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  1. Only other book I've read is Rithmatist. I don't even remember where it came from, because my mum read it out loud to my sister and I. I took it and have reread it about a dozen times now. I am SO looking forward to getting to Stormlight. That's with the giant swords right? I just realized Mistborn is in the same universe, so I'm really excited to see more of the Cosmere.
  2. Not at the moment, but I have a Wattpad where I'll hopefully end up posting some stuff. It's working title is Subterra and follows a boy named Aris as he looks into his brother's disappearance. Fairies and magic are involved.
  3. So glad you liked it! I am the same way. Sanderson handles it really well though, I think. At least there's a reason for her not talking about it that's not just 'don't want to', 'assuming something and not checking if they're right', or 'plot dictates it". It's the same in Mistborn. Again, I'm the same way. I'm asexual and aromantic, so having the boy and girl always end up romantically together gets tiring (hence why I'm writing a book where they don't). And who knows, maybe Sanderson's assistant, Peter, or even Brandon himself, will see this. Could influence how it goes, since from what I've seen, he likes to avoid clich├ęs.
  4. I love this! It kinda fits with others things in Sanderson's magic systems. Rithmatist was originally going to be a Cosmere book, so I'm assuming the magic system shares some basic elements. Below is a Mistborn spoiler. It feels like it fits together. I need to reread it (for the tenth time) and see what I can find. I've been making notes, but I need to write them in a notebook instead of in the actual book. He could be a subcategory of Forgotten?
  5. Put possible spoilers because while I won't be saying anything specific, you might be able to make guesses base on things I'm going to say. Also, in the comments, mark spoilers for Hero of Ages. I just finished Well of Ascension and haven't started the last one yet. Anyway. You probably know this already, but Sanderson is a god of writing. It isn't easy for a book to catch me off guard. I have a knack for spotting plot twists and predicting endings, but the ending of WoA? Totally didn't see it coming and it was amazing. The last time that happened was when I read Rithmatist. This is the third book of Sanderson's I've read and I've already decided I have to read everything. I know I said not actual spoilers, but I'm on a roll, so there's your drop-down. I can't wait to see what happens in Hero of Ages! And I have the first of the Reckoners for when I finish that.