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  1. @Ookla the Uscritic Streetlights and other lights are abundant in our place, so if I am lucky, I can only catch a handful of stars in the night. It's not a good sight
  2. @Ookla the Uscritic I guess I am sandwiched between the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere
  3. @Ookla the Uscritic I'm sorry it's cold for you. I do hope you catch a good night of stargazing
  4. @Ookla the Uscritic Oh please don't apologize. It's good to find people who love space. The conjunction sounds fascinating, and I can't wait!
  5. @Ookla the Uscritic I do not have a telescope. I trust my eyes, well my glasses, to read the night skies for me. If I have some a leftover cash after splurging in a library, I am sure to go get me a telescope
  6. Thank you so much for having me here!! @Ookla the Uscritic I wish I were a professional, but sadly I am not. Stars are my favorite thing in the whole world, besides books that is. And I am so glad to have found another space enthusiast!!
  7. I wanted to read something big and epic, and apparently Sando was the man And about the double post, I am so sorry. I'm very new here and I have no idea how this works, but I'll be sure to not repeat this again. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  8. Wow, that's something to put thought to. Sadeas I guess? I would say Odium, but I kinda respect the dude, sorry Shard. I'm also not particularly fond of Shallan
  9. Words of Radiance, Rhythm of War and Hero of Ages
  10. Kaladin and Vin all the way
  11. Hey guys! I am a reader whose life was upturned this year-as in my reading taste took a massive turn, and I have been reading Brandon since September I guess. I just love his books. He's no doubt one of my favorite authors. I am glad to be here as well and talk to you all about Cosmere. Hope you all have a great day