what wasn't.
  9. Mat slipped up and then admitted he was Gn... I was gonna spell it right but now I don't even remember how it's spelled. He admitted he was the remaining elim Mistborn.
  10. A poke vote isn't strong evidence, is what I meant. It's more tinfoil-y (like what I theorized about Archer last round and that didn't work out...) Also, since Mat's basically confirmed elim... guess it's time to go back over the thread like I've been doing with Striker... *silent agony*