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  1. I was a also a bit disappointed that there was no speculation about Shallan's mother - it certainly seems ripe for a Big Reveal of some kind. I'm a big fan of the Chanaranach theory and it seems a shame it wasn't covered, though one could argue that it was about Shallan and not her mum. Another episode, perhaps.
  2. I'm a bit torn because applying the Skybreaker pattern would imply that the 5th ideal involves you becoming the apotheosis of the order's ideals. The obvious oath is something like being willing to die to protect, but that seems too easy for a Windrunner to do. The oaths are getting more and more difficult for Kaladin to accept and say, and dramatically I think going the opposite direction and having the ideal as "I will kill to protect the greater number", whilst smelling of Utilitarianism, will be maximally hard for Kaladin to say. Killing has been getting harder and harder for him to do, and actually solves the Kholinar dilemma in a way that "I can't save everyone" does not. I think the orders could have really different styles of oaths, and the 4th and 5th oaths are dealing with practical problems and dilemmas actually applying the 2nd and 3rd in the shades of greys you get in real life, and helps a Radiant be a bit more rounded. Maybe 5th ideal Windrunners were less rare than they are in some other orders.
  3. Some K words I'm noodling with: Keeper Knowledge Key Kernel Knife and W words: Weep Will Wisdom Wax Widow Worth Wrath Weapon Wedgie Weather Weapon The book titles tend to be more metaphorical and flowery than literal (if you read WOK or WOR without knowing what the tiles were, I don't think you'd pick those titles out for those books). I also think he'll avoid repeating any words already used, so no kings, way, words, war. I think Kill is too active a word for the kind of in-world books they tend to feature. Keeper of Winds, or Kernel of Wrath are possibles. I find Keeper of Wisdom too cliched. Though it's a bit meaningless, Knife of Will has the right kind of balance to it, I think. Or for the jokey ones Knowledge of Wedgies for the worst of all possible Braizian punishments and Kaladin on Wayne for the worldhopper slashfic you never knew you wanted.